✨Weekend Murders ✨

Genni: So Enni, what did we do today?

Enni: We murdered someone

Genni: And just precisely who?

Enni: YOU.

Genni: I am the ghost of Genni.

Enni: We didn’t actually murder anyone but we did talk about murders.

Genni: Yeah a lot. Apparently that’s something girls talk about a lot. Not sure how that became a stereotype.

Enni: Yeah I know right.

Genni: Well aside from that, we got boba and drew pictures inspired by songs.

Enni: It was Genni’s first boba! She is a convert now.

Genni: Boba boba boba. Although I am getting the jelly next time.

Enni: Let’s share a disgusting story.

Genni: Which one?

Enni: One of the ones you told me.

Genni: Okay so not the ridiculously disgusting story that I didn’t tell you…


Genni: Although I would like to see your reaction…

Enni: NO DON’T.

Genni: *maniacal laugh* Uhhh…okay, so I’m just going to scroll through this true crime channel to try to find one… the Korean zodiac killer was really creepy.

Enni: No not that one. Is there like…a mild murder case?


Enni: Oh. Okay. But we don’t want to traumatize any of our readers or they won’t follow us anymore.

Genni: Okay, so let’s not.

Enni: I’ll recommend a few if you’re really curious. The Pepin sisters though that ones really messed up.

Genni: And Black Dahlia is a classic.

Enni: We went to a store with these fun socks, and I could not decide which one to get. I was debating between a cat Rosie the Riveter and otters eating watermelon. (Ottermelon.)


Enni: So then I came back later and this one clerk was like, “oh the otters are hands down my favorite” so thank goodness for him or I would’ve never decided. He was heaven sent. AND HERE ARE MY SOCKS.

Enni: Oh, and here’s our music inspired art.

Big sketchbook is me, little one is Genni. Disclaimer: We wish Menni was here too and miss her!!!

Enni: Let’s talk about how many things Genni has missed out in her life.

Genni: I’ve never heard of Studio Ghibli, I’ve never had boba before today, I’ve never had thin mints…and what was the other one? Ah no, I don’t remember. Oh, we’ve been watching The Mysterious Benedict Society lately. We have two episodes left! Wait, I guess that means we spent six hours watching them yesterday…


Genni: Yup.

Enni: Gracious. Okay, that’s the end of this post.

Genni: *scrolling through Apple News* apparently you can undo reading…don’t know what that means…

Enni: …you can undo breathing?

Genni: NO.

Enni: I mean, you COULD undo breathing. I don’t know if you’d WANT to.

Genni: Ha.

Enni: Any last words?

Genni: Elon Musk is making robots.

Enni: Oh no.

Genni: Mmhm. Uh…Murder stories are not for the faint of heart.

Enni: Cool.

Another Glimpse of Menni’s Younger Days

Hey people! This is Menni. 

So… I know it’s been two solid months since any of us have posted anything. Sorry. 😬 In my defense, I’ve been doing a Youth Dynamics internship for the past six weeks, so I haven’t had TIME to post anything. 

“But Menni!” you complain. “Two months is *hasty math* longer than six weeks! What were you doing for the rest of that time?”

I would like to repeat that I’m sorry. Anyways, I’m back now! And I have a new post! For those of you who are wondering why it’s called another glimpse of Menni’s younger days, that’s because of this post, which came about because I cleaned underneath my desk. Today, I have for you a story that I found while cleaning the TOP of my desk! I’m older in this one—maybe ten? Eleven? And this is also a glimpse of GENNI’s younger days, because apparently she helped me write it. I think we took turns writing sentences? 

Without further ado, allow me to present the conclusive proof that I had (ok, still have) a kinda dark sense of humor and was (ok, still am) kinda melodramatic. Also known as:

True Love and Tragedy

by Genni and Menni (who used their full names on the original sheet of notebook paper—just like real authors! *wipes tear* ah… memories)

Once upon a time lived a beautiful dog. Although it was beautiful, it was sad. It was sad because she had lost her first litter of puppies. However, she had hope, for she had met the famous Marshmallow Dog, and perhaps her new true love would father more puppies, unlike the unnatural squeaking animal who had fathered the first litter. But one day her true love’s owner moved to Africa, and took his pet (Sammy) with him. She instantly decided to start a desperate quest for him. First, she rented a boat, then she roamed the world, looking for Sammy. Unfortunately, when her boat landed in Africa, Sammy’s owner had moved to Zimbabwe, because he’d heard it in a CC song. So she departed brokenhearted, not even noticing she was now riding a dragon. All of a sudden, plump! She landed on a startled Sammy’s head! Unfortunately, the shock slaughtered Sammy, and his desperate lover immediatly committed suicide. At least their owners got married!
The End

…apparently, we were unaware that Zimbabwe is in Africa? Ah well, at least the spelling and grammar are a bit better than last time. 

I wonder which sentences I wrote and which ones Genni wrote? I’m pretty sure “the shock slaughtered Sammy” was me. Also the bit where the protagonist dog (who we never named—henceforth, her name is Arabella because why not?) is suddenly riding a dragon… that was probably me. Genni, if you happen to remember this, please tell me 😂 

You know, I must have been at least eleven because we didn’t start Classical Conversations until I was that old (I think), and the CC influence is splattered all over this story. I mean, disregarding the direct mention, there’s the alliteration, the -ly opener, the fact that NOT A SINGLE SENTENCE starts with “the” and only two begin with nouns… yeah, we were definitely in Essentials by this point. 

If you enjoyed this/are happy I’m back, comment below and I’ll do another Younger Days post! 

