National Holidays Part(s) 6/7/8/9/10/11/12

Hello, people! This is Menni.

So… you know how I never seem to be able to post on a schedule?

That hasn’t changed in quarantine. What a surprise!

Hence, it’s been another month between National Holiday posts.

Since I don’t think I’ll ever improve with that (and since National Holidays don’t seem to be a huge favorite anyways), I’m just going to get the whole rest of the year over with now!

*don’t kill me, please*

I’ll pick 3 holidays from every month, starting with THIS VERY MONTH (see, I’m still sort of caught up! right?), and going all the way through to December. Here we go!

National Hug Your Cat Day (June 4)

10 Benefits of Pets for Children

If your cat will let you hug it for more than two seconds, I felicitate you. If your cat will enjoy a hug, then I congratulate you. If your cat will let you do THAT (see image), I stare in awe at you (and your cat).

National Garfield the Cat Day (June 19)

Viacom's Nickelodeon Acquires Comic-Strip Cat Garfield – Variety

Good grief — Garfield’s that famous. 

There’s also apparently a Garfield movie. It looks awful.

National Take Your Cat to Work Day (June 22)

The trouble with cats and working from home - ...

That’s about what would happen if you tried to take your cat to work.

National Video Game Day (July 8)

Everything You Need to Know about Online Games

This is a day for boys like my brother *ahem* to satisfy their craving for gaming. Just explain to your parents that it’s a holiday. I’m sure it’ll work.

If you’re not homeschooled, you might want to explain to your teacher too.

Cow Appreciation Day (July 14)

Dairy cattle - Wikipedia

Cow: Do you appreciate me yet? No?

Cow: If you don’t appreciate me, I will lick your camera instead of standing here so politely! Still no?

Cow toilets' in Netherlands aim to cut e-moo-ssions


Harry Potter’s Birthday (July 31)

“‘I was saying, my dear, that you were clearly born under the baleful influence of Saturn,’ said Professor Trelawney, a faint note of resentment in her voice at the fact that he had obviously not been hanging on her words.
‘Born under – what, sorry?’ said Harry.
‘Saturn, dear, the planet Saturn!’ said Professor Trelawney, sounding definitely irritated that he wasn’t riveted by this news. ‘I was saying that Saturn was surely in a position of power in the heavens at the moment of your birth… your dark hair… your mean stature… tragic losses so young in life… I think I am right in saying, my dear, that you were born in mid-winter?’
‘No,’ said Harry, ‘I was born in July.’”

That part cracks me up every time. 😆

National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day (August 8)

Really nice recipes. Every hour. — August 8th is National Sneak ...


National Plant Milk Day (August 22)

I read this as “plant milk” like “plant” was a verb at first… like we were planting our milk in the ground to grow milk plants…

Now, that would have been fun to try in newly-created Narnia. If Polly and Diggory can grow a toffee-tree, why can’t we grow a milk tree?

*plants milk* *remembers I’m not in Narnia* Drat.

National Just Because Day (August 27)

A day to do things “just because.”

Things like re-reading several year’s worth of a kid’s magazine, or climbing a tree, or singing random songs from The Sound of Music, or organizing your room, or not organizing your room (much more likely), or pretending it’s Halloween (and discovering how many of your neighbors will give you candy) (probably very few), or planting milk…

National Read a Book Day (September 6)

Kids Who Read Books Daily Do Better on School Tests

YES! YES! YES! READ A BOOK! YES! But wait, why limit yourself to one book?

A Good Read | alive

Much better.

National Video Games Day (September 12)

Everything You Need to Know about Online Games

Raise your hand if you thought “wait, I’ve seen this before.”

Not quite. You see, back in July it was National Video Game Day, not National Video Games Day. Big difference. Really.

Hobbit Day (September 22)

Hobbit Day | FoxTrot Comics by Bill Amend


National Get Funky Day (October 5)

For some reason this makes me think of the song Everything is Awesome.


