Koko: Chapter 12

HeypeopleMennihereguesswhatit’sreallylateagainandIhavetogetupatsixthirtytomorrowsohere’sareallyfastpostsorry. 😬


Andthere’schapter12!!! It’s done!!! Hope you enjoyed!!


Koko: Thank you for reading the story in which I idiotically presented my private life. I hope you are properly annoyed by Bert.

Bert: Who could be annoyed by me? *tosses head dramatically* You guys are the best! Also, comment below who your fav character is. 😉

Titi: Ohmigosh I can’t believe we actually did this! You guys are awesome! Thanks for sticking with us!

On Behalf of Sese and Darin: Thank you for reading this story. We hope it’s led you to see life a little differently, to laugh a little more, and to remember Who is behind everything little and large. 

Have a great day/evening/night/morning/whatever!


Koko: Chapter 11

Hello, people! Menni here.

We’re almost done! Thanks for sticking with me (and Koko, and Bert, and Titi, and Darin, and Sese). *virtual hugs* 🤗 


Ignore my publishing agent. Anyhoo, here’s chapter 11!


And there’s chapter 11! It’s kinda short, sorry. And chapter 12 will be too (sorry again). But hey! I wrote and formatted (and printed and bound) a novella! And then I took screenshots of all 76 pages so that I could post it on this blog! And then – most miraculous of all – people liked it! *more virtual hugs* 🤗

*if you hated it you get virtual hugs anyways because you’re still reading this post and that shows real dedication* 🤗

Today’s Extra:

I’m starting to run out of extras (as you may have noticed)…

Ooh! I know! Talking about “miraculous” reminded me…

So, this story wrote itself really fast. I wrote, revised, printed and bound the whole thing in a little more than two months, which (as any writer knows) is really fast. And the reason it got written so fast? I prayed. 

*bear with me please, I’m gonna sound super cliche but I mean every word*

I literally prayed “Lord, please let me get this story done in time for Elle’s birthday” every single night until I finished. At which point my prayers switched to “Lord, please let me get this story printed and bound and everything in time for Elle’s birthday.” 

(And let me tell you, figuring out how to print and bind a book with no experience whatsoever was a nightmare. But it’s all worth it when you look at the completed project and think “wow, this is lopsided and there’s glue on the cover… but I MADE IT!” And then you do it five more times)

Being the stupid ungrateful human that I am, I didn’t even think about how my prayers had been answered beyond my wildest dreams… until everything was done and I had a not-too-awful copy all ready to give Elle, and I realized HOW ON EARTH DID I DO THIS WOW oh right I prayed about it! I was so, so thankful. Still am, in fact. 

*disclaimer: this is not to say your prayers will always be answered YES. In fact, they are sometimes answered NO. Like when you pray for the rafting trip to go well and then your mom almost steps on a rattlesnake (but she didn’t so that doesn’t really count…). The good news? Your prayers will always be answered according to God’s plan!*

I warned you about the cliche-ness. (Is that a word? 🤷‍♀️) But like I said, I mean it all!

Have a great day/night/morning/evening/whatever!


Koko: Chapter 10

HellopeopleMennihereit’ssuperlateandI’msupposedtobeinbedsothispostwillbereallyfastsorry! *whew*


andthere’schapter10! Hoepyouenjoyed!





(several of them can also attest that I sent them a text reading “I HAVE TO KILL A BOOK CHARACTER AND I REALLY DON’T WANT TO” while writing this chapter. That’s what being my friend gets you. Weird texts. And some other things. Like blogs titled Yes, We Are Insane.)


Haveagreatdaynightmorningeveningwhatever! Andgoodluckreadingthesespacelessssentences!


Koko: Chapter 9

Hello, people! Menni here. And I’m actually awake this time! Aren’t you proud?


You always say that. Anyways, on to Chapter 9!


Ahem. So, there’s chapter 9! Hope you enjoyed!