(In other words, comment below if you want to hear about the paper ‘website’ ChitChatters.com where you can “Discover why football is so awful! Play awesome games including DressMeUp and FlusteredFashionista! Read online newspapers like The Daily Gossip! All this and much more on ChitChatters.com!”)

Hope you enjoyed!




Did you know that if you hold the “option” key instead of “shift” while trying to type an exclamation point you get an upside-down exclamation point? ¡Ay caramba!

No, that doesn’t relate to the post at all—I just accidentally pressed “option” instead of “shift” while typing the title, and lo and behold! An upside down exclamation point¡ Seriously, I had no idea you could do that.

Ahem. Menni here! So, let’s begin with the backstory behind the post: in my Classical Conversations class this year- last year?- IN THE SCHOOL YEAR THAT HAS EITHER RECENTLY ENDED OR WILL SOON END *ahem* anyways, there was a person in my class who was very persistently polite. If you happen to be sitting next to him (and are not currently engaged in conversation), he WILL engage you in conversation. And the point is: this made me realize how much I actually appreciate being conversed with. I mean, even when my introvert brain is going “I just wanna think, lemme alooooooone,” I really appreciate it. It makes you feel like people CARE, you know? Therefore, I (a quiet, antisocial, nontalkative person *except for when I’m tired, in which case I turn into the chatterbox of the century*) have started to put conscious effort into The Art of Making Conversation.

So I figured I might as well share my tips on The Art of Making Conversation. Enjoy! (and if you stick around to the end, you will get the Xtreme course: The Art of Making Crazy Conversation 😉)

Tip #1: Have a List of Questions

This is a very important tip! Questions are key parts of any conversation, people. If you have natural talent for thinking of relevant/intelligent questions on the spot, you may skip this step. (Also, we mere mortals gaze at you in humble awe.)

Here is a sample list:

    • How are you?
    • Have you read any good books lately?
    • What is your name?
    • Are you doing anything this week?
    • Do you agree that Rise of Skywalker NEVER HAPPENED? (also, it’s a horcrux) (wayfinder) (horcrux) (wayfinder) (horcrux…) *YWAI inside joke, sorry. Check out this post for explanation—read all the way to the end*
    • How are your parents/siblings/friends or other relatives?
    • What are your hobbies?
    • Quack?
    • Do you follow Yes, We Are Insane? (because you should 😉)

Obviously, which questions you use would depend on how well you know the person you’re talking to. For instance, if you’re talking to a total stranger, I would go with “What is your name?” rather than “Quack?” Conversely, if you’re talking to your best friend, you can probably go with “Quack,” and you DEFINITELY shouldn’t use “What is your name?” (unless you have amnesia or something XD)

Tip #2: Use the List!

Yes, you do have to actually ask those questions. Merely having a list will not start a conversation—surprise!

(I mean, you don’t necessarily have to use the questions I suggested. Just use some questions. Quack?)

Tip #3: Repeat Until Successful

This tip means: don’t let the conversation die. If the person with whom you are conversing is anything like me, they will A) give short answers to your questions, B) not ask YOU any questions, C) be easily distracted, and D) invent a villain character who is an evil undying duck (commonly know as the Evil Undying Duck, or EUD) and name possessed time-stopping cars Rosalind and Mortimer (not that those last things are actually relevant to conversation XD). All of these things will tend to kill a conversation dead in less than a minute! Well, DON’T LET THEM. Just keep coming up with more questions. And more questions. And more questions.

Eventually, you can start edging towards common rant topics (such as Rise of Skywalker), and sooner or later you’ll hit something that this person loves to rant about. Which will solve your “don’t let the conversation die” problem!

Of course, you may end up with a new “how do I make this conversation stop” problem, but who really cares about that?


And there you go! You are now fully equipped to make conversation with anyone, anywhere, at any time! Except with an inanimate object (let’s face it, that cactus is not going to talk back), in a vacuum (the scientific kind, not the cleaning kind, though come to think of it both types might make conversation difficult), and/or after your death or before your birth (unless you have a time machine).

Now for the Xtreme course: The Art of Making Crazy Conversations!!!!!!!!

Tip #1: Have Friends

This is very important, kids. You can’t have crazy conversations unless you have crazy people to have them with!

Tip #2: Talk!

Now that you have your crazy people, get together and say whatever comes to mind!

Tip #3: that’s literally it

Yes… this is exactly what we do. We have crazy friends (trust me), we get together, we talk. And you blog-readers seem to think this is funny! As a sneak peek into our inner lives… hmmm, what’s the most recent postable thing on our Hangouts thread?

ME: I need another word for “call” as in “communicate loudly due to distance or noise constraints”
ME: “yell” and stuff like that just sounds too violent 

GENNI: Projected?
GENNI: Might be awkward, but could work!

ME: mmmm… maybe…
ME: Any other ideas?
ME: Thanks, by the way XD

GENNI: Hail?
GENNI: Is shout with “yell and stuff”?