National Fluffernutter Day (October 8)

Fluffernutter Sandwich: A Gooey History | Mental Floss

A “fluffernutter,” apparently, is a peanut-butter-and-marshmallow-fluff sandwich. That sounds like it would be either really gross or really yummy.

And it’s definitely fun to say. “Fluffernutter” “fluffernutter” “fluffernutter

International Day of the Nacho (October 21)

Chili Cheese Nachos | i am baker

“Day of the Nacho” just sounds hilarious to me. Someone should make a movie with that title.

National Nachos Day (November 6)

Seriously, what IS it with repeated holidays??

Mickey Mouse Day/Mickey Mouse’s Birthday/Minnie Mouse’s Birthday (November 18)

Disney Mickey & Minnie animation from € 29,50 - Official IXXI ® store

Apparently Mickey and Minnie Mouse are birthday buddies. Maybe that’s how they met…

Cyber Monday (November 30)

Cyborg Monday" | Cyber Monday | FoxTrot Comics by Bill Amend

Again, exactly.

International Ninja Day (December 5)

Tiny Ninja Holding Throwing Star - Ninja - Baseball T-Shirt ...

HIYAH- oh, hi, mom. What? These throwing stars? Sharp? Of course not!

National Llama Day (December 9)

Llamas are fun! Llamacorns, however, are EVEN BETTER.

You make them by cutting candy corns into pieces and then reassembling them into llamas. They are delicious and adorable.

Hogmanay (December 31)

Apparently it’s a Scottish word for the last day of the year. So essentially New Year’s Eve. But you must admit, “hogmanay” is much more fun to say.


Yay — you made it through! And you’re still reading! 🥰

As a reward, I will share with you this thing that always cracks me up:

How The Princess Bride Can Help You Network Like a Pro |

Hope you enjoyed!


Happyland: The Musical

Hello, people! Menni here.

So, we haven’t posted in a while (sorry!) and I’ve been getting desperate for topics.

And guess what? Yesterday I wrote (sort of) a spoof musical! I thought it was funny, and therefore (being desperate for topics) I decided to post it!

Though, saying that I wrote it is kind of misleading. I invented it, sang most of it in my head, promptly forget most of the tunes (they were pathetic anyways), and nonetheless enjoyed myself most thoroughly.

Anyhoo, the musical is called “Happyland” (in case the title of this post didn’t tip you off), and the idea came into being because… long story.

However, you loyal readers seem to like long stories! soooo…

You see, a kinda jerky character (from a spinoff story of mine) had the gall to insult musicals because (😱) they involve problems! The significantly less jerky characters (being musical fans) immediately invented and sang a musical of which the premise was that there are no problems. Given that they preformed it in a driveway, their only instruments were a kazoo and a maraca, and of course they made the whole thing up on the spot, I think they did very well.

So, without further ado:

43853797-stock-vector-illustration-of-city-with-colored-houses-and-street (1)

(You have no idea how hard it was for me to create that image)

CHARACTERS: Joy Fuller, Dee Lite, Plezure Ahble, Heroe Psolver, and Machie Avellian (a monkey)


