Hey, people! Menni (and Enni and Genni, later on) here!


*my subconscious, influenced by sixteen years of easter services: He is risen indeed!*

That’s the important part of Easter. For your edification, here are some Bible verses about Christ’s resurrection:

(if you’re bored, stick with me – we will be our usual funny selves after I’m done with the serious stuff)

Now the first day of the week Mary Magdalene went to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb.  Then she ran and came to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved, and said to them, “They have taken away the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid Him.”

Peter therefore went out, and the other disciple, and were going to the tomb. So they both ran together, and the other disciple outran Peter and came to the tomb first. And he, stooping down and looking in, saw the linen cloths lying there; yet he did not go in. Then Simon Peter came, following him, and went into the tomb; and he saw the linen cloths lying there, and the handkerchief that had been around His head, not lying with the linen cloths, but folded together in a place by itself. Then the other disciple, who came to the tomb first, went in also; and he saw and believed. For as yet they did not know the Scripture, that He must rise again from the dead. Then the disciples went away again to their own homes.

But Mary stood outside by the tomb weeping, and as she wept she stooped down and looked into the tomb. And she saw two angels in white sitting, one at the head and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain. Then they said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping?”

She said to them, “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I do not know where they have laid Him.”

Now when she had said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, and did not know that it was Jesus. Jesus said to her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?”

She, supposing Him to be the gardener, said to Him, “Sir, if You have carried Him away, tell me where You have laid Him, and I will take Him away.”

Jesus said to her, “Mary!”

She turned and said to Him, “Rabboni!” (which is to say, Teacher).

Jesus said to her, “Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father; but go to My brethren and say to them, ‘I am ascending to My Father and your Father, and to My God and your God.’ ”

Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord, and that He had spoken these things to her.
(John 20: 1-18)

And now for your homework you can read Luke 24, Matthew 28, and Mark 16.

CHRIST IS RISEN!!! *He is risen indeed!*

Now, on to the funny part!

Earlier this week, Genni and I had a conversation that went like this:

GENNI: What are we doing for a YWAI Easter post?
MENNI: Ummm… how about if we go on a google doc and each write a bit and then comment on each other’s bits?
GENNI: Sure! Can we have a category for our bits? XD
M: Any suggestions?
G: Uh
G: Give me a sec
G: We did traditions last year
G: So maybe we could do
G: I tried….and failed 😔
M: *starts suggesting random categories*
G: Like a crazy Easter story from the past, favorite part (ONLY ONE), and an odd Easter fact? Sounds great!

So behold! An Easter post!

*we’re all our normal colors by the way*


Hmmm… I don’t really have any…
we usually frost and decorate cookies for Easter, and that leads to some funny incidents. The undecorated cookies are perfectly ordinary things like eggs and bunnies and crosses and ducks (YES ENNI DUCKS); AMAZING. but once they’ve been decorated… well, the death carrots glitter enticingly while a seasick duck tries not to barf and the Fire Bunny and the Ice/Water Bunny battle it out on a platter. I remember that one! Wasn’t it great? 😁 Yep. That’s what happens.
And this year we made an Easter “gingerbread house” (only we used sugar cookie dough instead of gingerbread). Everybody got to decorate one side, and I covered my side entirely with jelly beans like this: jellyhouse
I think it would be cool to do a whole house like that. Maybe next Halloween I’ll ask for one of those Costco-size tubs of jelly beans (honestly, that’s what we usually get), and I’ll just cover my ENTIRE HOUSE with that. Then you’ll invite us all over to eat it!! Totally XD
(the gingerbread house. Not my real actual wood-plaster-whatever-else-they-put-in-houses house. Just to make that clear.) Oh, that’s what I thought so I just assumed that it’d be a heck ton of jellybeans. XD wow Enni XD

Favorite Part:
CHRIST IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s kind of obvious, though, so I’ll add something else too. Despite Genni’s injunction to ONLY ONE.
(sorry, Genni) (I’ll get you for this…) (bring it on XD)
Anyways, my other favorite part is… WAAAAAH IT’S SO SAD REMEMBERING *sobs*
Ahem. Anyways, our church normally does an Easter Sunrise Service and then a giant breakfast afterwards. That’s my favorite part. I miss it… I miss that too…😢

*googles “odd easter facts”*
Umm… Easter is second only to Halloween in candy-purchasing (and, theoretically, eating).


We don’t really have any Easter traditions and hence I don’t have a lot of stories. However, this morning we DID go see the cherry blossoms at U.W. which were GORGEOUS and felt very Easter-y.

This moped happened to be parked perfectly photogenicly. (Is photogenicly a word? Well, now it is. Spelled “photogenically,” Enni dear.) wow, that’s a lot of photos (gorgeous, though. Like you said.) very much ditto to Menni.

Favorite part:
Uhhh the obvious which Menni already said, but besides that, I love the church services and oh, wait, EASTER MUSIC. It’s definitely a runner up for Christmas music. Ooh yes, EASTER MUSIC

Fun fact:
Americans eat about 1.5 million Peeps, apparently. Personally, I have never eaten one because I feel like a murderer staring into those black, marshmallowy eyes and then EATING THEM.
But they’re so goooood… You could always make your own peeps, and then they would not have eyes and you could EAT THEM! Melted Peeps are THE BEST. Trust me.


oookay, my story probably isn’t the craziest, but it’s close enough. To start off, I get an Easter dress every year and once (maybe four or five years ago?) I had three. The reasons behind this phenomenon were 1) we found a super cute one (white with yellow flowers 😍) but it wasn’t going to arrive in time, so my mom and I went to a thrift store and found another pretty dress (think flowy seashore ombre) *you’re so descriptive XD* *and I mean that in a good way* as a stand-in, but then i also got a third dress as an easter present. Wow. 😳

Favorite part (besides the obvious that has already been mentioned): 
Actually, it’s most likely the decorations. So pretty and colorful 🥰 oooh yes, the decorations!
It’s also awesome if I get to play my violin at church on Easter Sunday (IT’S HAPPENING!!!) woohoo! *claps* 

*copies Menni’s Google search*
Ah! While lamb is a common Easter dish, Ham is most prominent because it would have been cured through the winter and therefore ready to eat in spring. (I love them both 😁) I am not a ham person. As in, very much not a ham person. VERY much not a ham person. 
Have I mentioned that I am not a ham person?

One last thing: here is an Easter picture from the amazingly talented artist GENNI!! (drawn at my request)
GenniEasterBunnnySUCH TALENT 👏👏👏

And that’s that! Hope you enjoyed!

P.S. yes, I’m still using the same featured image as last year. And the year before that. And possibly even the year before THAT… I don’t remember…

The Great Playlist Swap Part 3//Genni’s Playlist

Hello all! Genni here. Hope you’ve been having a wonderful spring, albeit a wet one (at least here 😜). This week is my turn to post a playlist so here it goes! Oh, and for all of you patiently waiting, I SWEAR I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT LOST IN CAMDEN!!!! It’s a very, uh, slow process. I’ve never actually written a story of this depth before, and my life has been swamped by schoolwork. But enough excuses! I hope to have it done between two and three months from now!

Anyway, off to music land!

I am Menni and I will write in this color
And this is Enni who forgot to introduce herself 😁

Monster – Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber
Like: it talks about how Celebrities are all held up to ridiculously high standards and any mistake will be exaggerated and talked about for a very long time. Both of these artists were introduced to this at a young age, so it’s a perfect song for them.
Lyric: but what if I, what if I trip? And what if I, what if I fall? Then am I the monster? Just let me know.
Why I like it: same reasons as Genni #mindtwins
Favorite Lyrics: also same as Genni XD
Why I like it: I like the sort of dark, urban vibe it has and Shawn Mendes has a very pretty voice. 😛 so true…😁
Favorite Lyrics: same as Genni and Menni hehe

Ghost – Alan Walker and au/ra
Like: I wouldn’t call this a necessarily dark song, but it kinda is. I’m not sure what exactly I like about it. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Also, I would recommend all of Alan Walker’s music except for Ignite. It’s just slightly inappropriate.
Lyric: I’m just scared that I’ll end up/ I’ll end up, I’ll end up alone
Why I like it: ooh, this is a really beautiful song! Kinda techno-pop-y, but also kinda dark, but the music is SO PRETTY… I bet you like it because it would be an awesome song to dance to 😁 it’s surprisingly hard to, but still awesomely fun to 😉
Favorite Lyrics: “I say I’ll do better, but I always seem to disappear again”
Why I like it: This song gives me a similar energy to Monster. I definitely agree with everything that Menni said. 😛
Favorite Lyrics: And it haunts me that I have to be this way

Renegades – X Ambassadors
Like: It’s super catchy and ridiculously fun to dance to! It’s also not one of those songs with an amazing tune and THE WORST lyrics. I hate those ’cause then they get stuck in my head…😒
Lyrics: Go Forth and Have No Fear
Why I like it: another ditto to Genni XD (though it’s too fast for me to love to dance to it) Also, the skateboarder in their lyric video is impressive
Favorite Lyrics: same as Genni #stillmindtwins (Lyrics Most Likely to Get Stuck in My Head: “and I said hey, hey, hey, hey…”)
Why I like it: Oooooh I like this. It feels like skateboarding down the street in the summer–or maybe I’m just looking at the album cover, heh.
Favorite Lyrics: Run away-ay with me/Lost souls in revelry

Cardigan – Taylor Swift
Like: it’s all Enni’s fault I got into TS over the summer. 🤣 the music video for this is beautiful.
Lyric: and when I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone’s bed, you put me on and said I was your favorite. (I think that’s everyone’s favorite….XDD)
Why I like it: …yeah, Taylor Swift will never be my favorite, sorry… but I agree that the music video is BEAUTIFUL!
Favorite Lyrics: uh, yes, Genni, that’s probably everyone’s favorite XDD
Why I like it: Ahhhhh it’s so prettyyyyy and I love the symbolism and meaning in the lyrics–Taylor Swift has  knack for metaphors 😛
Favorite Lyrics: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO PICK. THEY’RE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL. But I love “when you are young they assume you know nothing” ooh yeah, forgot about that one 😁 and “you drew stars around my scars but now they’re bleeding”

Outsiders – au/ra
Like: I love how this song is about not letting others control your life, even if that means being an outcast. I’m all for anything like that (except for when it turns into ‘believe in yourself’ ‘follow your heart’ etc.) And I would recommend all of Au/Ra’s music. Idea is my least favorite, but it’s not a bad song.
Lyric: We might be the outsiders/But the in-crowd is so out right now
Why I like it: I agree with Genni (again XD).
Favorite Lyrics: ooh, tough decision… “our smiles are real, we don’t fake them”
Why I like it: I’ll start out with saying that au/ra has a really pretty voice.I agree with Menni that it gets the message across without being super cheesy. Her music definitely has an atmospheric vibe.
Favorite Lyrics: We don’t need good reputations

Wake Me Up – Avicii
Like: I don’t knooooow…. This poor song…
Lyric: Feeling my way through the darkness/Guided by a beating heart/I can’t tell where the journey will end/But I know where to start
Why I like it: WHY IS THE MUSIC SO HAPPY WHEN THE LYRICS ARE SO SAD (but somehow it works…) shocking, right?
Favorite Lyrics: ditto to Genni again
Why I like it: Oh, I remember watching the music video for this a long time ago out of context and being so confused. XD It gives me folksy, upbeat vibes and it’s very catchy.
Favorite Lyrics: I try carrying the weight of the world but I only have two hands