ME: yes it is XD

GENNI: Exclaim? 
GENNI: I’m getting desperate

ME: I was desperate already 😜
ME: there just really isn’t anything else that means the same thing

ME: Buuuut that doesn’t mean I can use the word “call” like three times in two paragraphs
ME: sadly

GENNI: Sadness…

Hmm, Enni wasn’t featured in that. Lemme find something with Enni. Umm… none of this is particularly funny… ENNI COME ON SAY SOMETHING HILARIOUS

Well, here’s some out-of-contextly hilarious stuff from the thread that’s just Enni and me XD

ENNI: okay I have confirmed that the horse did not make it to revolutionary war Boston

ME: Oh right I’d forgotten about that trip XD
ME: Richmond was so great

ENNI: I knowwww he was
ENNI: and no, the horse did not make it to Asia

ME: See, I was right again! XD


No, I’m serious—that’s actual conversation. It actually relates to the Evil Undying Duck who I mentioned earlier. MWAHAHA NOT EXPLAINING 😈

Oh, and here’s my absolute favorite out-of-contextly hilarious exchange from the thread that’s just GENNI and me XD

ME: Overly Neutral Or Most Aggressive: Two Options, Perfect For Our Esteemed Influencer (Amazon)

GENNI: Thank you!

That one relates to the story Genni’s writing. I love coming up with random acronyms XD Like, I Lollygag-On-Various-Extras it!

It’s so Completely-Over-Other-Languages, if you know what I mean 😉

But I think ONOMATOPOEIA is my favorite that I’ve ever invented.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed!


P.S. quack?

I’m Back! …With an Update…

this is Genni

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Today I bring to you yet another update on the progress of Lost In Camden, the story I’m writing. I know I said it would be done in June (at least I think that’s what I said…), but from now on the completion date will be “to be determined”. I honestly have no idea when it will be done, so apologies for getting your hopes up. As a substitute, please accept these humble drawings of my characters by your very own Menni and I. (Please excuse the oddness of my art, I’m still trying to figure out both how to draw digitally and what in the world my style is XD)

Mayna – Genni

Mayna – Menni

Gunner – Genni

Gunner – Menni

And there you go—the two main characters!


Q&A craziness!!!

Hey, people! Menni here. So, as I’m sure at least three of you recall, a few weeks ago Genni posted an announcement that we would be doing a Q&A post and asked for your questions.

And three of you – Spark {Sara} Abbott, That One Crazy Girl *great name, BTW 😁*, and my youngest brother (Buddy Boy) – actually gave us questions! Woohoo!

*sigh* and to think, in the very first post where we asked for comments (THE FIRST Google Translate QUOTE CHALLENGE!), eight people answered. Eight. SO MANY. Sigh… and Quote Challenge was such a fun series…

Frankly, I just enjoyed destroying quotes by overworking a translating app. It’s SO FUN. Allow me to demonstrate. Here is what I will be translating (from The Princess Bride):

WESTLEY: I mean, what are the three terrors of the Fire Swamp? One, the flame spurt – no problem. There’s a popping sound preceding each; we can avoid that. Two, the lightning sand, which you were clever enough to discover what that looks like, so in the future we can avoid that too.
BUTTERCUP: But Westley, what about the R.O.U.S.’s?
WESTLEY: Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.
*a Rodent of Unusual Size attacks him*

And here is what it turned into, after a mere seven layers of translation:

WESTLEY: I marvel that you are so bitter they see in the swamp, there are three things in the sky? It is rubbish. It is good. There is a sound in the presence of them all: that we can not avoid. Secondly lightning strike you that it can be wise to avoid in the future.
BUTTERCUP: But Westley, what is ROSE?
WESTLEY: A very large rats? I guess I did not.
*Very large Chuan attack*

For maximum hilarity, picture the characters actually saying this. And no, I don’t know what a “Chuan attack” is.

But I digress. On to the actual post!


do you guys know each other in real life? 

M: Indeed we do! All three of us go to the same church, and we’ve been besties for… gosh it feels like forever, but I guess it’s only been a couple of years XD
I mean, I’ve known Genni all my life, but as a trio we’re relatively recent. It just doesn’t feel that way. (Correct me if I’m wrong, guys)

G: I’m not sure if i’ve known M or E longer… Either way, i’ve known both of them for a while, so I kinda think I was the one who brought us together. Maybe?

E: Yeah, that sounds right 😛

how did u meet? 

M: Ummm… like I said, I’ve known Genni my whole life and… how DID I meet Enni? It was just that she was Genni’s friend and I was Genni’s friend, right? *shrugs* I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING OKAY

G: as i was saying, i think that is how it went XD

E: I wasn’t friends with Menni when I first met her…I only became her friend through Genni which turned out to pay off very well XD

are you all teens? 

M: yes (see our bios for further details)

G: in body, but not in spirit 😁

E: I mean, how else can I respond? 😛

how did you come up with the idea of the blog name? 

M: It was all my idea. *bows* XD it really was, though… we were just all hanging out and chatting and for some reason our insanity came up and I was like “yes, we are insane!” and then I was like “ooh that would be a great blog title!” and then I bugged Enni and Genni mercilessly until they agreed to do it. We also picked our blog names in that conversation (I think): Enni was just going to go by Enni, and Genni already went by Genni25… and then they wanted us to rhyme, so, since my real name starts with “M,” we decided I could be Menni. *sigh* I’m reconciled to the name now, but come on. Menni. Why Menni? NO ONE IS NAMED MENNI.
Anyways, that was the real start of us as a trio, and I am VERY glad we did it. 😁

G: I think us all actually agreeing to a blog came a bit later at a sleepover… Menni doesn’t remember that part 😋

M: maybe that was just when I finally got you to AGREE… I’m positive the IDEA came at a church thing 

E: I vaguely remember designing the blog and I think it WAS decided at a church thing but then we wrote a post together at a sleepover

do y’all have personal blogs?

M: I do! It’s called “Camera Dolls.” And my sincere apologies to everyone who’s tried to view it… when I made it two… three?… years ago, I was only allowed to let people I personally knew on it. That’s probably changed now…
M: Of course, I haven’t POSTED anything on it for like two years XD. But if I started letting more people view it I’d probably post more!