The musical opens with Joy Fuller, a resident of Happyland, tacking a “Happyland” banner above her front door. She is joined by her two neighbors, Dee Lite and Plezure Ahble, who both tack smaller “Happyland” banners above their own doors. Joy turns and notices the audience, whom she greets ecstatically. She, Dee, and Plezure declare the wonders of Happyland to the audience (Here in Happyland). The three of them further explain that everyone is happy in Happyland because there are never any problems (No Problems). After adding a “No Problems” banner to Joy’s door, the three neighbors enter their houses as Heroe Psolver comes onstage. Heroe calls out, asking if they need help with anything. They tell her of course not — there are no problems. Heroe is obviously unhappy. She explains to the audience that this is because she is a born protagonist and always wants to solve problems (I Need a Problem). As Heroe sits despondently on Joy’s front steps, Machie Avellian (the monkey) pops out on the roof. He explains to the audience that he intends to help Heroe with her no-problems problem because a problem is a problem even if the problem is there are no problems, making it a not-problem-problem of no-problem problems… he loses his train of thought and adds that causing not-problems is his job anyways as the Happyland villain (Part-Time Partially Bad Guy). Machie proceeds to steal all the bananas from Joy, Dee Lite, and Plezure’s houses (No Bananas). Heroe, huddled in misery, doesn’t notice until Machie drops a banana peel on her head as he leaves. Examining the peel, Heroe discovers written on it a boastful confession of Machie’s crime. She realizes that this is her long-awaited problem and goes about interviewing the other Happyland residents for clues (It’s a Problem). She doesn’t gather many clues, since the neighbors never liked bananas anyways, but she discovers a trail of banana peels and decides to follow it (Solving a Problem). She finds Machie’s fruit-filled hideout and demands that he give the bananas back. He agrees, saying she’s defeated him (Part-Time Partially Bad Guy Reprise). At first Heroe is ecstatic, but upon nearing the Happyland neighborhood she realizes that she is once again without a problem (What Now?). Still, she brings the bananas back to Joy, Dee Lite, and Plezure. Here she discovers that the three neighbors don’t want the bananas and that in fact the bananas are a problem (A New Problem/No Bananas Reprise). Dee suggests that Heroe dump the bananas in the ocean, to which Heroe happily agrees. Joy points out that it will take years to reach the ocean. Heroe explains that that’s precisely why she wants to go — imagine problem-solving for years! Though the other Happyland residents don’t understand this at all, they are happy that Heroe is finally happy too. They all — even Machie — sing about their happiness (Here in Happyland Reprise).

The end!

I hope you enjoyed! I enjoyed writing it, after all. 😁

(And if you happen to be a completely insane songwriter/composer, please feel free to write music for this and send it to me. 😉)


Quarantine Activities Take 7 (most likely…?

Hi…? Remember me? I’m Genni. That YWI-er who doesn’t post consistently? (Be quiet, conscience) Yeah, that’s me… Sorry guys…😢

Anyway, this week’s post is pretty short, I don’t have a ton of time.

Here’s what we have so far ;

Take 1: outdoor activities

Take 2: read a new book (see here for ideas)

Take 3: prayer (weekly plan here)

Take 4: read your Bible

Take 5: listen to music (song list)

Take 6: craft project

TAKE 7!!!!!

-Do something kind-

Okay, I’m sure you guys are already nice people, but might as well do something extra, right? My suggestions are;

  • leave a gift for a neighbor (see take 6 – I’m too lazy to leave a link…XD)
  • Make a card for your mom
  • Do something special with a sibling (especially that thing they’ve been nagging you about for the past month)
  • Play a game over FaceTime/Zoom with grandparents

I hope you do at least one of these, who says you have to limit yourself?

And I’m quite serious, please try to do at least one Quarantine Activity. I will give you a shoutout if you tell me in the comments! And it helps me feel motivated to write these… You don’t want an unmotivated Genni, do you?

Bye for now!Genni

Rise of Skywalker: The Review

Hey! Menni here!

I finally buckled down and watched Rise of Skywalker, so I’m doing a review! (in case the title didn’t tip you off.) And I would like to give two disclaimers:


#2: If you adored this movie, please do NOT read this post. You will be liable to call curses down on my head.

Here we go!

First off:

What I Liked About It

This part is going to be hard to write. Erm…

There were a few good moments. Like… um…

Ooh! I did actually like this part! When Rey and Finn and Poe and C-3PO are all in the creepy underground cave, and Rey ignites her lightsaber and then Poe turns on his flashlight, and his expression is just PRICELESS… you know what I mean?

And it was funny when Poe asked Zorii if he could kiss her.


and the CGI was good?

OH! BEST MOMENT OF THE MOVIE! KYLO REN FINALLY DITCHED HIS PADDED OVERSHIRT!!! (seriously, that was driving me nuts since his first appearance)

And Rey’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber!!! #bestestever!


What I Didn’t Like

This should be much easier.