Don’t let me down – the Chainsmokers
Like: I have noooo idea. Is that acceptable?
Lyrics: uhhh, this looks really bad for this song, but none in particular. 😜
Why I like it: where have I heard this song before????? ARGH *ahem* I like it because it’s catchy but the lyrics aren’t bad
Favorite Lyrics “ooh, I think I’m losing my mind now, yeah” (because I CANNOT remember where I’ve heard this song before but I know I know it!!!)
Why I like it: All of Genni’s songs deffffffinitely have a similar energy. (Not that that’s a bad thing, of course 😉 ). It’s kind of too electronic-y for me (I don’t really listen to DJ music) but it’s still catchy.
Favorite Lyrics: Uhhhh no idea

Sunday Best – Surfaces
Like: it’s kind of a funny song. Apparently it took twenty minutes to write…🤣
Lyrics: feeling blessed, never stressed
Why I like it: I feel like if a bunch of “Precious Moments” figurines made a band this is what would happen XD (and now I have a hilariously weird mental image of a Precious Moments band…)
Favorite Lyrics: ditto to Genni
Why I like it: Why are the lyrics so peppy but his delivery so dry XD. To be honest, this isn’t a favorite. 😛 I’m not a huge fan of his voice. If it helps, I don’t like this as much as I used to 😂 it got old really fast
Favorite Lyrics: Gotta give your feet some gravity to keep them grounded

Stuck With U – Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber
Like: it’s a cute song inspired by Quarantine. 🥰😜
Lyric: none in particular
Why I like it: Ditto to Genni. I’m going to be dittoing Genni a lot XDD (and “dittoing” is totally a word now) oh totally XD
Favorite Lyrics: …ditto to Genni again… 😜
Why I like it: I normally don’t listen to Ariana Grande (or Justin Bieber, actually) gasp! How dare you! (I kid, I kid…), but I gotta say her voice is incredible. I love how chill it is and I can definitely see myself listening to this outside of this post. XD
Favorite Lyrics: So lock the door and throw out the key

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake
Like: what’s not to like? Catchy, fun, happy…
Lyric: got that hit song in my feet
Why I like it: ditto to Genni (I warned you XD) also the official music video is awesome yes it totally is!!!
Favorite Lyrics: “we’re flying up, no ceiling when we in our zone”
Why I like it: Ah, this is a fantastic song. Hype songs like this normally aren’t my favorites–I just like dancing and screaming the lyrics. XD
Favorite Lyrics: I always heard “got that hit song in my feet” as “got that good soul in my feet”…somehow the former makes way more sense. Just imagggiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeEEEEEEE.

Shake it Off – Taylor Swift (very mild language just to warn you)
Like: it shows the outside doesn’t prove the inside and you can’t let people bother you about that.
Lyric: I’m dancing on my own, I’ll make the moves up as I go. (Cause it’s literally what I do. 😂)
Why I like it: GAH I’ve heard this one before too!! But WHERE?? Maybe just on the radio??
Favorite Lyrics: “mm-mm, that’s what they don’t know, mm-mm”
Why I like it: Menni, I think everyone human in existence has heard this song. XD Except for at least ten people I could name 😂 This is a great jam and normally songs like this annoy me if overplayed, but I must have heard this a million times and I still love dancing to it. 😛
Favorite Lyrics: Ahhhh I don’t know 

Instrumentals: volume 1 – The Gray Havens
Like: While this is technically an album, I wanted to add it because this is my perfect school music. I have a hard time with lyrics and school, so I love these instrumentals. I’m also a huge GH fan so…😋 The funny thing is three songs are already instrumental in original form, but are labeled as “_____ Instrumental” in this album XD
Lyric: uhhhh I-n-s-t-r-u-m-e-n-t-a-l???
Why I like it: I don’t like it, I LOVE it!! XD this is my favorite album to listen to while exercising now
Favorite Lyric: …like Genni said…
Why I like it: Oooh, this IS amazing for studying!
Favorite Lyric: Yup

Sign of the Times – Harry Styles
Like: it has a very different feel to a lot of other music I listen to. It’s slower and more relaxed.
Lyric: why are we always stuck and running from the bullets?
Why I like it: WHY DO I KEEP RECOGNIZING THESE SONGS probably because they’re ‘popular’ 😜 this particular one was used by that really good skater (uh, Nina?)  for her routine last year. Ahhh now I remember
Favorite Lyrics: ditto to Genni yet again
Why I like it: I first heard this song through a cover, actually. 😛 the Sabrina Carpenter one?  It’s sort of sad (not sort of, definitely) but sort of comforting as well. Also, I love his voice and the piano. I feel like this and epiphany should be in the same playlist.
Favorite Lyrics: We never learn/We’ve been here before & We don’t talk enough, we should open up/Before it’s all too much

Be Kind – Marshmello
Like: I go through “artist obsession” stages and Marshmello was definitely one of them. 😜 I tend to lean towards upbeat music most of the time which was probably why I liked this song so much.
Lyric: none in particular (again 🙄)
Why I like it: I am getting such Sophitz vibes with this song XDD (you know how sometimes a song just makes you think of some fictional character? Like, Faded by Alan Walker is so very Sophie, and Impossible by Shontelle oh, those are good ones…  would be a perfect Alvar/Biana duet… maybe I should’ve said “some KOTLC character” XD)
Favorite Lyrics: “tell me why you gotta be so out of your mi-i-i-ind”
Why I like it: First of all, Halsey’s voice always sounds so flawless. It’s very upbeat and I like the message; it seems like somebody reassuring somebody else that they can trust them after a bad relationship.
Favorite Lyrics: I know it’s hard for you, but it’s not fair/Going sick in the head, tryna get you there 

Stay Happy – au/ra
Like: this is literally (and kind of sadly) my 2020 theme song.
Lyric: none in particular, which is odd considering how much I like this song 🤷🏼‍♀️
Why I like it: …this is now my 2020 theme song too…
Favorite Lyrics: “we hate to think about all the good times that we missed out on”
I’m stealing that…
Why I like it: The beat gives me lo-fi vibes. Also, the lyrics that Menni chose literally perfectly describe quarantine. 😛 It’s a bit too slow and sad for me, but I definitely appreciate the artistry.
Favorite Lyrics: My mirror says, “I don’t know you”, I say, “I don’t know me too” 

Epiphany – Taylor Swift
Like: this was another obsession song (that I shamefully forgot about until Enni reminded me 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️) I just love how it’s so simple, but heartfelt at the same time. I can relate to this song a little bit, for mostly private reasons, but I will say I’ve lost several important people in my life and that’s always hard.
Lyric: And some things you just can’t speak about.
Why I like it: …I want to hug somebody (preferably you 😜)…  SOCIAL DISTANCING, MENNI!!!! But, yeah, me too…😊😩
Favorite Lyrics: it would be ditto to Genni, but I’ve said that too often so “with you i serve, with you i fall down”
Why I like it: It’s so ethereal–the synth and layered vocal have a really soothing effect and of course, the lyrics are always wonderful.
Favorite Lyrics: Someone’s mother, someone’s daughter/Holds your hand through plastic now (or this is just the lyric that makes me cry the hardest?)
probably both and me too… me three…

And that’s it for today, folks! Have a wonderful week!


Enni’s Playlist//The Great Playlist Swap Pt. 2

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the second part of the playlist swap! Today, we’ll be looking at my songs and Menni and Genni’s reactions. Comment down below what your opinions are too. 😉

My taste in music is pretty different from Menni’s (since I only have a few musicals :P) and somewhat similar to Genni’s given the Taylor Swift content. 😉 Anyways, I loved doing this and please check out the first part right here.

  1. Writer in the Dark – Lorde

Why I like it: THE CHORUS IS SO GOOD. It’s sung with so much passion which makes it so gorgeous. 

I am Menni and I will write in this color

Why I like it: uhhh… well, I agree that the chorus is really good, but I can’t get over her grating voice 😛 sorry. *surprisingly, I’m more okay with it now that it’s been stuck in my head for days XD* Wow, normally the opposite happens. XD I know, right???

Favorite lyrics: same as Enni’s


Genni is me name and here we go!

Like: okay, I actually LOvE this song! It was only the other day I was singing it around the house 😜

Lyrics: same as M/E (me?)

  1. Buzzcut Season – Lorde

Why I like it: The lyrics pretty much flow like poetry. I love the longing this song has too.

Favorite lyric: I remember when your head caught flame/It kissed your scalp and caressed your brain & We ride the bus with our knees pulled in

Why I like it: I like it a lot better than the previous one but it’s tough to say why… probably because it’s (what’s the word I’m looking for) boppier? (totally a word)

Favorite lyrics: “And nothing’s wrong when nothing’s true”

I swear I read that “biscuit season”(🤣) at least three times… I absolutely love the background to this song! It’s so pretty!

Lyric: “So now we live beside the pool where everything is good”

  1. Be Calm – fun. 

Why I like it: I know this song from that one time my brother and I stayed up until 2am watching music videos and he introduced me to fun.. This song will probably put you off at first because it’s kind of bizarre but I love it because of that. 😛

Favorite lyric: Oh why, Oh why/Oh why haven’t you been there for me?

Why I like it: …wow… this was quite a song… I like the way the music is so connected to the lyrics

Favorite lyrics: “Take it from me I’ve been there a thousand times”

Like: for whatever reason, I like songs that start out almost Classical and then switch (sometimes drastically).

Lyric: “I’ve reclaimed the use of my imagination/For better or for worse I’ve yet to find.”

  1. At Last, The King – The Gray Havens

Why I like it: The melodies are just so pretty, you know? It’s relaxing to listen to. 

Favorite lyric: I will fall/But not to you

Why I like it: Yeah, this is a really pretty song 

Favorite lyrics: “In the quiet, in the dead of night, ‘glory, glory,’ sang the angels in the highest”

Like: I have this song memorized…😂 (along with nearly every other Gray Havens song in history XD)

Lyric: Same as Enni

  1. Sleep on the Floor – The Lumineers

Why I like it: This song is so soothing to me. I love the vibe it has and the depth portrayed. 

Favorite lyric: How do you pay the rent/Is it your parents

Why I like it: I don’t. (Sorry not sorry) The music is great, but… well, maybe I’ve been scarred by the music video, but the message behind this song is AWFUL

Favorite lyrics: Uhhh none?

Like: Sorry, not my favorite… I agree with Menni…

Favorite lyrics: Same as Menni 😂

  1. Cornelia Street – Taylor Swift (live)

Why I like it: The reason I chose the live version is because Taylor sings it with so much more passion and ahhhh. I love how personal it feels which is a big thing I look for in songs.

Favorite lyric: I’m so terrified of if you ever walk away 

Why I like it: Ok, Enni, I agree on the passion but still WHY THE LIVE VERSION??? (I have never been fond of live-version songs. They rank somewhere between audiobooks and movie subtitles in the Range of My Personal Preference.)

Favorite Lyrics: “That’s the kind of heartbreak time could never mend”

Like: I completely blame Enni for my previous TS obsession XD and I agree with Menni on the Live version thing (but I LOVE her other examples XD)

Lyric: We were a fresh page on the desk/filling in the blanks as we go

Okay, okay, you guys can just listen to the regular version. XD

  1. Hey, Soul Sister – Train

Why I like it: I have a lot of nostalgia from listening to this with my brother. 😛 It’s just a great pick me up and such a sweet 2000s bop. 

Favorite lyric: I knew I wouldn’t forget you/And so I went and let you blow my mind

Why I like it: Awww, it IS such a sweet 2000s bop! This is probably my favorite out of your songs so far, Enni XD (though you have some other really good ones)

Favorite Lyrics: Same as Enni’s

Like: WHERE THE HECK HAVE I HEARD THIS BEFORE?!?!? I love it, btw. 🥰

Lyric: Same as M/E 

  1. The Red Vineyard – Starry

Why I like it: Starry the musical is so good in general – it’s beautifully written. This song has so much hope and yearning in it that I love.