G: nope, sorry. I’m currently working on an online store (which i will definitely post about one it’s done!)

E: Yup! Theblanketburrito.home.blog which I took an unannounced hiatus on lately because I don’t have anybody to keep me accountable 😛

BUDDY BOY asked:

What is your favorite post/series you did? 

M: WHY BUDDY BOY WHY THE HARD QUESTIONS ummmm… parodies (this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this *whew, I’ve written a LOT of parodies*) are always fun… but so was Enchanted Forest, but so was Night at the Ball (installments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6), but so was the DramaDolls stuff (this, this, this, and this), but so was And Harry Laughed (But Not Until Page 125)… let’s just go with ALL OF THEM. Except maybe our very first posts. (good grief, did I really have NO idea what I was doing?)
M: Oh, and I forgot about Happyland: the Musical! Man, that one was fun. (unlike my computer keyboard, which likes to double letters. Example: “was” becomes “waas” like half the time. 😒)
M: And Koko! (chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12) How could I forget Koko?

G: WHY SO HARD *runs around screaming for a while* okee, I HAVE SO MANY. Wait, do I have to have been directly involved in them?

M: let’s go with no

E: Goodness, this is hard. Enchanted Forest was loads of fun.

M: Genni, did you want to give any favorite posts/series?

G: Gak! Sorry! Ummm… I don’t know what it would be… 😂
G: Actually, if anything, that post you made about Insane Young Ladies. That was hilarious… XD

What are your hobbies?

M: sheesh, you’re my BROTHER, shouldn’t you already know? Anyhoo, I like to read, swing, draw, write, write parodies, sing, act, be a camerawoman (with my OWN VIDEO CAMERA), procrastinate, start things I don’t know how to finish (example: the Story That Wouldn’t Die), and be insane. 

G: maybe he’s asking for the rest of us? I always have the worst time answering this question… Let’s see, drawing, jewelry making, i’ll probably most definitely get into photography once i get a phone, anything artsy/crafty, sleeping, keeping myself up wayyy too late, ukulele/violin/piano/singing, yeah that’s about it XD

E: Ohhh Buddy Boy is your brother. Ah, I see. I don’t remember my hobbies anymore because now I have too much school. 😛 I do like embroidery though.

Favorite book series? favorite movie?

M: I repeat: WHY THE HARD QUESTIONS?? Er… favorite book series probably Lord of the Rings, 100 Cupboards, Ashtown Burials, or Narnia. Wow, I narrowed that down to just 4! I’m so impressed with myself! *after writing this, I have remembered The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye, which totally makes the top 5 of my Favorite Books list* Favorite movie: this one’s legit impossible. Here are some of my favorite movies, though! Pirates of Penzance, How To Train Your Dragon, Rogue One, Princess Diaries, Aladdin (both of them), Zootopia, The Sound of Music, Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean (only the first one), the Parent Trap (only the first one), Tangled, the Lego Movie… okay, I’ll stop now. Princess Bride should really be first; I guess maybe that’s my all-time favorite? Maybe?? 

G: GAKARIFIC, BUDDY!!!!! Again, a question I have the worst time answering… Books serieses are, Queen’s Thief, Alcatraz vs. theEvil Librarians, Beyonders (and anything Brandon Mull), Wingfeather Saga (should actually be first on this list), AND SO MANY MORE. Moving on! Movies, LOTR (SORRY TO BOTH MENNI AND MY PARENTS THE BOOKS ARE BETTER I SWEAR I JUST ALSO LIKE THE MOVIES), Hunt for Red October, Signs, Fantastic Beasts, And then because i have a little brother i watch a lot of animated movies so Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon (1), I’m sure there’s others, but my memory is AWFUL at 7 in the morning. 

M: ooh yes, I forgot about Queen’s Thief!! (Though I guess it wouldn’t make the VERY top of my list… mostly because of the last book…) And Big Hero 6 — I LOVE Big Hero 6!

E: Don’t worry, G, the LOTR movies did them pretty good. 😛 Oh goodness. I can’t think right now. I like most of the ones that G and M already said. I honestly can’t remember a single book series off the top of my head right now but movies…agh, same. I KNOW THAT I’M CHEATING ON THIS QUESTION. Wait, wait–I do absolutely adore the movie Ratatouille. I can’t even say why it just speaks to my soul and I would fight to the death for it. 

M: ok, yes, the LOTR movies did relatively well… but PLEASE DON’T TEMPT ME TO RANT ABOUT THEM ENNI PLEASE

Last but not least, what is your favorite thing you have done?

M: ARRRRGGGHHHH THE HARD QUESTIONS WON’T STOP WHHHHYYYYYYY *ahem* I really don’t know, Buddy Boy. “Favorite” is a very hard word. 
M: I’ll let you know if I think of something.

G: wait, like ever? Wow… uhhh….Yeah, let me wake up before i answer that XD

E: Wait what


When did you all meet?

M: I’ve technically known Genni all my life (ok, all HER life, since I’m older), but we didn’t become super-great friends until I was… ten? Eleven? Wow, I’m BAD at dating memories. It feels as though I’ve known Enni all my life XD, but really we’ve only been friends for uhhh three… four? Five? absolute minimum of two since our blog is roughly two years old… years. She was Genni’s friend before she was mine; I was a bit of a conniving brat in my younger years, so both of them showed great good taste and steered clear. (Genni was nice to me all along, though—Genni is nice to EVERYBODY.)

G: I think I’ve known Enni since I was 7 and Menni since I was 9-ish? Whenever her family joined our co-op if i remember rightly.