#1: They addressed literally NONE of the cliffhangers from Last Jedi. NONE!!! I mean,

End of Last Jedi:

Lightsaber: broken
Rose: almost dead
Resistance: literally just the Millennium Falcon and the people who fit inside it

Rise of Skywalker:

Lightsaber: magically fixed!
Rose: magically healed!
Resistance: suddenly several hundred people and almost that many ships!


The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary: What You Need to Know

You know, the three slave-ish children from the casino place Rose and Finn went to? And at the end of Last Jedi one of those kids OBVIOUSLY uses the force? WHY???

#3: Remind me HOW Palpatine has kids, again?

Ok, I’m gonna look up how they explained this… but SERIOUSLY, no record of him ever being married (or even having a lover of any kind). *I’ve looked it up now* …and yeah, we have no information whatever. It just happened. Somehow.

I thought they should’ve gone with Rey-Was-Cloned-From-Luke’s-Missing-Hand, which would’ve at least had SOME plausible explanation.

But I suppose that would’ve made Team Reylo people mad.

Moving on!

#4: Also, bringing Palpatine back in the first place was kind of desperate.

I mean… everyone likes poor conflicted Kylo Ren; therefore, he can’t die evil; therefore, there needs to be someone above him on the evil-power-ladder; therefore, LET’S BRING BACK THE EMPEROR!!!!!

#5: They don’t even address any cliffhangers from Rise of Skywalker itself

I for one would like to know what happened to Hux, and to all the Sith-cult people, and, and, and…

oookkaaay, my brothers say General Pride *can’t think of that name without laughing* shot Hux. I have literally no recollection of that at all. NONE. That’s how too-much-information-and-none-of-it-explained this movie was.

There are probably more things, but I’ll stop here.

Funny Things I Said Or Thought While Watching

hey, you made it through my rant! There’s more of that to come (sorry), but this next part is just funny.

italicized is what was happening onscreen
normal is what characters or I said

various closeup angles on a crystal-triangle thingy while whisper-sounds play
Me: It’s a Horcrux!
Me: It IS a Horcrux?!
*much, much later*
Rey: *To find Palaptine, we need a wayfinder like this one which is exactly like the thing Kylo Ren has*
Me: Awww… it’s not a Horcrux…

Rey, Finn, Poe, and C-3PO face down a ravenous beast
Rey: *makes Finn and Poe lower their blasters*
Me: Well, duh. We can’t ATTACK the ravenous beast! Let’s be nice to it instead! Poor thing’s just misunderstood, I’m sure…
*oh look it’s wounded*
Me: I knew it was only a matter of time before Jedi could heal things…
Rey: *heals ravenous beast*
Me: Called it!

the transport that Chewie was supposedly on explodes
Rey: CHEWIE!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Yeah, uh-huh. Rule of thumb for episodes 7-9: If you didn’t see their body, they didn’t die. THERE ARE ONLY SO MANY TIMES YOU CAN PRETEND TO KILL SOMEONE BY BLOWING UP THEIR SHIP!

Rey: *has vision of herself as an evil person*

Rey: *is the constant agrressor in her huge duel with Kylo Ren*
Me: This does not bode well for Rey’s mental state…
*slightly later*
Kylo Ren: *walks through the cloud of spray instead of flipping over it like Rey did*
Me: Because that makes your hair look sooooo much better…
*slightly later*
Rey: *kills Kylo while he stands weaponless staring off into the distance*
Me: Oh-kay, did NOT see that one coming. How are they going to redeem her NOW?
Rey: *ohmigosh what did I do*
Me: Oh right — the giant caterpillar-snake-spider thing! She’s gonna heal him!
Rey: *heals Kylo*
Me: Called it!
Rey: I wanted to take your hand — Ben’s hand.
Rey: *runs off towards Kylo’s ship*
Me: Buuuutt taking your ship will work just as well!