Favorite lyric: Hold on, Vincent/You’ve carried me more than you’ll ever know

Why I like it: Ditto to Enni 

Favorite Lyrics: “A life spent learning to walk, finally learning to run”

Like: I’m not well versed in musicals, but this was sweet 😊. Also, is this music about Vincent Van Gogh? Random guess… XD yes it is

Lyric: Same as Menni

  1. Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

Why I like it: The vocals are hauntinggggggg. I love the lyrics and it’s a sweet song — it feels like something two people would sing to each other. 

Favorite lyric: “I know you will, I know you will”

Why I like it: Wow, the music is really dramatic. I do like it though. (oddly, it sounds to me as though it should be part of a movie soundtrack XD)

Favorite lyrics: “Will you still love me when I’ve got nothing but my aching soul?”

Like: I like haunting/creepy music 😈 this ain’t creepy, but it sure is haunting…

Lyric: Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful?

  1. Epic I – Hadestown

Why I like it: Hadestown is probably one of my top favorite musicals of all time I love it ahhh. It’s so exquisitely written and the music really feels like it’s out of another world. I picked this song because I love the melody and REEVE CARNEY’S VOICE.

Favorite lyric: La la la la la la la la (XD)

Why I like it: Ooh, I love Hadestown!!! 

Favorite lyrics: Same as Enni XD

Like: What’s Hadestown? XD what cracks me up about musicals is the singing conversations 🤣

Lyric: I’ll just go with everyone else… (that’s not a lyric, it’s a comment 😆)

  1. Call It What You Want – Taylor Swift

Why I like it: I love the themes of having to work past your reputation to focus on love and how personal it is. Also, it has an incredibly calming effect and atmospheric vibe. (Also I love the lyric video XD)

Favorite lyric: Trust him like a brother, yeah you know I did one thing right/Starry eyes sparking up my darkest night

Why I like it: Normally I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan, but I actually like this song! The music’s great and like Enni said the themes are good

Favorite lyrics: “I brought a knife to a gun fight” (because it makes me think of that Indian Jones scene XDDDD)

Like: Wow, Menni. We need to get you into more TS… right Enni?

Lyric: They took the crown, but it’s alright

  1. Shadows of the Dawn – The Gray Havens

Why I like it: This song is filled with so much hope that really hits me. 

Favorite lyric: I’ll shine as bright as the sun/And these roads that I’ve run, will be wise

Why I like it: I like Gray Havens in general, and this is one of my favorites because I love how the music gets gradually faster and more complicated but slows down again for a gentle end. (does that make any sense?)

Favorite lyrics: “Its grace went through me like a sword and came out like a song”

Like: It’s Gray Havens. Need I say more?

Lyric: Same as Menni

  1. Carry On – fun.

Why I like it: Ahhhhh I love this song. It’s such a pick me up and really expresses a feeling of yearning. I like how the lyrics aren’t cheesy stuff like “never give up and believe yourself ✨✨!”

Favorite lyric: Whoa, my head is on fire, but my legs are fine/After all, they are mine

Why I like it: Oooh, this is a fun song. I agree with everything Enni said XD (and I think I must be getting a sense of which songs have “Enni” vibes, because this one totally does)

Favorite Lyrics: “We are not shining stars/This I know, I never said we are”

Like: It really is an ‘Enni Song…’ 😁

Lyric: Same as Enni

  1. Drink With Me – Les Mis

Why I like it: This is my favorite song from Les Mis because the melodies are just so lovely and the amount of emotion they manage to convey. Also Marius is a diva.

Favorite lyric: Will the world remember you when you fall/Could it be your death means nothing at all

Why I like it: It took me FOREVER to find the right version of this song (I listen to the International Cast) *ahem* anyways, I love Les Mis, so naturally I love this song XD The whole musical is just so genius and full of emotion and forgiveness and awesome music. (And also Enni’s right, Marius is a diva XD)

Favorite lyrics: ditto to Enni

Like: From what I’ve gathered, Les Mis is really good. Don’t know what it’s about, but…XD child you must listen to it, it’s beyond great yes, my queen.

Lyric: Ditto to y’all 😋

  1. New Year’s Day – Taylor Swift

Why I like it: This one reminds me a lot of Cornelia Street with the themes of commitment. I love, again, how it’s so personal and how it talks about staying with another person through it all.

Favorite lyric: Don’t read the last page/But I stay when you’re lost, and I’m scared, and  you’re turning away

Why I like it: Hm… I didn’t DISlike it… I agree with Enni about the themes, but the music is just “eh” (sorry, Enni XD)

Favorite lyrics: “Please don’t ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere”

Like: It’s so relaxing…..😴😴😴

Lyric: Same as Menni

  1. marjorie – Taylor Swift 

Why I like it: Ahhhh I had so much trouble picking the last song. It was between it’s time to go, mirrorball, and this one. (So you should listen to those two too :P) I’ve literally changed this three times. XD I ultimately picked marjorie because I feel the lyrics are something everyone can relate to. It really hits personally — I think we all have that person we wished we treated better. Also! This song is about her grandmother who died which I think is so sweet. ❤

Favorite lyric: Never be so kind, you forget to be clever/Never be so clever, you forget to be kind

Why I like it: Awww, that is such a sweet and relatable song

Favorite lyrics: Ditto to Enni 

(I think it’s kinda funny that you wanted to put on ‘it’s time to go’ when what you loved about ‘new year’s day’ was the themes of commitment XD)

Like: I legit cried the first time I heard this song…😢😢😢 That grandmother also inspired her career, which is super sweet.

Lyric: What died didn’t stay dead/ you’re alive in my head

They actually used her grandmother’s old recorded vocals in the background of the last chorus! Really??? Wow, I never noticed that… now I love this song even more 😄

Phew, that’s it with that! I hope that you enjoyed reading that and please-let us know if you’ve heard any of these songs/will listen to them and what you think! Make sure to check next week for the final installment: Genni’s post. 😉 

The Great Playlist Swap!!

Hey, people! Menni here. And with me in spirit are Enni and Genni!!! *applause*

Genni’s Spirit: Thank ye, thank ye… *bows clumsily and falls over*
Enni’s Spirit: XD
Me: okay, on to the post!

So, each of us made a fifteen-ish song playlist (surprisingly, no songs were repeated!), and wrote down (typed up, really *why is it write down but type up???*) *ahem* and typed up why we liked the song and what our favorite lyric was. Then we listened to each other’s playlists and wrote down why we liked/favorite lyric of each other’s songs!!! It was actually quite fun.

I’m literally listening to a compilation of the three playlists on shuffle right now XD

This’ll be a three-post series (one for each playlist), we will each write the post for our own playlist, and I have made the executive decision that we’ll start with mine! Are you excited yet? Oh good. Here we go!

(we wrote all this out on a Google Doc beforehand)

(also, I’m gonna link each song’s title to a YouTube video of the RIGHT version)

Playlist Swap – Menni’s Playlist

Most of what I listen to are musicals (though I do listen to other stuff), so to make this playlist a manageable size I’ll stick to musicals. And I’ll only do one song from each show. This is gonna be hard. Here we go!

*these are not in any particular order*

First Steps First — Bandstand

Why I like it: hmmm… well, I like the whole musical… I honestly couldn’t say why I picked this as my one song for Bandstand. Probably because “Right This Way” seemed too dramatic.
Favorite Lyrics: “Starting is daunting, true, trusting in something new…”

This is Enni!
Why I like it: I LOVE the swingy vibe to it! It’s a lot of fun, but I don’t think it’d be a favorite.
Favorite lyric: Same as Menni

I am Genni and I hereby claim this color.
Why I like it: okay, this was HILARIOUS! I really like musical soundtracks that have that interluding conversations. 😁
Favorite lyrics: anything from said conversation XD

What Is This Feeling — Wicked

Why I like it: it’s funny and catchy and really fun to sing.
Favorite Lyrics: sheesh that doesn’t really work with this song… “There’s a strange exhilaration in such total detestation. It’s so pure, so strong!”

Why I like it: To be honest, I’ve kinda heard Wicked too many times by now. 😛 BUT this is a super fun song to sing –it’s just not I’d listen to regularly.
Favorite lyric: “For your face” “Your voice!” “YOUR CLOTHING!” 

Why I like it: mostly ditto to Menni 😜
Favorite lyric: ”for you see my roommate is unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether impossible to describe.”
Ooh, that should’ve been MY favorite lyric XD

Learn To Do It — Anastasia

Why I like it: it’s funny and catchy and really fun to sing XD
Favorite Lyrics: ANYA: I feel a little foolish… am I floating? DIMITRI: Like a sinking boat.

Why I like it: I like Anastasia but this isn’t a favorite for me–personally, I find the chorus off but I can see why you’d like it. 😛
Favorite lyric: Same as Menni XD

Why I like it: 1. It reminds me (in a weird, offhanded way) of The False Prince 2. It’s slightly confusing cause I don’t know the story 😆 Still Funny, though!
Favorite lyric: Same as Enni 😂

Seize the Day — Newsies

Why I like it: the music and lyrics are both really good
Favorite Lyrics: all of them XD “Once we’ve begun, if we stand as one, someday becomes somehow, and a prayer becomes a vow”

Why I like it: Oh, this song is so catchy. 😛 Honestly, I think I’ve listened to Newsies a bit too much too–I had a phase where I listened to it over and over again for a few weeks. But I do love this song.
Favorite lyric: “Proud and defiant, we’ll slay the giant” 

Why I like it: okay, I’ve only ever heard King of New York (which I loved!),but this was super fun too! I like how it started out really (really really really really) slow and then suddenly sped up.
Lyric: “wrongs will be righted if we’re united!”

High Adventure — Aladdin

Why I like it: it’s funny and catchy and really fun to sing (I think I’m seeing a pattern here…)
Favorite Lyrics: “Weapons?! Oh, geez. Couldn’t we just send a, uh, strongly worded letter?”
I wrote a parody of this one… XD

Why I like it: Oh, this is fun. XD It’s an exciting song though it runs long for me.
Favorite lyric: “Danger to danger we go flying” 

Why I like it: okay, I actually loved the live action movie! I’d never seen the animated one, but I’m so in love with the new one! Someone tell me to quit talking about the movie and move on to the song… (and also onto the fact that this is the MUSICAL)
Favorite lyric: same as Menni, but with the added “Seriously?”

It’s Quiet Uptown — Hamilton

Why I like it: the music and lyrics are both really good (yep, definitely a pattern)
Favorite Lyrics: “There are moments that the words don’t reach… there’s a grace too powerful to name…”

*this song is totally clean, Genni, so you should be able to listen to it. It’s okay if you can’t though, just skip it if you have to.*

Why I like it: Wahhh this song makes me want to cry. :,( It’s very sweet and gorgeous.
Favorite lyric: “You hold your child as tight as you can/And push away the unimaginable” 

Sorry, no Hamilton. I’m sure it’s great!
Sorry 😬

Drive — The Lightning Thief

I love this musical! It’s like the total reverse of the Percy Jackson movies. A must listen for all Percy Jackson fans!!
Why I like it: it’s funny and catchy and really fun to sing
Favorite lyrics: “We ain’t got no time for moping When we’re working and we’re coping So pedal to the metal and drive!”