E: Oh, definitely longer than three years. I’m pretty sure that I met Genni when I was 4.

Do you all know each other IRL?

M: *see Sara’s first question*

G: *see Menni’s answer*

E: Do I have to say anything? 

Favorite KotLC book? (Mine is Nightfall btw)

M: Hmmm, I haven’t read them in a while… Probably Exile, because I feel like the author had figured out her writing style but not yet devolved to “gosh I like the characters so the plot can go out the window” (I actually sympathize with that a lot, it’s my own main writing weakness XD). Also because KEEFE!

G: apology in advance. I  REALLY DID NOT LIKE THEM I’M SORRY. I read the first two and a half before Sofie got on my nerves wayy too much. I liked the story and most of the other characters, but SOFIE. 

M: “s-o-p-h-i-e,” FYI, and yes nobody really likes her XD

E: Yeah, I relate to M

Favorite color?


G: I used to drive Enni crazy because mine would change roughly every two months 😂 Currently, I have several: Gold, rose pink, and army green.

M: “army green”… you know, Genni, that sounds a lot less weird if you call it OLIVE green…

E: Blue, sage green, dusty pink, periwinkle blue

Favorite emoji?

M: difficult question… 🤔  honestly I like a lot of emojis 😜 they’re just so fun 😁 maybe this one? 😈
M: I bet Enni’s favorite is this one 😛 XD
M: Oh wait, does XD count? If so, then that.

G: 🤔🔥😱🤯🛠😉 tada
G: i think all of these 😂🤣😁😋😜❤🤯😊🤦‍♀️

M: facepalm is a good one…

E: HA YOU’RE WRONG. 🥰🦙🧬🥯🧇🍿🍱🥡🍝🥧🍦…I like really detailed emojis, to summarize

And… why did you all start blogging? Is there a deeper reason other than, I wanted to?

M: …honestly, we started THIS blog because I came up with the name and then bugged Genni and Enni until they agreed XD. I started my OTHER blog because 1) Enni had blogs, and 2) I love the blog Delightful World of Dolls, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 

G: I was pressured. End of story. (just kidding XD)

E: Well, it all began when one morning we first embarked on a deep, emotional journey. After agonizing tears and heartwarming laughter, we came up with this blog as a form to emit our dark, crazy selves which the world rejected but the online community accepted. This blog has been our light in dark times, our shoulder to cry on when people mock us but–no. This blog was mostly for kicks and giggles. 

τhατ’s ιτ!

Oh and: do you like anime?? What’s your fave one? (Mine is obviously BNHA )

M: I don’t watch that much anime, but I absolutely LOVE it as an art style, and I’ve really enjoyed the anime things I have watched (the series Ronja the Robber’s Daughter *BEST BOOK TO MOVIE ADAPTION EVER!!!*, the movie Howl’s Moving Castle *significantly fewer points on the whole book-to-movie thing, but still good*, and the first episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender *may I just say XD*). For a favorite out of those three, Ronja all the way!!! It’s one of my favorite things EVER because it proves that YES YOU CAN ACTUALLY TURN A BOOK INTO A MOVIE WITHOUT RUINING THE PLOT OR DESTROYING THE CHARACTERS 😱 AHHH THE JOY!
M: Some of those may be technically manga instead of anime… I honestly don’t know what the difference is 🤷‍♀️
M: so now, being myself, I have to look it up. *googles “difference between manga and anime”* ohhhh that’s cool… apparently they refer to medium and not art style: manga is comic books/graphic novels, and anime is animation
M: you learn something new every day

G: i’m more likely to read/draw manga, but like Menni I adore the style! I do have several friends that really want me to watch Attack on Titans, so i probably will at some point 😁
G: would you really categorize Avatar as anime? I guess that makes sense. I still need to show you the rest of those…

M: just buy me a DVD of them for my birthday XD

E: I’ve never watched any so I can’t say 😛

And that’s it! (Genuinely this time XD)

You would not BELIEVE how long it took me to embed all those links for my favorite posts… (No, that wasn’t an attempt to guilt you into clicking on them. Why would I want to guilt you into clicking on them? It’s not like they’re my favorite posts, some of them lying alone and forgotten in the archives of our blog…)

Hope you enjoyed!


SAVING THE WORLD (by flying planes)

Hey, people! Menni here.

We got a fair number of likes on our last saving-the-world post, so I’m going to continue the series. As promised, we are now saving the world from carnivorous birds!

After we had finished discussing our last world-saving plan, I told Enni that it was her turn to give us a ridiculous task and then figure out why it would save the world.

Enni said “fly around the world.”

Me: I’m dead.

Enni: ok, yeah. umm… you have a deaf and blind pilot who can teach you how to fly.

Me: That’s a bit better. Do I have a time limit?

Enni: Three days. *the absolute record time is a little over 46 hours, FYI*

Me: I’m dead.

Enni: ok, a week.

Me: That’s a bit better…

So we went through a lot of that and finally figured that with our deaf-and-blind instructor’s tutelage, plus infinite fuel, food (airline snacks only, Enni decided), and water, we could probably fly around the world. Aaaand then it was time to figure out why.

Enni: ok, these carnivorous birds have overrun the world and they chase anything that flies.

Me: which is why we’re the ones who have to do the flying-around-the-world part, since everybody else is too scared to go within ten miles of an airfield. And that’s why we have our deaf-and-blind pilot, he has no idea what’s happening. But wait… why will flying around the world stop the birds?