Kylo Ren: *is talking to his dead father*
Me: Is he hallucinating, or is Han a legitimate ghost?
MyBrother: I’ve never been sure…
Me: No halo around Han, so he’s gotta be hallucinating, right?
Me: You know, it’s probably a mark of an overdone movie when you can’t tell if a character’s hallucinating or talking to a ghost…

the First Order blow up Kijimi
Me: Awww… I liked Zorii and the tiny monkey guy!
*much later*
hey, they’re alive!
Me: What? They couldn’t even kill secondary characters?? They had no problem with that in Last Jedi! *sigh* I should’ve gone with my rule of thumb…

Kylo Ren comes into frame, dramatically, just in time to save poor overwhelmed alone-and-friendless Rey
Me: Wow… it says something about a movie when the best moment is the moment when the costume that’s been annoying you throughout the trilogy is FINALLY fixed…

Kylo: *falls into a statue*
Kylo: Ow.
Me: I knew I liked him!

Rey and Kylo are facing down the Emperor
MyBrother: They both die.
Me: Pfff, they wouldn’t do that.
*slightly later*
*Rey is facing the Emperor alone*
MyBrother: Rey dies.
Me: Not until I see her body.
Rey: *dies*
Me: Ooookkkaaaaaayyy…?
*Kylo’s hand*
Me: Oh right, the caterpillar-snake-spider thing! He’s gonna heal her!
MyBrother: And then he dies.
Me: Ok, sound plausible… BUT you also sound way to serious, so now I’m doubting you…
Kylo: *heals Rey*
Kylo: *stays alive and perfectly fine for long enough to kiss Rey*
Kylo: *dies*
Me: Wait… couldn’t she just heal him, and then when she dies he could heal her, and they could keep doing that over and over again-
Kylo: *dissolves into blue vapor*
Me: This fixed nothing — now the question is: why didn’t REY dissolve into blue vapor afterr dying heroically? Sheesh, every Jedi before AND after her has.
Me: Though, I suppose it might be the most diplomatic way to get rid of Kylo… now the Team Kylo-Is-Irredemable-And-Should-Die people are happy, and the Team Poor-Guy-Is-Just-Conflicted people are happy, AND the Team Reylo people are happy…
Me: But the flip side is: now NO group is totally happy. Because Kylo was redeemed, and then died, so now he’s neither evil nor Rey’s boyfriend. Hmmm.

*enormous fleet shows up*
MyBrother: Is that the Freemaker’s ship?
Me: Wait, IS it? Let’s go back and check after the movie’s done!
*we attempt to check by pausing repeatedly*
*this is harder than it sounds*
Me: *looks it up*
Me: Rats, no, it’s not. They did include the Ghost – and HA they had Han’s old freighter!

Rey: *ceremonially buries Luke and Leia’s lightsabers*
Rey: *has that awesome lightsaber from her evil vision, only in a non-evil color*
Me: Ok, semi-bad Rey… that lightsaber is AWESOME.

My General Review

This movie should be titled Fall of Star Wars, not Rise of Skywalker.

Honestly? The movie itself wasn’t that horrible… just overwrought and predictable and plotless — on par with Frozen II, if Frozen II was an action movie. (I personally thought F2 was HILARIOUS, by the way.) The problem here is that Star Wars used to be a GOOD thing. Which is why finally watching Rise of Skywalker makes me feel so GRRRGGHHHH!

Needless to say, I would not personally recommend the movie. Thanks for bearing with me!

Rise of Skywalker in One Word

Me: overwrought

Genni (who hasn’t actually seen it – this is based on what she’s heard): meh

Enni: betterthanlastjedibutthewholetrilogydiedbecausetheysoldtheirsoultodisneyso

MyBrother: interesting

MyOtherBrother: mediocre

MyOtherBrother (who is 8 and hasn’t seen the movie either): reasonable

MySister: disappointing

MyDad: adequate

MyMom: forgettable

Hope you enjoyed!

(and if you didn’t, you can’t say I didn’t warn you)


P.S. How the duel between Rey and Kylo REALLY started:

Kylo: *smashes wayfinder*

Rey: You smashed a Horcrux!

Kylo: It’s a wayfinder.

Rey: Horcrux!

Kylo: Wayfinder!