(Blame Elle for requiring “death.” didn’t want to kill Darin.)

Today’s Extra:

Uhhh… I’m having trouble coming up with something… I know! The same friend who made THE FIRST-EVER KOKO FANART (Koko: Chapter 7) suggested that I do an extra on the characters’ personality types, so I’ll do that!

*some time later*

Ok, I found some 16personalities test results for them (I had to make Koko take the test – she hates stuff like that. Sorry, Koko.), so here we go!

KOKO: Introvert, ISJT (Logistician) *she doesn’t think any of the types fit her, though – like I said, she hates personality tests* *Bert: It’s because they reveal her flaws* *Koko: Shut. Up. Bert.*

BERT: Introvert, ISTP (Virtusoso)… wait, what? Bert is NOT an introvert. Nor is he a ISTP, though that could be worse… *Koko: Bert you did NOT answer randomly* *Bert: Yes I did* *Koko glares murderously at Bert* *Bert: What?* 

Me: *facepalm* 

TITI: Extrovert, ENFP (Campaigner) 

SESE: Extrovert (barely, though), ENFJ (Protagonist)

DARIN(😭😭😭😭): Extrovert (again, barely), ESFJ (Consul)

Obviously, none of the personality types fit exactly, but I think they’re all pretty good. Except Bert’s, that is. 

Have a great day/night/morning/evening/whatever!


Koko: Chapter 8

Hello, silly humans! D. Fowl here. The silliest of you all, that Menni, is asleep-

zzzmmph… i’m… awake…

-well, mostly. I, on the other hand, am D. Fowl the Chicken Night Owl!


I suppose I’d better post the next chapter. *cluck*

zzzzz… yeszzzz…



sorry, I’m awake now. That’s chapter 8! With the first cliffhanger! 

*cluck* You mean the first tiny-hill-hanger?

Uhhh… no?

Today’s Extra:

I think one of my favorite parts of writing the story was coming up with songs for Titi to hum. 

In case you’re wondering why on earth that’s the extra for this chapter, it’s because Moonsc@pe was one of my favorite band names. That and Rising Sons. Did I use that one yet? hmm… hmmmzzz… zzzz…

Plus, I’m too tired to come up with a more interesting extra. Sorry.

At least I’m honest. 

Or honestly tired.

Have a great day/night/evening/morning/whatev….er…er…zzzz…


Koko: Chapter 7

Hello, people! Menni here. 

And may I just say, I am SO hyped by the appreciation this story is getting. Thanks, guys! 🤗 *virtual hugs* 

Enough chitchat already.

Ignore my publishing agent – he’s annoyed that HE isn’t getting any appreciation. Poor pushy, manipulative, overbearing domesticated fowl. 

*cluck* Excuse me?

On to the story!

(one last comment: seriously, thanks for the approval! You insane readers are the BEST)

*cluck* what happened to ‘on to the story’?

It died an unexpected and tragic death


Just kidding!

And that’s chapter 7! I told you that chicken would get involved… 😉

Today’s Extra:

Presenting: THE FIRST-EVER KOKO FANART!!!!!!! (well, technically it’s Sese not Koko but you know what I meant)

unnamed (1)

A super-awesome and really talented friend of mine made that. Isn’t it great? *applause* *more applause* *virtual hug* *more virtual hugs*

And, I mean, someone wanted to do fanart for my story. Fanart. For. My. Story. *jumps up and down in crazed excitement*

Where Did His Eyebrows Go?


(I have no idea what movie or tv show or whatever that’s from, but oh well)

Have a great day/night/morning/evening/whatever!


Koko: Chapter 6

Hello yet again, people! Menni here (in case you couldn’t tell). 

We’re half-way through! This has been such fun… 😁 I’d love to hear what you think so far! Please tell me in the comments!

Do you realize that nobody ever listens when you request comments?

Oh, shush. A girl can always hope.