Why I like it: Ahhhh I love this song. It has a campy vibe…which definitely makes sense. I would listen to this on road trips because being chased by monsters is such a pet peeve when we go on those you know? It does feel a bit over-extended.
Favorite lyric: “Stay ahead, stay ahead, and stay aliiiiiiiiiiive” 

Why I like it: Wow, it’s been ages since I read the book… This is definitely my favorite song so far! And I’m 99% certain Menni’s played it for me before. I probably have 😜 
Favorite lyric: the part with the ’chihuahua’ 🤣🤣🤣

Stars — Les Miserables

How do I pick just one???
Why I like it: it’s Les Mis, people, come on
Favorite Lyrics: good grief I don’t know

Why I like it: The passion in this song kills me. It’s so beautiful but also sort of sad considering the rest of Javert’s life.
Favorite lyric: He knows his way in the dark/But mine is the way of the Lord

Why I like it: IT’S SO PRETTY
Favorite lyric: “Stars, in your multitudes, scarce to be counted, filling the darkness with order and light.” 

Song of the King — Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Another great musical XD
Why I like it: this is my favorite stand-alone from Joseph because PHARAOH AS ELVIS??? It’s just hilarious.
Favorite Lyrics: all of them 

Why I like it: FINALLY a musical I’ve listened to!!! It’s really all my fault…XD
The first time I heard this I literally went, “What. The. Heck???”
Favorite lyric:  dunno… Ditto to Menni?

Why I like it: Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the infamous Cats and apparently the cars equivalent of Cats? So, I had no idea what to expect from this song. XD This song made me laugh out loud. 😛 Honestly, I kinda like it. It’s definitely very Elvis-y.
Favorite Lyrics: Oh gosh, I don’t even know

No One Is Alone — Into the Woods

Why I like it: it’s just such a sweet song
Favorite Lyrics: “You move just a finger, say the slightest word; something’s bound to linger, be heard”

Why I like it: The lyrics remind me of You Will Be Found. It has a relaxing melody and I really enjoyed listening to it, but I probably wouldn’t pick it on my own. 😛 The harmonies, though, are beautifulllll.
Favorite lyric: Mother cannot guide you

Why I like it: is this a Hansel and Gretel musical? Random guess… I love how there’s a song called Careful My Toe 😜😜. And I think I’ve heard the finale before…
Favorite lyric: same as Menni
Wait, Johnny Depp was in the movie version??? I had no idea!!
Apparently he’s the Wolf… ooh, I bet he was good…
That’s what I say!

Seasons of Love — Rent

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MUSICAL, THIS IS LITERALLY THE ONLY GOOD SONG IN IT *ok, I’ve never listened to it myself, but I have this on good authority*
Rent is a very *ahem* adult musical, and not even a very good one from what I’ve heard, but the opening song is AMAZING
Why I like it: it’s just a great song.
Favorite Lyrics: “How do you measure, measure a year? In daylights, in sunsets, In midnights, in cups of coffee, In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife, In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes…”

Why I like it: This is definitely a great song objectively and I loved it the first time I heard, but then I heard it about 100 times more which sort of messed it up for me. Still! It’s a good one.
Favorite Lyric: Same as Menni 😛

Why I like it: is this the musical your mom was “ranting” about? I think mine was too….
Favorite lyric: oh, definitely same as Menni
The one that VillageTheatre did a “Junior” version of? Yep.
Yeah that was weird…

Mamma Mia — Mamma Mia

I’ve never actually listened to the whole musical, but this song is super fun.
Why I like it: it’s really catchy and the music is good
Favorite Lyrics: “Mamma mia, here I go again” 😉 

Why I like it: I’ve only heard the original ABBA song–this one feels a bit more…enthusiastic? XD I can’t imagine Meryl Streep singing this, though–that just makes me want to laugh, hehe.
Favorite lyric: My my, how can I resist ya? 

Why I like it: why does the phrase “Mamma Mia” actually freak me out?!? I don’t get it…
Favorite lyric: I don’t know…

When I Grow Up — Matilda

Why I like it: It’s so cute and hopeful and awwww 😊
Favorite Lyrics: “when I grow up, I will be brave enough to fight the creatures that you need to fight beneath the bed each night to be a grown-up…” 

Why I like it: I meant to listen to all of Matilda but I think I dropped off half-way. But I agree, this song is super sweet and adorable. ^-^ I kind of love it. 😛 (Not kind of, I definitely do.)
Favorite lyric: Yeah, I love Menni’s. 

Like: I just got When I Grow Up by NF stuck in my head… COMPLETELY different… Wait, this is a Roald Dahl?!? AWESOME!! I died laughing…
Lyric: basically anything..XD

You Will Be Found — Dear Evan Hansen

Not my favorite musical ever, but it has some really good songs, this being one of them.
Why I like it: It’s sweet without being sappy and I love the music
Favorite Lyrics: “Even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you, when you’re broken on the ground, you will be found”

Why I like it: This isn’t my favorite song for DEH mostly because…I…mayhavehearditjustfifteentoomanytimessorry. XD apparently you need to learn when to STOP listening to songs, because you’ve said this a lot… Very true…people will also sing it a lot. XD
Favorite lyric: Yeah I think that’s the only set of lyrics that could be your favorite right XD

Favorite lyric: Dittoing Menni 😁
You probably heard it from Katie *a friend of ours* XD she loves Dear Evan Hansen

Day By Day — Godspell

This musical isn’t bad but it isn’t great either. This song, on the other hand, is great!
Why I like it: because we were listening to “50 great musical numbers” and suddenly I realized that a song was playing whose lyrics went like this:
Favorite Lyrics: “Oh, dear Lord, three things I pray: to see Thee more clearly, love Thee more dearly, follow Thee more nearly, day by day”

Why I like it: I have no idea what the context of this song is but it’s really relaxing! I definitely agree with the retro-ness. I like it a lot!!
Favorite lyric: Same to Genni and Menni. XD

Why I like it: it sounds like a song from the 50s…😂
Favorite lyric: probably ditto to Menni.

All for You — Seussical

I love Seussical.
Why I like it: it’s hilarious. Plus I like Gertrude.
Favorite lyrics: “It’s taken all my courage to approach you, not to mention all my stamina to follow you across the hills and deserts…”

Why I like it: I’ve never actually listened to all of Seussical which…I should probably do. This song makes me smile. 😀 (And laugh.) It’s also pretty catchy.
Favorite lyric: Oooh, I have no idea but I like what Menni picked. 😛

Why I like it:  I literally cracked up while listening to this 🤣🤣🤣
Favorite lyric: same as Menni (for the last time!)

And there you go! Hope you enjoyed!


The Story That Wouldn’t Die

Hey, people! Menni here.

So, you recall the Adventures in the Enchanted Forest series I did a few weeks ago?

(If not, BWAHAHAHAHA I have tricked you into getting involved! Here are the links to those posts, which you had better read before you proceed any further with this one: Part 1: Enni, Part 2: Genni, Part 3: Together, Part 4: Coronation, Part 5: THE END!!!)

Anyhoo, now that we’ve got that out of the way, Enchanted Forest is back! Because it WILL NOT DIE. I mean, I had trouble aplenty keeping in to five posts when I had originally thought it would be one! And THEN GUESS WHAT HAPPENED??? My (adorable and wonderful) youngest brother – who we call Buddy Boy – decided that HE really wanted to go to the Enchanted Forest. He’s such a huge fan of my work, it’s really cute. (Of course, he also decided to like D. Fowl *my publishing agent – check out this post* who I invented SOLELY to be annoying. Sigh.)

…where was I? Oh, right! Buddy Boy wanted to go to the Enchanted Forest! So of course I had to say yes, and here we go again.


Adventures in the!

Enchanted Forest!


My Brothers!

Buddy Boy!

And Bobcat!

(who got roped into it!)

Buddy Boy

*uses a trazing kit that he is borrowing from Genni’s younger brother (who theoretically is borrowing it from Genni)*

You find yourself right outside the castle!

I walk inside

You are stopped by a footman. “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

“I plan to meet the prince and princess. I am the brother of a friend of their friends.”

“How very… plausible,” the footman says, in a tone that implies he thinks it is anything but.

“I can tell you their names AND the prince’s name.”

“Uh-huh,” says the footman. “Everyone in the kingdom knows the prince’s name AND the names of anyone fortunate enough to be his friend.”

“are you married to Rose Fairy?”

“No,” the footman says frostily. “I am most. Assuredly. Not.”

“Well, could I talk to the prince or princess? If not, I will stand here until midnight and you throw me in jail.”

“Go ahead.” The footman looks as if he will really let you stand there until midnight (and then throw you in jail).

“Well, I would freeze to death!”

“It’s high summer,” the footman says derisively. “You won’t freeze.”

“Well, I would still stay here until winter.”

“I would throw you in jail long before then.”

“Well, you would have to bring me to the royal family to see whether or not I went to jail.”

“Who’s going to jail?” Zajki rumbles, swooping down from the sky.
The footman snaps to attention. “Sir! Dragon Zajki… mophi?… uh… sir!”

“His name is Zajkighoeklmsoneiqeutrihsinfmeirutredduclomnupzer!”

The footman is impressed. “Yes, exactly!”
“VERY interesting,” Zajki rumbles

“exactly, I also wanted to visit the Library to do research to write a book about Zajki’s adventures with Genni.”

“Why would the library help you?” Zajki asks.

“Well, I believed that a book would be there, documenting the adventure. or, there would be a book about writing a book!”

“All right, then,” Zajki says, looking amused. “You may come in.”

I walk into the reception chamber.

Queen Samarsa is there. “Why, hello!” she exclaims. “Who are you? Have you heard the news? There’s lots of news!”

“no, I’m a visitor, a friend of Genni, and my sister is a friend of Enni”

“How lovely! Such wonderful girls! You know, I wanted them to marry my son… but he IS married, and that’s what matters! To such a nice girl, too! And have you heard the news?”

“no, and could I meet your son and his wife?”

“Certainly!” the queen exclaims. She sends a hummingbird away with the appropriate message. “Such a wonderful son he is! And such a nice wife he has! Have you heard the news?”

“no, what’s the news?”

“Commie and Anderton are expecting twins!!! It’s so wonderful!! They’re so wonderful!!! Isn’t it wonderful?!?!”

“amazing! how soon?”

“In six months. Isn’t it so wonderful?!?! It’s perfect!!! So wonderful!!! Have I mentioned how wonderful it is??”

“Yes! it is very wonderful.”
I send for the footman to bring lunch.

A footman promptly appears bearing several large trays of sandwiches, cookies, fruits, and vegetables.

I pick up a grilled sandwich and a cookie while waiting for Commie and Anderton.

The cookie and sandwich are very delicious.

I ask the footman if there is a dessert and milk. 

“Certainly, sir,” the footman says. He walks off and comes back with a pitcher of milk (and some cups) and a tray of baked alaska.

I thank the footman and take a drink of milk and a bite of baked alaska

The queen also takes a serving of baked alaska. “Isn’t this delicious? So perfect! Everything’s perfect! Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, queen Samarsa”

“Yes!” The queen is beaming. “I’m so glad you agree! Isn’t everything perfectly wonderful?”

“Yes” while picking up a sword (wooden) and shield and practicing with them .

The queen just keeps rhapsodizing about how wonderful everything is.

I slash a chandelier with the sword

The queen says “Oh, too bad, oh well! It’s just a small misfortune, when everything is so wonderful!”
Several footmen enter and begin cleaning up the broken chandelier. One of them casually removes your sword and shield.

I say sorry to the footmen and go out to the bathroom. Seeing Bobcat I grab a throwing knife and rush to the archery range.

to which Bobcat (they were both adventuring at this point) said “wow, it sounds like he’s going to murder me.”

to which I probably said something like “DON’T I WISH”

keep reading to find out why!


(who said he wanted to go somewhere exciting)

You find yourself suddenly in a dark, dangerous-looking forest, surrounded by witches. They are arguing over what to turn you into. “FROG!” “NEWT!” “FLY!” “BUTTERFLY!” “Butter!” “HORSE!” “dog!” “Statue!” “STICK!” “really ugly giant ten feet tall with crooked teeth and a wart on the end of his nose!” The other witches give her strange looks.