*and then they went into aggressive negotiations*

Quarantine Activities: Take 6 (I think? I’ve lost track…)

Zzzz….*snort*…. Wha…? Oh! Umm…. Hi? Sorry, fell asleep on post duty… I’m also late… Again…Sigh….


Hooray for PetMAMA!!!! She did activity 4: read your Bible!!!

And yes, I will give a shoutout to anyone who does comments that they did an activity… SO DO THESE PLEASE!!!

To update you;

Take 1: outdoor activities

Take 2: read a new book (see here for ideas)

Take 3: prayer (weekly plan here)

Take 4: read your Bible

Take 5: listen to music (song list)

Take 6: craft project

Did anyone catch how I snuck this week’s activity in? So sneaky…😁

“Sneaky glaciers…” anyone get that?

My suggested project is something I did through my Bible Study. They’re paper cone May baskets! Here’s the instructions;

Colored card stock (9 ¼” x 7”)

Ribbon (this is used as a hanger/handle)

Hole punch



Roll the paper into a cone (not a tube) and staple the tip and sides. Punch two holes and thread the ribbon through (you can either tie the ends together or knot each end). Go outside and pick as many flowers as you want! Take a small ziplock bag and place a (very) wet paper towel inside. Put the bag in the cone and the flowers in the bag. Hang the whole thing on a doorknob or sneak it to a neighbor’s house!

Have fun!Genni


Hello, people! This is Menni.

And I am here today to show you FUN WITH COLOR EDITING!!!

You see, I was slightly bored this evening, and since I was at the computer, I started fiddling around with my photos. It started innocently enough…

2020-05-12.png (1086×724)

The original… ^^^

2020-05-12.png (1086×724)

Now it’s spring! Or summer! Or something!

2020-05-12.png (1086×724)

Now it’s fall! Hmm… what else can I do with this?

2020-05-12.png (1086×724)


2020-05-12.png (1086×724)

Now it’s fall!

2020-05-12.png (1086×724)


2020-05-12.png (1086×724)


Then I may have gotten a little carried away…

2020-05-12.png (1086×724)

(no, the flowers were not red originally…)

2020-05-12.png (1086×724)

(guess what? the sea wasn’t purple either! 😱)

2020-05-12.png (1086×724)

(who got the reference?)

2020-05-12.png (1129×696)


2020-05-12.png (1086×724)

(it’s Clifford the Big Red Dog!)


Also, if anyone ever asks you “WERE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!” tell them “Omnēs quōs loquebās optimē intellegō.”

Which, according to Google Translate, means “All those best understands talk.”

(Actually, it means “I understand everything you said perfectly.”)

Hope you enjoyed!


The 1st SQUIRT GUN FIGHT of the year!!!

Hey people! This is Menni.

So, in case the title didn’t clue you in, this post is about THE FIRST SQUIRT GUN FIGHT OF THE YEAR!!!!!

At least, it’s the first for my siblings and I. See, we have this rule about NO water fights of any kind unless it’s 70 degrees or higher.

And today it was 75 degrees out! So, naturally, there was a squirt gun fight.

At some point, one of my brothers (the oldest one, but they’re all younger than me) agreed to get in the trampoline and stay there while the rest of us soaked him.

We did let him have a squirt gun.

But it wasn’t much use — you know how, if you shoot water through a trampoline net, it turns into useless mist?

So he got very, very, very wet.

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures. Let’s see if Google has an image of someone comparably soaked:


I suppose you’ll have to imagine it.

Or: if you have water guns (or just water) and a sibling, go get them wet until there are no dry spots on their whole body. Then you’ll know about what he looked like!

Aaaand then he wanted revenge.

So the next brother down and I agreed to take our turn in the Soaking Area.

BUT for a price! If he wanted to get US soaked, he had to let us dump an entire bucket of water on his head.

Have you ever tried to lift an industrial-size bucket full of water?

So we dumped a much-smaller pitcher of water on his head instead.

Then it was our turn to get wet.

We got very, very wet. Very wet. VERY wet.

If I was half smart, I would’ve put on a swimsuit beforehand.

But I didn’t, so my clothes got wet also.