And there’s chapter 6!

Today’s Extra (I warned you about the bright colors):

This chapter is probably the first-ever example of me applying substantial edits to my story based on someone else’s suggestions. 

You see, Enni (like everyone else who has ever reviewed any of my stories) said something like “it’s great but i could really use more character development.” And I was like “sigh… she’s right though… and actually, it was kind of bugging me how Sese accepts living in a room full of sand, however temporarily… ok, now I HAVE to write this.” 

And then, of course, I went on to think “and I could involve that chicken more!” Stick around for chapter 7 if you want to see how that plays out… 😉


Koko: Chapter 5

Hello, people! Menni here again. This is the third day in a row I’ve posted on schedule! Aren’t you proud of me?


*sigh* I wasn’t asking you.

I’m your publishing agent – you’re always asking me.

No, I’m not.

On to the story! *which only you silly insane humans would read*

sorry, what?


And there’s chapter 5! Hope you enjoyed!

Today’s extra (which from now on will be announced in random bright colors just for fun):

I think this is my favorite Koko-Bert moment ever:

Koko: What, precisely, is your definition of ‘fun’?

Bert: Whatever the opposite of your definition is!

Of course, a lot of the things they say to each other crack me up. They’re just so fun to play off of each other! 

That’s why I always like my main character to have a total opposite… you get stuff like

“Kiara stood and peered cautiously around the corner. Almost immediately she gasped and pulled back. “No, that is not a supply train. Unless I am greatly mistaken, that is Division Nine of the Lightning Troops.”

Dixi was intrigued. “Really? Cool. Can I kill them?””

(Kiara and Dixi are the protagonists of a story I’m writing just for fun. And, to make it even MORE awesome, Kiara’s cousin is fond of giving dramatic speeches! Such as “Listen carefully,” Kai said, his voice low and dangerous, “for this may be the last thing you ever hear. The Empire is dying. And so help me gods, I will hasten the day of its funeral. May all bear witness that I here, now, and forever renounce the ways of my father; that from this moment onwards I dedicate my life to the liberation of this nation and of all nations laboring under tyranny; and that I will fight to my last breath ere I allow any harm to befall my cousin or her companion. Do you understand?” SO much fun to write.)


Koko: Chapter 4

Hello, people! Menni here, with another chapter of Koko

Enough chitchat – let’s get to business.

I said literally two sentences!

And now you’ve said three. *cluck* WAY too much chitchat, human. 


Get to the story, already!

*sigh* Fine…


And that’s chapter 4! Hope you enjoyed!

Today’s extra: 

fun fact: I actually came up with Qik Mirca’s nickname before I came up with his real name. I wanted to call him Quick March, so I thought “okay… how can I make this sound futuristic?” ‘Qik’ was easy, but ‘Mirca’ took me a while to come up with. Surnames are always really hard for me…

*gasp* and now you know my weakness!

*cluck* Silly human.

I was joking. 

*cluck* Really, really silly human. 

Have a good day/evening/night/whatever, and don’t forget to ignore my publishing agent!


Koko: Chapter 3

*blink blink* wha…?

Oh, right! Posting! Not sleeping! Definitely not sleeping!

I don’t know why I’m this tired… it’s only 7:54…

Anyways, Menni here. Here with Chapter 3 of Koko! 


*blink blink* wha…?


I’m awake, I’m awake!

And there’s Chapter 3! Hope you enjoyed!

Today’s extra: 

Trivia bit! Did you know that “Bert” was a required character name for this story? My friend recommended, and I quote, “love, fighting, death, and tragedy” and a character had to be named Bert. Because a character should always be named Bert! And that’s how the story started. The whole first line just came to me, and it made me laugh, so I kept it. 

“My name is Koko. This is my story. A story about love, about war, about death, about tragedy, about- shut up, Bert! I’m trying to tell a story!”

That’s how all great stories start, obviously. 😉