After carefully counting the number of witches, I casually pick a sword from the ground and behead all five witches.


The sixth witch, who you didn’t see because she was hiding, screams and teleports you to a NEW part of the dark and dismal forest. Now you are surrounded by a pack of rhinodiwolves. (Which, by the way, are giant wolves WITH ARMORED SKIN THAT CAN BE PIERCED BY NOTHING EXCEPT POWERFUL MAGIC) (and you are not magic)

I ask the rhinodiwolves if they are powerfully magic

They growl and close in.

I jump on the back of a rhinodiwolf and quickly break it to my will, using it to slay EVERY rhinodiwolf in the forest

Bobcat: You never said I couldn’t…
Me: a mistake I don’t intend to duplicate

It took you more than a year of constant riding and slaying. You are extremely hungry and thirsty and desperately need food and water.

In my journies I have found a bow, a quiver of arrows, and flint and steel and use them to kill and eat a rabbit (which taste like chicken and are not poisonous) and slake my thirst from a nearby spring (also not poisonous)

Your tame rhinodiwolf, annoyed by your misspelling of “journeys,” turns against you! (NONE of your belongings OR anything that you could reach quickly enough is powerfully magical. The rhinodiwolf cannot be retained — they may not be very smart, but they know their spelling, and such errors are unforgivable! Rhinodiwolves are deadly when offended by such errors. They cannot be trapped, knocked out, drowned, poisoned, suffocated, killed by heat stroke, burned, or otherwise harmed by anything harmed in your possession.)

I jump in the stream and swim all the way out of the Dark, Dismal forest and get out of the spring right next to the house of the amiable river fairy and ask her to banish the rhinodiwolf

The river fairy screams and flies away at top speed. The rhinodiwolf swallows you whole before you can do anything else. (Their internal organs are also unpierceable except by powerful magic.)

I scream so loud every fairy in the forest hears it and all the nice ones fly to my aid

The fairies, figuring the poor screaming person is already dead, banish the rhinodiwolf back to the dark dismal forest with you still inside his belly.

I climb up through his throat and force with brute strength, jump into a spring and swim to the fairies forest, taking a quick bath on the way

Nothing happens.

I walk to a kind, generous fairy’s house (very carefully staying from the Dark, Dismal forest) and ask for the following things:

  1. To be able to turn into any animal at will
  2. To be able to control/breathe under water
  3. To be able to fly
  4. To be able to grow/shrink plants at will            

The fairy (Romance Fairy) blushes and giggles and flirts with you instead of answering. (She has NOT done any of things you asked)

I go find another kind, generous fairy and ask for the same 4 things and Romance fairy does NOT do anything to me

The fairy (Caramel Fairy) blushes and giggles and flies away instead of answering. (She does NOT do any of the things you asked either.)

I pick up a genie bottle (conveniently right next to me) and demand those same 4 things, cleverly combining them into 1 wish

The genie bottle has already been emptied and a troublesome impe has taken up residence. He is annoyed at your demands and teleports you to the nearest rhinodiwolf, which of course is the one that already ate you, as it’s the only one left. The imp also TAKES AWAY ALL YOUR WEAPONS AND EVERYTHING YOU OWN (except your clothes) (BUT this does include your glasses and you can’t see better here than you could on earth.) There is NOTHING on the ground nearby or ANYWHERE that you could POSSIBLY reach before the rhinodiwolf eats you (and this time he will be sure to chew you first.) You are still not powerfully magic (or magic at all) AND WILL NEVER BE unless you can reach Commie and Anderton in the palace which is hundreds of miles away through very dangerous terrain. (The imp also made you of ordinary strength for your age.) You cannot teleport between the dark&dismal forest and the Enchanted Forest. Nor can anyone else teleport you there, nor are there any creatures you can ride, nor can you run fast enough to get there in less than two years (and you cannot cross a period of more than one month without letting me add a scenario). And remember that the rhinodiwolf is about to eat you, so that had better be your first concern.
*bobcat: ok, ok, I get the point already*

Remembering that rhinodiwolves are obedient to a fault, I order him to leave me alone and go home.

Tough luck – grammatical/spelling mistakes trump EVERYTHING for rhinodiwolves. The rhinodiwolf growls and lunges at you. (I would like to remind you that you have ZERO assets of ANY kind – not even a wheelbarrow. Also, besides the vision plant you just mentioned and the adverse effect of the imp’s curse, you have NOT physically changed at all during your travels – except for growing a bit in the normal fashion.)

I make it to the Palace of the Enchanted Forest


The thing you used to get yourself there in less than a month backfires and you find yourself suddenly at the bottom of the DEEP DARK OCEAN (which borders the dark&dismal forest on the side opposite to the Enchanted Forest). The ocean is 200 miles deep. You get to survive the pressure because it’s an evil ocean and it wants to kill you slowly by drowning you. You cannot swim to the surface before you drown. You still have no assets. *this was the point at which I was telling Buddy Boy “the cookie and sandwich are very delicious” 😂*

I fall into a time portal and go back in time to when the witches were arguing over what to turn me into

The witch who created the time portal that brought you back immediately vaporizes all the weapons within 50 miles. *bobcat: NOOO not Anderton’s great-uncle’s sword!! Me: YESSS Anderton’s great-uncle’s sword* “There! Now you can’t kill us!”
“Wait, what?” the other witches ask.

I ask the witches to teach me their ever-so-noble craft

The witch who created the time portal says “But of course! Lesson 1: Turning Annoying Little Humans into Newts” and turns you into a newt.

I wriggle my way to rose fairy’s house and beseech her to detransfigure me

“Ohmigosh, of course!” she exclaims. She wiggles her fingers and sings “iiiIIIiii amd SoooOOOOooo insert word here!” She beams. “there you go!” (Recall what happens when Rose Fairy transfigures people.)

I ask for the same 4 things I asked EVERYONE ELSE FOR

“Uh, uh, uh…” Rose Fairy is thinking hard. “Uh, gee, that’s difficult. Uh, hold on!” She turns around and calls “Fitzwilliam!”

I stand there looking confused.

Rose Fairy’s fiance comes out of the house. “What is it?” He sees you. “Uh, Rose, did he look like that originally? Anyways, hello, I’m Fitzwilliam Ycrad.”

“Hello, Mr. Ycrad. Could you convince your fiance to give me *insert same 4 things I ask everyone for*”

“No, I’m against unnecessary magical aid. Moreover, that’s very advanced, I’m not sure Rose could do it. Talented though she is,” he adds.

“Sir, I have been cursed by witches, chased by rhinodiwolves, and changed by an imp, I’m not entirely sure it’s unnecessary.”

Fitzwilliam shrugs. “I didn’t say she couldn’t return you to normal.”

“do you know anyone who could do those 4 things?”

Before Fitzwilliam can answer, Zajki swoops down from the sky. “No!” he rumbles. “As it happens, I am also against unnecessary magical aid. Now stop trying to manipulate the situation or you’ll probably end up chased by rhinodiwolves!”

*insert same speech I said to Fitzwilliam*

“Very true,” Zajki concedes. “That’s a lot. However, due to a time warp, very little of it actually happened. Now, if you would like me to breathe fire at you, THAT might necessitate magically making you fireproof,” he adds with a draconic grin.

“verily, my liege, ‘tis so. Howe’er, couldst thee perchance assist mine transportation to yonder Palace of this forest of enchantment?”

Me: and people call ME random…

Fitzwilliam snorts in amusement.
“You watch yourself, footman,” Zajki grumbles, annoyed.
“I’m off-duty at the moment, sir,” Fitzwilliam replies. Rose Fairy squeaks in terror as Zajki glares at her fiance.

“Please take me to the palace,” I say before he can roast Fitzwilliam

“Anything to get you out of this world.” Zajki grabs you around the middle with his claws and flies off. “You’re even worse than those two girls.”

“Oh, you mean my sister’s friends Enni and Genni?” I ask

“Yes, those two,” Zajki rumbles. “And as annoying as they were, you have taken it to whole new levels!” He angrily sets a bush (far down below) on fire.

“You should see what I do in the other world!”

“Heaven forbid,” is Zajki’s short answer.

“Which heaven? First, Second, or Third?”

“All of them!”

“Glad we cleared that up!”

“Oh look,” Zajki says, ignoring you, “We’re here.” And so you are.

“Yay! Could you possibly get me Anderton’s great-uncle’s sword?”

“What- no. No. NO SWORDS FOR YOU.” Zajki drops you on the palace roof and flies away.

I shrug, “oh, well,” and climb down

A footman rushes up. “Welcome to the Royal Palace of the- wait, how did you get in?? And who are you, anyway?”

“Zajki doesn’t like me for the first question; and to the second, I am His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of all Garagia,” I reply. 

“The crown prince of all what now?” The footman is very confused.

“Garagia, it’s across the deep, dark ocean.” I then recount all my adventures thus far

The footman blinks twice. “…wow…”

“If I never return, my younger sister, ARC, will probably get the throne.” I shake my head sadly.

The footman blinks again. “I… see? Erm, would you care to come inside? The Queen Samarsa is currently receiving visitors in the main receiving room.”

“who all is there?”

“The Queen Samarsa is currently entertaining a young boy from an unknown realm. I believe Their Highness Prince Anderton and Princess Commie will shortly be joining them.”

“I’ll pass, do you have an archery range?”

“Er, yes, we do,” the footman says. “Would you like me to escort you there?”

“Nay, good sir, I hath great confidence in mine ability to locate said field of archery.”

“Uh, okay?” the footman says. “That is, I mean, thou mayst surely find yon archery range free from any aid of mine. I do heartily desire a fortuitous round of practice shall be in thy future. Yea, verily,” he adds.

“Gracias, adiós!”

“Uh, adios!”

I walk to the armory to get a bow and venture forth to the range of archery

At the archery range you find Anderton and Commie – ostensibly practicing archery. (Okay, they’re kissing. THEY’RE STILL RELATIVELY NEWLYWEDS, DON’T JUDGE.)

I clear my throat (probably too loudly)

They pause and look around. “Oh, hello,” Anderton says. “Who are you?”
“And welcome to the palace,” Commie adds.

“I’m someone Zajki really, REALLY hates.”

“Oh good,” Commie says brightly, “we already have something in common!”

“Can you give me *insert same 4 things no one will give me*?”

“Why?” the two of them ask in unison.

“Because otherwise I won’t be able to get revenge on a CERTAIN FIVE WITCHES for newting me!”

“What did you do to get newted for?” Anderton asks, interested.

“Oh, I just chopped off five witches’ heads,” I answer nonchalantly.

Anderton whistles, impressed. “How’d you manage that?”
“I’d hazard a guess he used a sharp object,” Commie teases.
At that moment, Zajki hurtles down from the sky, roaring. “No! No, do not give him anything! Send. Him. Home!!”

“Hi, buddy!” I exclaim, trying to hug Zajki.

Zajki pins you to the ground with one claw. “Let me rephrase: send him home NOW.”

“Ah, but then I can’t kill the witches and YOU got to kill yours!” I exclaim. “Have a heart!”

“He’s got a point,” Commie and Anderton simultaneously admit.
Zajki spits fire at the sky and roars “NOW!” 

“Eesh, he has a one-track mind doesn’t he?” I ask C&A

Zajki lowers his head so he can look you in the eye. “Mr. Bobcat, I thought I was done with inexperienced interdimensional travelers when Misses Enni and Genni left three months ago. I am EXTREMELY disappointed to discover that I was wrong. So don’t push your luck.”

“You wouldn’t dare roast me in front of Commie and His Highness!”

“Don’t worry, he won’t,” Commie and Anderton say.
Buddy Boy runs up.