Enni/Genni: Ummmm…

Me: ooh, duh, we’re collecting all the birds so that we can bring them to a space center and then we’ll launch a space shuttle and the birds will follow the space shuttle into space and die!

Enni/Genni: Oooookay!

Me: and now we come to the delicate question of who’s going to fly the space shuttle, because, y’know, they’ll probably die.

Genni (very Genni-ish-ly) volunteered, but she got overruled in the end because we decided that our extra person (there are three of us: one flies around the world, one flies the space shuttle, and one does..?) was going to drive to the nearest astronaut or whoever and get instructions as to HOW to fly the space shuttle, and obviously the diplomatic person should be Genni.

That was our working plan before my brother (we’ll call him Bear) got involved: Enni flies around the world and probably dies, Genni drives to an astronaut and probably survives, and I fly a space shuttle and almost certainly die. Yeah… we were not overly happy with this plan. But then Bear came up and was like “what are you talking about?” and since he actually knows a decent amount about both planes and space, that turned out to improve our survival probability SIGNIFICANTLY. We didn’t have time to figure that out while talking after church, but Bear and I kept talking over the week, and we discovered that A) the person flying around the world kinda needs a copilot, since they can’t stay awake for that long, B) nobody actually needs to be IN the space shuttle in order to launch it (also we shouldn’t fly the space shuttle, because there are cooler, more effective, and more autonomous things to fly), and C) Bear does technically know how to fly a plane and, if you don’t have to refuel or avoid other air traffic, it’s not THAT difficult. Naturally, I hastened to inform Enni and Genni of this pleasant turn of events, so poor Google Hangouts had to process this message:

Ok, we’ve been getting a reasonable number of likes for SAVING THE WORLD (the ywai post), so I think we should go ahead and do one for the carnivorous-birds scenario! Here is what we know about that thus far:
THE TASK: Fly a plane around the world
THE SCENARIO: Carnivorous birds (that have the ability to match speed to any other flying object) have overrun the world. The birds will act like normal predators when dealing with stuff on the ground, but they WILL chase the largest flying object they can see until they destroy it or they die. We (Genni, Enni, Bear, and myself) are literally the only people willing to go with ten miles of an airfield for this reason. Everyone else is kind of holed up in homes and bomb shelters and whatnot.
OUR ASSETS: a plane (any type of plane we want) with infinite fuel, water, and airline snacks; a deaf and blind pilot as our, uh, flight instructor for the plane; a SpaceX Cargo Dragon that is prepared for launch (they were about to launch it when the birds showed up) except for the fuel; and a workable car (though this does not have infinite fuel).
OUR PLAN: (this has been altered somewhat by Bear and myself, so if you have objections let me know) Two people, presumably Bear plus Enni or myself, will fly around the world so that the birds will chase them. They will thus collect all of the birds and lead them to our SpaceX launch pad. Meanwhile (we’ve got time, flying around the world will take a while), one person, probably Genni, will drive our car to somebody who knows how to launch the Cargo Dragon and get instructions. The one remaining person will hang around at base and follow the instructions relayed by the car-driving person in order to launch the space vehicle. (Which, incidentally, now has the LOWEST possibility of death, since as Bear pointed out they don’t have to actually be IN the space-thing in order to launch it.) When the plane-flying people make it back to the base, the launcher person will launch the space rocket…”

“…then the birds will follow the rocket into space and die from lack of oxygen. Thus, we will have saved the world!”

*twenty minutes later* “Ok, we’ve decided that I’ll be Bear’s copilot”

GENNI: Sounds great, BTW 😂

ME: Quite a while XD
ME: I don’t recall ever having hit the 2000 character limit before 😂

GENNI: There’s a 2000 character limit??? Now that’s impressive…

ENNI: 🤯 that’s impressive XD
ENNI: I made this poster 😛
ENNI: *enni’s poster*

ME: XDD nice
And then Bear and I kept talking, now about what would happen if we crashed… basically, if the tail of the plane breaks off, all we can do is jump out with parachutes and hope for the best. However, there is definitely strategy involved when you add carnivorous birds to the equation. You see, if the plane hits the ground before we do… we’ve just become the largest flying objects in the air. Ouch. So we want the plane to crash as slowly as possible, which means Bear tries to keep it more or less level, and WE want to fall as fast as possible for as long as possible. We shouldn’t even deploy our parachutes until we absolutely need to.
Of course, as I somewhat morbidly realized, I might be fine even if the plane beat us to the ground, because Bear is both taller and heftier than I am, so he would be the biggest flying object. That’s not very comforting, though… let’s hope we make it to the ground before the plane does.
But whether we did or not is more or less irrelevant to the plan.
ME: Additional question: supposing Bear and I fail? You get a radio message from one of us that says basically “our plane is in an uncontrolled descent, we’re gonna jump out and hope we survive, good luck on your own.” So he and I are pretty much useless even if we did survive, and the team has been reduced to two people. What do you do NOW?
ME: With any luck you have another infinite-fuel plane…
ENNI: please don’t fail XD
ENNI: um
ENNI: do you still have the blind and deaf pilot?
ME: Yes, because we decided not to bring him (he was just taking up valuable cabin space XD)ME: So he’s still an asset for you guys

ENNI: hmmmENNI: okay so we have another infinite fuel plane
ENNI: we need somebody in plane but genni and I are already busy with the space shuttle and getting instructions…
ENNI: we get the pilot to be by the space shuttle
ENNI: and we communicate to him by while one of us flies the plane, dropping feathers onto his head

ME: That works I guess XDME: Bear and I were either more or less practical, depending on you look at it: we thought you and Genni would take over as pilot and copilot, fly around the world collecting birds as planned, and then have one of you parachute out when you reached the base
ME: Then the other person would fly around to keep the birds there while you got the launch set up

GENNI: I like your poster, Enni XD
GENNI: And the plan sounds good!
And thus we saved the world by flying planes! (and space rockets… and we’re driving cars again… oh well, we did save the world so whatever.)
Also, I offer my sincere apologies to the two people who submitted questions for the Q&A post – we ARE working on that, I swear. It’s coming.
(enormous shoutout to those two people, BTW. If it hadn’t been for your wonderfully submitted questions, we WOULDN’T be working on it XD So, thanks, guys! 😃)

SAVING THE WORLD (by driving cars)

Hey, people! Menni here.