Very wet.

I’m using the word very too many times. *thesaurus*

Extremely wet. Surpassingly wet. Prodigiously wet.

This post needs to be funnier.

Did I mention that we have rabbit trouble? And that my brother wants to develop some high-tech way to scare them off? Including an Ultrasonic Rabbit Counter to measure how many it scares?

That’s my brother all over. I mean, this is the guy who developed the self-sustaining-farm-falling-down-an-infinite-hole thing.

He’s famous for that.

I still need to be funnier, don’t I? Ummm…

I love this meme:

UPDATED: 25 Christian Memes That Are Funny Because They're True ...

It’s funnier than I am, right?

I hope some part of all that made you laugh. I think we could all use a laugh right now.

“Sometimes laughing helps me forget I’m scared. And sometimes it’s just because something is fun. I mean, this has been one of our more exciting adventures: pirates, sea monsters, this awesome hat…” -Prince Duncan of Sylvaria, The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw

If this post didn’t make you laugh (don’t know how that could happen), you should read The Hero’s Guide books. Because if anything can make you laugh, those will. They’re brilliant.



National Holidays Part Five!!!

Hello, people! This is Menni.

I know, I know, I’m late… it’s been an entire month… sorry…

*contrite face*

*really very contrite*

Anyhoo, here are some crazy holidays/holidays that made me think crazy things from the month of May!!

May Day (May 1)

I cannot think of this holiday without thinking “MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!! BAIL OUT!!!”

Watch rocket explode seconds after liftoff - CNN Video

Actually, you’re supposed to leave flowers on people’s doorsteps… and then run away! See? MAYDAY!!!

National Paranormal Day (May 3)

        denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.
Apparently, “Paranormal” is part of the title for several horror films. I would say you should celebrate this holiday by watching them, buuuut…. they kind of look awful.
Like, REALLY awful.

National Hoagie Day (May 5)

What on earth is a hoagie?

It’s a sandwich, right?

Yes, it’s a sandwich.

Is There a Difference Between Hoagies, Heroes, Subs, and Grinders ...

Something like a sub…

Why do we call sandwiches these things?

Vesak (May 7)

Apparently this is a Buddhist holiday… I’m including it because when I searched “Vesak” this was the first picture that came up:

and I was like WAIT RAPUNZEL IS BUDDHIST???? Who’da thunk it?

(Yes, I know there are other holidays that involve flying lanterns)

(I MEANT STARS I MEANT STARS please don’t kill me, Mother Gothel…)

World Migratory Bird Day (May 9)

At last, migratory birds are appreciated!

Even the flock of a thousand mighty geese…


This might actually BE a thousand geese:

Migrating snow geese are a beautiful sight but a scientific ...


National Limerick Day (May 12)

There once was a weird holiday

When people would jump up and say

“I like limericks!”

Then they hit me with sticks

Because I described it this way.

National Mimosa Day (May 16)

noun: mimosa; plural noun: mimosas
  1. an Australian acacia tree with delicate fernlike leaves and yellow flowers.
  2. a plant of a genus that includes the sensitive plant.
    a drink of champagne and orange juice.
     4. another name for the silk tree
Which one are we celebrating?
Let’s celebrate all of them! Sooo… you sit in a mimosa tree wearing silk while drinking a mimosa cocktail?

National Be a Millionaire Day (May 20)

UNLEASH Your Inner Money Magnet! ~ For Spiritual Women ...

🎶It’s rainin’ money, from out of the sky! Money, no need to ask why! Just open your, um… wallet… and close your eyes! It’s rainin’ money!🎶

*sorry I have younger brothers*

Towel Day (May 25)

Paper towels, bath towels, beach towels, hand towels, kitchen towels, tea towels, dog towels, owl towels…

Yes, owl towels.

Exhibit A: the typical owl towel

Owl Bath Towel Collection | Bed Bath & Beyond

Exhibit B) an owl made from towels (this one should properly be called a towel owl)

Washcloth owl | Etsy

Exhibit C) a towel used by owls

relax owl - Imgflip

Learn About Composting Day (May 29)

Composting: When you put all your organic trash in a tray with worms and the worms eat it.