Bob: I stick my tongue out at Zajki

Bud: I sigh, while engaging Commie and Anderton in conversation, and pick up a throwing knife

Commie and Anderton politely respond to Buddy Boy’s conversation. Zajki growls under his breath and begins counting down from sixty.

Bud: I practice throwing the knives

Bob: I run out of the palace into the forest to KILL THOSE WITCHES and grab a sword on my way out

Zajki swoops down (with Buddy Boy on his back *hey he really wanted to*), grabs you, carries you back to the palace, holds you in place while collecting blood drops from you and Buddy Boy, sends a footman off for an opener wand, uses it to open a tunnel, and tosses both of you through.
(Meanwhile, Commie and Anderton say goodbye and invite you to visit soon!)

and that’s the end!

While typing this up, I was like “wait… what were a wooden sword and shield doing in the receiving room???” XD In the end, I decided that they had belonged to Anderton in his youth and were on display for that reason.

Also, for the edification of anyone hoping to exploit the time-portal loophole in the future: NO. Not possible. You see, a portal-caster can only create one time portal in their lifetime, and the witch who cast Joe’s was the only portal-caster of that magnitude in the entire universe. Also, you have to sell your soul to the dark powers in order to get that ability, so it’s highly unlikely that there will be another one anytime soon. Got that? *glares threateningly*

Hope you enjoyed!


Adventures in the Enchanted Forest, Part V: THE END!!!!!!!!!

no, seriously, it’s actually the end this time

Menni here! AHH THE FINAL INSTALLMENT I’M SO EXCITED (we actually, really, truly FINISHED – can you believe it????)

I must request – nay, require – that ye read yon previous posts BEFORE ye read this one. Please?

Part I: Enni, Part II: Genni, Part III: Together, Part IV: Coronation

*please please please read them first*

On to the FINAL part, Part V!!!

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much later, after everything is FINALLY over, the two of you plus Commie and Anderton are relaxing out in the forest, away from all the interfering busybodies who seem to think that TEN HOURS of formal ceremony isn’t enough.
“Thank goodness that’s over,” Commie remarks, plopping down to sit in the soft moss. She’s wearing a blue tunic and leggings, having taken the first opportunity to get out of That Dress. (Let me know what you guys are wearing now that the gowns are unnecessary 😋)
“Yep,” Anderton agrees, plopping down next to her. (And kissing her.) “Now all we have to do is get Enni and Genni home.”

G: *I’m wearing something along the lines of this*
G: “Yeah. We’ll miss you guys so much!”

M: *awww that dress is so lovely 😊*

“We’ll miss you too,” Commie and Anderton say simultaneously.
“Anyways!” Commie adds brightly (she’s Common Sense Fairy, so don’t expect her to get very emotional XD), “there are just a few questions that need to be cleared up before you go back: number one, when do you want to go? like, as soon as possible or in another few weeks or what?”
“Number two,” Anderton continues, “we’ll obviously shower you with parting gifts and all that, so you ought to decide what you want.”
“For instance, if you wanted to take That Dress off my hands…” Commie laughs. “Number three- actually, there is no number three. It’s that simple!”
“It had BETTER be,” Zajki rumbles, swooping down from the sky, “because if you don’t figure out how to end this insane romp soon, I’LL go stark raving mad!!! And that’s not easy for a dragon. We have superb natural intelligence.”

G: “I’d hate to leave abruptly, but I should probably go soon. Zajki, is it possible for me, and Enni if she wants, to come visit?”

“Possibly,” Zajki says.
“Maybe?” Commie sounds more skeptical.
“Wait…” Anderton is clearly thinking hard. “Actually… hey, yeah! If the diemitricy is properly afixiated, then-”
“-aniquong austofy could be utized! or maybe-” Commie has apparently caught on to Anderton’s thought.
Aaaand off they go into gibberish-land.

G: “Oh boy.” I mutter..

Zajki coughs in a very meaningful way that sets a bush on fire.
“Right, sorry,” Commie and Anderton say sheepishly. “Anyway,” Anderton continues, “the gist is that yes, you should be able to visit. Which is great, right?”

E: “yup!”

“Uh-huh!” Commie happily agrees.
“If it gets them sent off sooner, it sounds excellent to ME,” Zajki rumbles.

E: I gasp
E: “rude!”

Zajki snorts impressively (setting another bush on fire). “I would rather be rude than crazy.”
“Zajki, could you possibly STOP setting stuff on fire?” Commie asks, extinguishing the bushes.

G: “Yay! Well, if I’m able to visit, I’m fine with going home now. How does it work again? NORMAL language, please.”

“We need a drop of blood each from you and Enni,” Anderton explains. “That’ll give us a connection with your world strong enough to open a short-term tunnel. All you and Enni have to do is go through it.”
“And lo and behold — you’ll be back home!” Commie adds. “Probably you’ll end up wherever your hairbrush happens to be.”

E: I nod
E: “all right, sounds good.”

G: “So I’ll end up in a box?”

E: *XD*

G: “That could get uncomfortable…”

Anderton cracks up. Commie smacks him. “Not like that, just in the same ROOM as the brush.”

G: “Oh, good. Then I think I’m ready! Oh wait, how would I get back?”

“You need a trazing kit — hang on, I’ll get some!” Commie hops to her feet and dashes off.

E: “magical fairy tech,” I laugh

“Fairy what?” Anderton is confused.

E: I wave my hand
E: “complicated human world stuff,” I explain

“Okay then?” Anderton says.
“Picture tixivoc applications, but used by the general public,” Zajki says.
“Ohhhh… okay.”
Commie reappears. “Right — got them!” She hands each of you a wooden casket.

E: “oooh how do these work?”
E: *also I just finished an online interview for a babysitting job and it went great!!*

M: *woohoo!*

E: *😁*

M: *i’ll explain trazing kits in a bit, I’m watching a movie right now*

E: *okay XD*

M: *😜*

E: *😛*

“It’s simple,” Commie explains, opening your box and showing you the contents. “These are the trazer pins-“ she indicates two kinda copper-ish things that are shaped like a McDonalds soft-serve ice-cream cone that somebody licked smooth on only one side “-and this is the opener wand.” She taps a bright-white oblong rod inlaid with a spiral of equally bright silver. “To open a tunnel, you just set the two trazer pins upright literally anywhere — make sure there’s enough space between them for you to walk through — with the smooth sides facing out. Then you touch the opener wand to the ground directly in between them, and lift it up until it’s as high as you want the tunnel to be. The tunnel’ll stay open for exactly five minutes, so you don’t have to rush through it right away. In fact, you might want to wait for a few minutes if you don’t want anyone coming through behind you.”
Anderton adds a bit of a technical explanation. “The pins are performing the same function as your blood will be here: establishing a connection with the world you’re trying to get to. That’s why the pins have to be made of some metal or stone that’s unique to the world. Ours are made of gaelver — you COULD technically use ghingit, but that’s waaaaay harder to shape. The opener wand can be made with different base materials: unicorn horn, narwhal horn, erkit horn, stuff like that. We use unicorn horn. The magnic inlay isn’t necessary, but it does make things easier. Now, if you wanted to traze a forlikar nation or weredit-“
“NO GIBBERISH!!!” Zajki roars. “They understand — let’s get ON with it!”
“Also, these kits are linked to the trazipad outside the castle,” Commie adds. “So whenever you use them, you’ll end up there.”
Zajki spits fire at the sky to relieve his feelings.
“Hey — that was necessary information!” Commie protests.

G: *😂*
G: “I think I get it, thanks!”

M: *XD*

“Great!” Commie says. “How about you, Enni?”

E: I give a thumbs up

“Good,” Zajki rumbles. “In that case, they can leave NOW. Hold out your hands,” he instructs the two of you.

G: I hold out my hand.

E: as do I

Zajki pricks both of you with his claws and flicks the drops of blood onto the ground. “There. Now get ON with it!”

G: “What do we do next?”

E: “and mind the tone, mister!”

“ ‘Mister’?” Zajki repeats, sounding dangerously offended. “ ‘MISTER’??????”
“Anyways!” Commie exclaims cheerfully, “all we have to do now is open the tunnel! Can I borrow your opener wand, Enni?”
“‘Mister,’” Anderton mutters, chortling. Commie gives him a NOT-HELPING look.

E: “my ears don’t hear complaining!”
E: I hand Commie the wand

“What is THAT supposed to mean?” Anderton asks, diverted.
“Thanks!” Commie takes the wand.

E: *XD*
E: “human expression,” I explain. “coming to think of it…you should just always take that as an explanation.”

“Probably,” Anderton admits. “A very satisfying explanation it is, too,” he adds sarcastically.
“It means something like she won’t pay attention to anyone who gets whiny,” Commie clarifies, locating the two drops of blood and placing Enni’s wand on the ground between them. “Ready, guys?”

E: I take a deep breath
E: “we’ll visit soon,” I promise. “maybe we can bring some human snacks?”

“Yes,” Anderton says immediately. “Yes. Yes. Yes. Bring snacks.”
“Snacks?” Zajki rumbles. “Could you perchance bring hot sauce?”
Commie smacks both of them (and I’ll have you know it takes courage to smack a dragon). “Yes, definitely visit soon! We’d love to see you.”

E: I laugh
E: “great!”
E: I turn to Genni
E: “last words?”

M: *thanks, I was just wondering how to make it so we had to wait for her XD*

E: *XD*

G: *sorry!*
G: “I’ll miss you guys! And we’ll definitely bring hot sauce and snacks. Goodbye!”

“We’ll miss you too!” Commie and Anderton hug both of you, and even Zajki (influenced by promises of hot sauce) nods graciously in your general direction.

E: I nod graciously back

Commie opens the tunnel by lifting up the opener wand. It creates a shimmering arch-shaped portal in between the blood drops. “Right!” Commie says. “Go through whenever you’re ready — it’ll stay for five minutes, like I said. Goodbye!” She hands Enni her wand back. “Visit soon!”

E: I take another deep breath
E: “is this useful in the human world?”
E: I hold the wand

“Sure, it’ll open tunnels.” Anderton says in a ‘no, duh’ kind of voice.
“That is its main function,” Commie says, giving Anderton a look. “But it’ll also provide some protection from demonic spells. At least, I THINK that part will work in your world too.”

M: *enni sheesh you just don’t want to leave do you*

E: *XD sawwee*
E: I nod
E: “gotcha!”

“Any MORE questions?” Zajki asks pointedly. “Or are you ready to LEAVE?”

E: I roll my eyes
E: “fine, fine.”

Anderton (in honor of your departure) is really TRYING not to crack up. He’s not very good at it, though. (Not enough practice, I suppose… XD)

G: “Okay, now we’ll really leave. Bye!” I walk through the portal (with my inter-dimensional travel kit)

E: I follow


You feel a temporary dizzy sensation, the “floor” drops out from under you, and you are back in your own world! (Like Commie said, you end up in whichever room you keep your hairbrush in.)

M: *incidentally, IT’S SNOWING!!!!! ❄❄️❄*

G: 🥳🥳🥳🥳
G: That was super fun! Thanks Menni!
G: We don’t have snow yet – just frost and ice…
G: It’s supposed to snow Friday-Monday for us!

M: It was fun!!! (You guys did great 😁)
M: Our snow is supposed to come more like Thursday-Saturday, I think…
M: Oh, and you can send letters using your trazing kits — obviously, you open a really small tunnel and shove the letter through. (In other words, if you write to Commie and/or Anderton at “[Menni’s Address],” they’ll write back 😜)

G: Oh, cool!

E: ahhhhhh I see 😉


I still can’t believe nobody took me up on the “parting gifts” thing.