No, we didn’t literally save the world. Sheesh. We were just talking about theoretically saving the world. From a time warp. That’s MUCH less crazy.

So! Enni and I were talking after church today, and for some reason we started talking about eternal youth (I believe the starter question was “How young would you have to eternally be for eternal youth to NOT be a good thing?”), which led to a discussion about how old someone has to be before they’re OLD, which led to a discussion about when “middle-age” starts (I know you’re wondering when we get to the whole saving-the-world thing; don’t worry, it’s coming), which led to a discussion about when you stop being a “kid,” which (since I said “sixteen” and Enni said “oh, because you can drive?”) led to a discussion of driving, which led to the question “If we had to drive two normal cars around a racetrack, would we be able to do it? And if not, who would crash first?”

To which Enni said something like, “I would probably crash first. And why are we driving around a racetrack again?”

To which I said, “To save the world.”

Enni: Wow, that’s dramatic. Do we have a time limit?
Me: Uhh, let’s say no. Let’s also say we have infinite fuel. Maybe, since I can technically drive, I would just drive you to the end and then walk back and drive your car to the end.
Enni: or we could just drive really slow
Me: that would work too
Enni: Why does this save the world again?
Me: *promptly* Because everything except the sun is frozen in time, so if we don’t end the time freeze one side of the earth will burn and the other side will freeze. The cars are causing the time freeze, so they’re not frozen, and the racetrack is like their homeland, so it’s not frozen either. That’s why we don’t have any help. And we can’t go off the racetrack because then WE would freeze in time… but the cars would keep going so we would probably crash and die… oh, and I guess we do have a time limit since we don’t have any food or water: we have to do this in three days. I guess I’m not going to have time to walk back to the start then. Unless it rains. If it rains we could, like, collect water in our car’s cupholders or something. 
Enni: …wow… I don’t know how to turn on the windshield wipers.
Me: I could probably show you. Oh, duh, I could give you a crash course-
Enni: pun intended
Me: pun totally intended. I could give you a crash course in driving before we start, and then we would both be fine.

Genni: *comes over*
Genni: What are you talking about?
Me: We’re saving the world by driving around a racetrack. 
Genni: …oh? That sounds like you.
Me: *explains*
Genni: I know how to drive, I would be fine. *she’s not old enough to legally drive XD*
Enni: oh good, we can still save the world.
Me: yay! 

This is a very, very, VERY condensed version of our conversation, but oh well. 

We thought this might turn into a decent post series (somebody thinks of something crazy for us to do, and then we decide why it’s going to save the world, and then we decide how we would do it), so if you guys want us to do that let us know! We already (during the same conversation) may have saved the world from carnivorous birds. I say “may have” because it was kind of a more difficult assignment (flying planes and launching space shuttles, that sort of stuff), so there’s the potential that A) we succeeded but at least one of us died in the process, B) we succeeded but all of us died in the process, or C) one or more of us died and we FAILED.  

Give this post a “like” if you want to hear about the birds-plane-space-shuttle-potentially-deadly thing! 

Hope you enjoyed!
P.S. no, I have NOT stopped being a kid even though I’m sixteen. I’m a special case.

Special Announcements! (Whee!)

Hello, all, and welcome back to YWAI! Genni here, sounding like a news reporter for no apparent reason, with several special announcements! Ready? Good.

  1. I’m pleased to say that we actually have several projects in the making! You already know of the story I’m writing (which is probably not going to be the best since I’m not a ridiculously good writer 😜), but we also have a group story going on! No hints, though.
  2. There is no two, three items just looks best…

  3. Q&A!!!! I’m sooo excited for this!!! Here’s how it will work;
    -You guys will comment any questions you have about/for us (we will need at least 6 questions in order to do this so PLEASE THINK OF AT LEAST ONE QUESTION!!!)
    -We’ll answer them! Fairly simple, right?

I hope you’re as excited about it as I am!

See you next time!


Hey, people! Menni (and Enni and Genni, later on) here!


*my subconscious, influenced by sixteen years of easter services: He is risen indeed!*

That’s the important part of Easter. For your edification, here are some Bible verses about Christ’s resurrection:

(if you’re bored, stick with me – we will be our usual funny selves after I’m done with the serious stuff)

Now the first day of the week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb.  Then she ran and came to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and said to them, “They have taken away the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid Him.”

Peter therefore went out, and the other disciple, and were going to the tomb. So they both ran together, and the other disciple outran Peter and came to the tomb first. And he, stooping down and looking in, saw the linen cloths lying there; yet he did not go in. Then Simon Peter came, following him, and went into the tomb; and he saw the linen cloths lying there, and the handkerchief that had been around His head, not lying with the linen cloths, but folded together in a place by itself. Then the other disciple, who came to the tomb first, went in also; and he saw and believed. For as yet they did not know the Scripture, that He must rise again from the dead. Then the disciples went away again to their own homes.