Why would you do this, you ask?

Reason One: It gets rid of your trash (slowly)

Reason Two: You have new pets! Wormy, Wormy Junior, Wormy Senior, Jeff…

*thank you, you few people who though “meow“*

And thank you, all you people who read this post!

which is done now.

so done, in fact, I might even sign off.

any minute now.




*fast forward*





*wait was this the timer for signoff or for that giant bomb which I forgot to defuse when a supervillain left it on my desk?*


So Long TNT, There's a New Explosive in Town



Quarantine Activities Take 5

Hi y’all!

I should really have a more original entrance/greeting… Let’s try:

*cue dramatic music*


I don’t think that worked…Moving on!

You’re probably wondering what we’re doing this week, but before we begin I want to say….


Bad Genni! Bad, bad, bad!!!

Yeah….Where was I? Right… Take 5!

Drumroll please….









Did I do this last week too? How bout a change?











Better? No? Let’s try…











Still not content? I’m running out of punctuation…

Wait… Maybe you want to know what I’m actually getting at before I forget? 😱




DANCE PARTY!!!! Or not….

Okay, here’s my playlist! These are all songs I really like and I’ll also give you my favorite line!

  1. Center Stage – Zauntee – Hip hop

“Done with the pressure from the voice of the crowd. Abandon the script, turning it upside down”

  1. Born Again – Austin French – Christian Pop

“Now I’m set free, I know you showed up, turned the lights on”

  1. Fight Song – Rachel Platten – no idea? Pop? No… Contemporary? Closer…

“Like how a single word can make a heart open”

  1. Scars – TobyMac – Christian Pop

“When life cuts so deep try and remember you, you’re not alone”

  1. Believer – Imagine Dragons – Pop/Rock?

“Singing from heartache, from the pain. Taking my message from the vein. Speaking my lesson from the brain. Seeing the beauty through the pain!”

  1. Never Give Up – for King & Country (hereafter known as FK&C) – Contemporary

“Like lightning and the rainbow, like darkness and the day show, yeah the best is yet to come”

  1. Fanatic – Zauntee – hip hop

“His healing is amazing”

  1. Faded – Alan Walker – Pop

Not really any lyrics that work by themselves..

  1. Wholehearted – FK&C – Contemporary

“When what I have is not enough, won’t be broken-hearted”

  1. It’s You – TobyMac – Contemporary Christian

“It’s you, then everything else just falls in line”

  1. Walking the Wire – Imagine Dragons – Contemporary/Pop

“We could turn around or we could give it up, but we’ll take what comes”

  1. Together – FK&C – Contemporary/Pop

“Together we are dangerous, together with our differences, together we are bolder, braver, stronger”

Yay! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME IF a) you’ve listened to any of these bands b) you’ve listened to any of these songs or c) YOU DO ALL THE ACTIVITIES!!! Or, at least some of them…Pwease? 🥺🥺🥺 Enni And Menni, this goes for you too…



Quarantine Activities Take 4

Hi peeps!

Raise your hand if you’ve gone crazy yet: 🤪🙋🏼‍♀️

Congratulations if you haven’t! I sorta have? Who knows… Thank heavens for Zoom and other video call platforms, yes?

Anyway, I’m digressing (not that that’s unusual or anything…) what was I most likely going to talk about? Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (etc.)……


So far we’ve done;

1: Outdoor activities

2: Read A Book

3: Prayer

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do at least one of this series and PLEASE tell me what you did when you do it!!!! I’ll give you a shoutout….😁

Okay, down to business… This week is…















Why am I doing this?!?!







I’ll probably forget what I was doing by the time I finish this…












Read Your Bible

(Yay! I remembered!)

Essentially, just try to read at least one book of the Bible during the time you’re confined to your house! Or just read Psalm for however long it takes you to finish it! 😋

Have fun!

And Please Tell Me in the Comments If You Do This Or Any Of The Others!!!!!