Anyways, that was amazingly fun!!! And I know WAAAAAAAAAY more about the magic-science of this world than actually came into the story… somehow that always happens…

I think this storyline demonstrates our personalities quite well XD
Genni: *is cute and sensible and my personal fashion advisor*
Enni: *destroys my worldbuilding with her own genius ideas, and comes up with clever ways to avoid romance*
Me: *throws impossible/insane situations at Enni and Genni, and makes sure that SOMEBODY ends up married*

Hope you enjoyed!


Adventures in the Enchanted Forest, Part IV: Coronation

(ooh, I like the waterfalls in this one)

Menni here! If you haven’t read the previous posts in this series, you will be EXTREMELY confused: so go read them! (They’re fun, I promise 😁) Part I: Enni, Part II: Genni, Part III: Together

And now that you’ve read all of those, on to Part IV!!!

*no seriously, you need to read the first ones first*


Now we’re going to fast-forward to Coronation Day (since going through an entire month like this would take forever XD). Honestly the month leading up to it has been one long whirlwind of Queen Samarsa determinedly planning stuff, while the you two (along with Anderton and Commie) try to stop her from going TOO overboard. Zajki declines to help, remarking that the queen can hardly go ‘overboard’ when the ship has already sunk.
On the morning of Coronation Day, you two are with Commie in the giant Coronation Preparation Chambers For Girls (like Zajki said, the ship of practicality has already sunk). Despite being surrounded with dressmakers (again) and being laced into a gown that must weigh at least thirty pounds with all its gold embellishments (despite Genni’s best efforts — oh well, at least she managed to make the dress look pretty), Commie is excited for the coronation. This is keeping her in a good mood even though Anderton (being a boy) has been banished to the Coronation Preparation Room For Boys.
Commie glances around and laughs. “Well, at least we TRIED to keep things simple, right?”

G: “I think it’s definitely better than before. At least it doesn’t look like you’re suffocating in the stuff now.”
G: *ill try to find something like her dress brb*

“Very true,” Commie agrees. She gasps as one of the maids tightens her corset. “I FEEL as though I’m suffocating in the stuff, though. Ow.”

G: *something like this maybe?*

G: *With more lace, though XD*

M: *yes, exactly!*

G: “Sorry, about that.” I give her a sympathetic smile. “We’re almost ready though!”
G: *what about this? 😱*


M: *…wow…*

“Thank goodness,” Commie says, trying to find her feet under her skirts. “Somebody should tell the queen that having a one-inch heel rather than a three-inch heel does NOT make shoes ‘flats.’ My feet are killing me already — I might just go barefoot.”
The maids and dressmakers are scandalized.

G: “That would be kinda fun! Accentuate your love of the outdoors and all that.”

“Brilliant plan — that ought to make even the queen happy!” Commie finally locates her feet, yanks off her shoes, and throws them out the window.
“Your HIGHNESS!” the dressmakers shriek. Commie smiles sweetly.

G: I can’t help but burst out laughing. “Do you mind if I take mine off too? And I’ll bet Anderton will find this shockingly hilarious.”
G: *Menni, could you send Enni and I your playlist? Assuming it’s done, that is*

“Oh, he DEFINITELY will.” Commie gets a bit of a dreamy expression on her face (that happens when people talk about Anderton). “Enni will want to get in on this — where’d she go?”
Enni is well and truly trapped by a platoon of maids and dressmakers and ladies-in-waiting. The palace staff is still under the impression that she is the ‘queen of the daffodil realm,’ and therefore they are VERY anxious to please.

M: *and yes – just a sec*

G: *Enni, your playlist link isn’t working.*
G: *thanks!*
G: *neither is Menni’s… 🤦🏼‍♀
G: maybe check your guys’ access?*

M: *enni’s works for me… hang on and I’ll try to fix mine*
M: *try this? [updated playlist link]*

G: *i tried Enni’s again and it worked! Yours did too. Thanks!*
G: *i think we’re at a ‘wait for Enni’ point in the thingy*

M: *yep*

E: I slip the maids some coin to leave me alone

The maids take the bribe and leave, but the dressmakers are more persistent.

G: I just watch the proceedings with shocked amusement.

E: I look around
E: “look!” I shriek, “*insert fairy world version of a kardashian*.”

M: *what the heck is a kardashian?*

G: 😱
G: The Kardashians
G: Give me a sec.

M: *ohhhh… I looked it up*

E: they’re reality TV show people and known for being very dramatic
E: they’re like big influencers

M: *I’m a sheltered little homeschooler, okay?*

E: 😂 😂

M: *anyways!*

G: I’ve unsheltered myself XD
G: ***

E: 🤣

The maids and dressmakers have varying reactions. Mostly they run around screaming (happy screams, sad screams, AND mad screams…)

E: 😂 😂
E: that’s perfect

G: I quickly hide Enni behind Commie’s dress.

Commie gives an excessively loud taxicab whistle, which gets everyone to shut up.
“Where’s Queen Enni?” one of the maids asks.

G: “She left.”

More screaming

E: I think to myself that being a queen would be nicer if I actually had some power

“I think she went that way,” Commie offers, pointing out the window. “Maybe she wanted to find my shoes. I’m sure she’ll show up in time for the ceremony! But just in case, why don’t you all go look for her?”

G: I look down at Enni, “you have all the fun.”

Most of the maids and dressmakers obey Commie and run off to look for Enni.

E: “fun so you say,” I grumble
E: “what I go through not to get married off…”

Commie laughs. “It was so genius though.”

E: I chuckle
E: “hehe, thanks.”

G: “How much longer until the ceremony?”

Commie checks the clock. “Only about fifteen minutes.”

G: “What should we do until then?”

E: I yarn
E: *yawn

G: *you could yarn if you wanted to XDD*

M: *XDD*

“I have no idea,” Commie admits. “And in this dress, there’s not much I CAN do. Hmm…”
Anderton solves your dilemma by coming in through the door that the maids left open. “I assume Enni isn’t actually missing?”

G: “Nope! But she was in terrible danger.”

E: I pop my head up   
E: “you don’t say,” I gasp

Anderton laughs. “Clever of you to get rid of everyone so effectively.” He kisses Commie.
“Your Highness,” one of the few remaining dressmakers admonishes him, “be careful of her dress.”
“I AM being careful,” Anderton says, offended.

*a relatively long interval*

G: *sorry, my dad just scared the heck out of me 😂*

E: 🤣

G: “Oh yes, very careful.”
G: “Watch out!!!!” I yell at Anderton (there’s nothing there, it’s a joke)

He, realizing immediately that you’re joking, removes an elaborate watch from his pocket. “Okay, what now?”
Commie cracks up.

G: “You’re way too cognitive, Anderton.” I harrumph (weird word…)

“Thanks.” He bows

G: “It wasn’t a compliment Your Highness.”

“No, really?” Anderton would keep bantering with you all day, but he gets distracted by kissing Commie again.
“Your HIGHNESS!” the dressmaker protests.

G: Now I start to laugh.
G: *I’m still here, just elsewhere on my iPod*

Your laughter is so infectious that even Commie and Anderton join in (even though it means they have to stop kissing XD)

E: I stick my tongue out

“What an unladylike face you’re making,” that one remaining dressmaker tells you. “I’m afraid it’s part of my job to inform you of that fact,” she adds.

G: I laugh harder from that statement.

The dressmaker smiles and winks at you, then starts trying to straighten Commie’s skirts.

E: I roll my eyes

“All you ladies look lovely, by the way,” Anderton says, remembering that it’s generally polite to compliment dressed-up girls.

E: “I’m a queen not a lady.”

M: *XD*

G: “Why thank you, Prince.” I say while giving Enni a look.

Commie is cracking up again. “Ah yes, Enni’s a queen,” Anderton says with a perfectly straight face. “My apologies.”

E: “apology accepted,” I say graciously

G: I snort in a very unladylike manner.

Anderton winks at you, and Commie casually loosens the laces on her corset so she can laugh more freely. The dressmaker notices and retightens them. This swiftly escalates into a full-scale War of the Corset, which has Anderton cracking up.

G: “I think Commie should ‘loosen up’, don’t you?” I ask Anderton with a smirk.

Anderton nods, laughing harder.
“Some help YOU are,” Commie huffs, loosening the laces for the sixteenth time.
“Might I make a suggestion, Your Highness?” the dressmaker asks, still retightening Commie’s corset as fast as Commie can loosen it.
“Fine, what?” Commie huffs, still loosening her corset as fast as the dressmaker can tighten it.
“Suppose,” the dressmaker continues, “that we reach a compromise? Perhaps leave the laces a bit tighter than you would like AND a bit looser than I would prefer?”
Commie gives the dressmaker an arch look (without ceasing to loosen the constantly contested corset). “Thereby leaving both you AND me discontented?”

G: “I think it’s as close as you’ll get, Commie.”

“You’re probably right,” Commie grudgingly admits. “Fine, how tight would you leave it?”
The dressmaker, diligently suppressing a triumphant smirk, fixes the corset so that Commie can at least BREATHE. Commie sighs but accepts it.
“Now for the two of you,” the dressmaker says briskly, turning to Genni and Enni. “I see your corsets have been left SHOCKINGLY loose-“

G: “NO!” I yell. “Sorry, can you do the same amount as Commie?”

“Hmph… very well.” The dressmaker tightens your corset.

G: “Ack! Too tight!”

E: “uhhh…in my country, it’s a culture offense to have too tight corset lacings.”

G: *🤣🤣*

“Don’t fuss,” the dressmaker tells Genni (though she does loosen it a LITTLE). She gives Enni a disbelieving look but leaves her corset alone.
Commie is desperately trying to smother her laughter, so as not to give Enni away.
Anderton, on the other hand, is making no such effort.

E: I glare at Anderton
E: “perhaps my customs are different from yours but I’ll thank you to respect them the same,” I say haughtily

G: “Well, at least I won’t nearly suffocate like Elizabeth.”


G: “There’s no cliffs around here, are there?”

Congratulations, Genni, you have confused Anderton sufficiently to stop him from laughing. “Whaaat?”

M: *XD*

G: “Uh, never mind. Enni gets it.”

A footman comes to the door. Nobody notices him, so he clears his throat importantly. “Might I remind Your Highnesses and Maiden Genni that the procession is about to begin?”
Anderton and Commie look at the clock, look at each other, and simultaneously say “So it is…”
“Well, then, I suppose we’d better hurry,” Commie adds. “I am more glad than ever that I ditched those shoes — imagine running in heels.”

G: “Me too. Let’s go!”

And off you all run!
After you’ve gone about ten yards, you pause so that Genni and Commie can loosen their corsets. (have you ever tried running in a corset?)
And off you all run again! You reach your appointed place on time — barely. Luckily, the dressmaker followed you, and she efficiently re-tidies your hair and clothing (also surreptitiously retightening Commie and Genni’s corsets… ah well, it was worth a try.)
The queen runs up. “Quick, quick, take your places!” She is in her element — aaaaaallllllllllll the planning is finally coming together! Queen Samarsa (aided and abetted by the dressmaker), chivvies the four of you into positions on your ultra-fancy horse-drawn parade float. Commie and Anderton have the place of honor, with the two of you attending Commie. “Perfect!” the queen beams. “Now, remember to look pleasant and wave at the crowd and stay in your places-“
“-and DON’T loosen those corsets-“ the dressmaker adds,
“-and COMMIE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR SHOES???!!!” the queen demands.

G: “I was wondering when she’d notice.” I whisper to Commie.

“Yeah, me too,” Commie whispers back. “I lost them,” she adds in a louder voice. “It’s not a problem — bare feet are much more in tune with my love of the outdoors and all that.”
“I think it looks great,” Anderton says loyally (and honestly XD). “And besides, it’s not like you can even SEE her feet.”
“Yes, but- but-“ Queen Samarsa is so furious she can’t think of anything to say (plus, Anderton has a point).