But Mary stood outside by the tomb weeping, and as she wept she stooped down and looked into the tomb. And she saw two angels in white sitting, one at the head and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain. Then they said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping?”

She said to them, “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him.”

Now when she had said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, and did not know that it was Jesus. Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?”

She, supposing Him to be the gardener, said to Him, “Sir, if You have carried Him away, tell me where You have laid Him, and I will take Him away.”

Jesus said to her, “Mary!”

She turned and said to Him, “Rabboni!” (which is to say, Teacher).

Jesus said to her, “Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, ‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.’ ”

Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord, and that He had spoken these things to her.
(John 20: 1-18)

And now for your homework you can read Luke 24, Matthew 28, and Mark 16.

CHRIST IS RISEN!!! *He is risen indeed!*

Now, on to the funny part!

Earlier this week, Genni and I had a conversation that went like this:

GENNI: What are we doing for a YWAI Easter post?
MENNI: Ummm… how about if we go on a google doc and each write a bit and then comment on each other’s bits?
GENNI: Sure! Can we have a category for our bits? XD
M: Any suggestions?
G: Uh
G: Give me a sec
G: We did traditions last year
G: So maybe we could do
G: I tried….and failed 😔
M: *starts suggesting random categories*
G: Like a crazy Easter story from the past, favorite part (ONLY ONE), and an odd Easter fact? Sounds great!

So behold! An Easter post!

*we’re all our normal colors by the way*


Hmmm… I don’t really have any…
we usually frost and decorate cookies for Easter, and that leads to some funny incidents. The undecorated cookies are perfectly ordinary things like eggs and bunnies and crosses and ducks (YES ENNI DUCKS); AMAZING. but once they’ve been decorated… well, the death carrots glitter enticingly while a seasick duck tries not to barf and the Fire Bunny and the Ice/Water Bunny battle it out on a platter. I remember that one! Wasn’t it great? 😁 Yep. That’s what happens.
And this year we made an Easter “gingerbread house” (only we used sugar cookie dough instead of gingerbread). Everybody got to decorate one side, and I covered my side entirely with jelly beans like this: jellyhouse
I think it would be cool to do a whole house like that. Maybe next Halloween I’ll ask for one of those Costco-size tubs of jelly beans (honestly, that’s what we usually get), and I’ll just cover my ENTIRE HOUSE with that. Then you’ll invite us all over to eat it!! Totally XD
(the gingerbread house. Not my real actual wood-plaster-whatever-else-they-put-in-houses house. Just to make that clear.) Oh, that’s what I thought so I just assumed that it’d be a heck ton of jellybeans. XD wow Enni XD

Favorite Part:
CHRIST IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s kind of obvious, though, so I’ll add something else too. Despite Genni’s injunction to ONLY ONE.
(sorry, Genni) (I’ll get you for this…) (bring it on XD)
Anyways, my other favorite part is… WAAAAAH IT’S SO SAD REMEMBERING *sobs*
Ahem. Anyways, our church normally does an Easter Sunrise Service and then a giant breakfast afterwards. That’s my favorite part. I miss it… I miss that too…😢

*googles “odd easter facts”*
Umm… Easter is second only to Halloween in candy-purchasing (and, theoretically, eating).


We don’t really have any Easter traditions and hence I don’t have a lot of stories. However, this morning we DID go see the cherry blossoms at U.W. which were GORGEOUS and felt very Easter-y.

This moped happened to be parked perfectly photogenicly. (Is photogenicly a word? Well, now it is. Spelled “photogenically,” Enni dear.) wow, that’s a lot of photos (gorgeous, though. Like you said.) very much ditto to Menni.

Favorite part:
Uhhh the obvious which Menni already said, but besides that, I love the church services and oh, wait, EASTER MUSIC. It’s definitely a runner up for Christmas music. Ooh yes, EASTER MUSIC

Fun fact:
Americans eat about 1.5 million Peeps, apparently. Personally, I have never eaten one because I feel like a murderer staring into those black, marshmallowy eyes and then EATING THEM.
But they’re so goooood… You could always make your own peeps, and then they would not have eyes and you could EAT THEM! Melted Peeps are THE BEST. Trust me.


oookay, my story probably isn’t the craziest, but it’s close enough. To start off, I get an Easter dress every year and once (maybe four or five years ago?) I had three. The reasons behind this phenomenon were 1) we found a super cute one (white with yellow flowers 😍) but it wasn’t going to arrive in time, so my mom and I went to a thrift store and found another pretty dress (think flowy seashore ombre) *you’re so descriptive XD* *and I mean that in a good way* as a stand-in, but then i also got a third dress as an easter present. Wow. 😳

Favorite part (besides the obvious that has already been mentioned): 
Actually, it’s most likely the decorations. So pretty and colorful 🥰 oooh yes, the decorations!
It’s also awesome if I get to play my violin at church on Easter Sunday (IT’S HAPPENING!!!) woohoo! *claps* 

*copies Menni’s Google search*
Ah! While lamb is a common Easter dish, Ham is most prominent because it would have been cured through the winter and therefore ready to eat in spring. (I love them both 😁) I am not a ham person. As in, very much not a ham person. VERY much not a ham person. 
Have I mentioned that I am not a ham person?

One last thing: here is an Easter picture from the amazingly talented artist GENNI!! (drawn at my request)
GenniEasterBunnnySUCH TALENT 👏👏👏

And that’s that! Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. yes, I’m still using the same featured image as last year. And the year before that. And possibly even the year before THAT… I don’t remember…