G: “Quick! We’ll be late!” I say to distract the queen.

“Late? My goodness!! It’s almost time!! Quick, quick, are you all ready? Do we have flowers and candy ready for the superfluous attendants to throw? Quick! Has the parade route been closed off?? Oh, there’s so much that could go wrong! But it’s all going right — it had better STAY right if I have anything to say about it-“
I think the queen is sufficiently distracted.

G: “Where do we need to be, Commie? I don’t think the queen will be much help.”

“She probably won’t,” Commie agrees. “As far as I know, everything’s ready, we just need to get it started.” She gives that REALLY loud taxicab whistle again. “Could I have your attention, please? Thank you. I believe the parade is about to start, so if you-“ Commie indicates a footman “-could make sure the route is prepared, and you-“ one of the maids “-could double-check the other floats, and you-“ she nods to the dressmaker “-could kindly keep Queen Samarsa from having hysterics, I think we’ll be all set.”
Everybody immediately calms down and does what she asked. “I think I’m going to like being a princess,” Commie remarks.
“Yes, you make a wonderful princess,” Anderton tells her. Then he kisses her.
“Your Highness-“ the dressmaker begins.
“-careful of her dress,” Commie and Anderton finish simultaneously. “Yes, we KNOW.”

G: I can’t stop laughing. Again…XD

E: I grimace
E: “save it for the wedding,” I tell them

G: “I think it’s cute.”

M: *they’re married already, Enni, remember? XD*

E: *oh*

M: *shall we pretend you never said it, or do they have to react?*

E: *let them react XD*

“Don’t you DARE say that!” is Commie’s immediate reaction. “I know we were married unconventionally, but it’s all quite legal, so DON’T give the queen any ideas about a second ceremony!”
“Yeah, this coronation is enough “ceremony” to last ME my whole life,” Anderton laughs, kissing her again.

E: I stick my tongue out

“Might I remind you again, Queen Enni,” the dressmaker puts in, “that that is a highly unattractive face for a young lady such as yourself to be making?”

G: I snort, which probably doesn’t help the situation.

Fortunately, before things can get TOO out of hand, the signal comes for the parade to start. Your float (as befits its importance) is precisely in the middle — thus situated in order to come BEFORE everyone is bored, but AFTER they have had time to get properly excited. “Just smile and wave,” Commie whispers as the float rolls out into the streets. “You’ll do great!”
“JUST smile and wave?” Anderton asks, grinning and kissing her.
“I meant for Genni and Enni,” Commie points out, kissing him back nonetheless.
The crowd lining the parade route “oohs” at this first romantic sight of their new princess.

G: “Good thing there’s no paparazzi…”

“Papa-whatzi?” Commie is confused.
“Pa-whatsa-whatzi?” Anderton, not having heard Genni’s original statement, is even MORE confused.

G: “Oh, it’s like crazy people who are obsessed with celebrities and follow them around while trying to catch them doing things like kissing and whatnot. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello used to play pranks on theirs. Did I just confuse you even more?”

“Yes,” Anderton says (or, you know, whispers out of the corner of his mouth, since you’re all trying to carry on this conversation while smiling and waving).
“Nonono wait, I might get it… do you mean like spicalitors?” Commie is so caught up in thinking that she almost forgets to smile.

G: “Uh, maybe? What are those?”

“They’re like, ummm… crazy hardcore gossips, I guess?”
“That’s a good way of putting it,” Anderton agrees.

G: “Kind of like paparazzi!” I continue to smile and wave.

“Okay, then,” Anderton says. “Paparazzi are officially the same thing as spicalitors. Paparazzi,” he repeats thoughtfully. “It’s kinda catchy…”

G: “I know, right?”

The rest of the parade passes without incident (unless you count Pixie Dude’s various ex-girlfriends chasing him across the parade route as an “incident”). Crowds of cheering citizens line the streets all through the parade – Commie and Anderton often call out greetings to people they recognize. Once you spot Zajki flying overhead. (He wisely decided to steer clear of all the planning, so it’s the first time you’ve seen him in weeks.)
After the parade comes Commie’s official coronation. You get to ride your float all the way to the open field chosen for the ceremony – it makes for rather a bumpy ride, but oh well. Once you arrive, you have to climb up three flights of stairs to get to the ornate platform where Commie will be crowned.
“I am SO glad that I ditched those shoes,” Commie remarks, trying to keep from tripping on her voluminous skirts. “This dress is bad enough.”

G: “Tell me about it.” I reply, tripping over my own.

Anderton, not being encumbered by profusions of fabric like you girls are, is trying to help all three of you at once.

G: “Anderton, I think you’re doing more harm than good, but you’re awfully sweet.”

“…thanks?” Anderton says.
Commie laughs. “She’s right on both counts – thanks for helping us-“
“-but stop doing it.” Anderton grins. “Alright.” He stops climbing the stairs in order to kiss Commie, which REALLY doesn’t help matters.

G: “Anderton! Not! Helping!”

“Oops, sorry,” both of them say simultaneously. They grin sheepishly and keep climbing.

G: Sigh…


G: *i still love them, though 😂*

M: *they’re so cute, aren’t they? 😁*

E: I continue climbing after them

You reach the ceremonial platform and hastily get into position (poor Commie has to figure out how to kneel gracefully in That Dress) with a little help from the other ceremonial folks. Anderton will be the one crowning Commie, since he’s the highest-ranking male official of the kingdom; all HE has to do is stand there and stick the fancy tiara on Commie’s head when the Archduke Qwertytoetsenborden reaches the high point of his speech. You two have to stand gracefully behind Commie, therefore giving a nice, balanced appearance to the group (as everyone else is standing in FRONT of her). Queen Samarsa has to not go into delighted hysterics — a difficult task for her, especially during a long and complicated speech that happens to expound upon the fulfillment of all her life’s goals. The aforementioned Archduke has to give the aforementioned speech, which he now begins.
“Hear ye, O gladly gathered populace; hear ye, O admirably assembled nobility; hear ye, O all and sundry! We are brought here en masse for a commonly anticipated event, the long-awaited investiture of the thrice-blessed soon-to-be Princess, the honorable, pulchritudinous, glorified, charismatic, sagacious-“
He goes on like this for quite some time.
QUITE some time.

M: *would you believe that “Qwertytoetsenborden” was the autocomplete suggestion for “Qwert-“??? I think it means “qwerty-keyboard” in Dutch or something… 🤨*

G: *i guess I would? 🤷🏼‍♀️*
G: I just stand patiently, trying to stifle my yawns.

E: (XD)

Finally Archduke Qwertytoetsenborden reaches the climax of his speech (it feels like it took HOURS, though in reality it only took… well, okay, it literally took hours). Anderton, with a soberly solemn expression, places the tiara on Commie’s head as the Archduke intones the ancient phrases of blessing and invocations of power used in crowning new royalty. And then Anderton pulls Commie to her feet and kisses her.
The populace erupt in cheers even as the Archduke stutters to a halt.

G: I start jumping, partially from excitement and partially to relieve my cramped feet.

M: *XD*

E: I clap happily
E: “yayyyy, formal event done!”

Archduke Qwertytoetsenborden and Queen Samarsa give you highly offended looks. Anderton and Commie, on the other hand, burst out laughing.



…that’s really all there is to say about this part. Come back tomorrow for the part where they actually get home!!!

Also, IT’S SNOWING!!!!!! (this is a major event where I live) ❄️❄️❄️

Hope you enjoyed!


Adventures in the Enchanted Forest, Part III: Together

(like I said before, they remain in the same forest as always- I merely happen to enjoy procuring different featured images 😉)

Menni here! Enni’s and Genni’s parts finally joined – which was a HUGE relief to me. You would not BELIEVE how hard it was to keep their stories even remotely synchronized!

Here are links to the previous parts (if you don’t read them, you will be VERY confused, so I strongly suggest that you do): Part I: Enni, Part II: Genni



G: Hooray!!! 🥳🥳🥳


M: Henceforth, reactions can be given on a first-come-first-served basis, but I won’t give a new scenario until you’ve both reacted.

Ok: Genni, Anderton, and Zajki have just walked into the hall where Enni, Commie, the queen, and Rose Fairy are. Enni is shaking Rose Fairy “COME ON GET YOUR HOT BOYFRIEND!!!” Enni yells.
“Did I miss something?” Genni asks.
“Why does EVERYONE want me to get married?” Anderton (who is a frog at the moment) demands.
What do you do?

G: “I am extremely confused.”

M: *understandable XD*

G: *both me and my character who is still me 😂*

M: *come on Enni, react!*

G: *Hurry up!*
G: *please?*

E: sorry sorry
E: “Genni!” I cry, “you’re here!”

“Oh, this is your friend?” Commie asks. “Pleased to meet you — I’m Common Sense Fairy.”
“You got the job, then?” Prince Anderton asks her. Commie nods and starts explaining.
Queen Samarsa has a bit of a one-track mind. “Is this friend married?”
Zajki (the dragon) is chortling again.
What do you do?

E: I cough
E: “what about the lovely rose fairy here?”

G: “I’m still confused; what job? And how did you get here, Enni?”

E: “I was looking for you! and I have NO idea…”

G: “I found this frog who claims to be prince Anderton and wanted to confirm he is, because to break the curse I have to marry him.”

E: “you?” I exclaim, “only you?”

At this point Commie and Anderton both get impatient
“No,” Anderton starts, “see-”
“I wanted to become Common Sense Fairy instead of Lily Fairy-” Commie explains.
“And I can marry anyone but after my mom’s tried for so long I’m not super hopeful-” Anderton continues
“I lobbied for the position of Common Sense Fairy for YEARS-” Commie adds
“It’s simple really,” Anderton explains, “transformation spells are always broken by an act of love-”
“And when I finally got it-”
“But I haven’t met the girl I want to marry-“

G: *typing, typing, typing*
G: “Hang on!!! One at a time, please?”

“But I’ve tried so HARD!” Queen Samarsa protests, ignoring you.
Rose Fairy finally wakes up “Prince Anderton!” she squeals, blushing.
“QUIET!” Anderton and Commie yell simultaneously.
What do you do?

E: I shove rose fairy in the prince’s face

“NO!” Anderton yells.
“YES!” Queen Samarsa yells.
“I’m not sure if I should be insulted or flattered that no one’s considered me as an option…” Commie says.

E: “stop being selfish – do you want to not be a frog or not?”

M: *genni…?*

G: Ummm, I’m still here guys. Anything I can do?

E: “you know what: I wash my hands off this – marry who you want, prince, it doesn’t matter to me”

“I DO want to not be a frog,” Anderson answers Enni, “but I’d far liefer *it means “rather”* be a frog than marry someone I don’t love.”
“Exactly!” Commie exclaims. “And thanks for the offer, uh – Genni, right? – but unless you can find Anderton an actually decent bride-”
Queen Samarsa is looking at Commie in a whole new light. “You ARE a marriageable young lady!”
“Oh, no” Commie and Anderton groan

E: I facepalm
E: “okay, I give up. figure out your love problems.”

G: “WILL SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHAT IS GOING ON?!?” I yell *hence the all caps XD*

Prince Anderton and Commie look at each other. “Ok, I know HER half,” Anderton says, pointing to Genni.
“And I know hers,” Commie adds, pointing to Enni. “Let’s take turns explaining, shall we?”
Anderton nods. “You go first.”
“Ok,” Commie says, “here’s what I know: Enni, through no fault of her own, ended up meeting my jerk brother Pixie Dude.”
Anderton groans. “The poor girl.”
“Exactly,” Commie continues. “I rescued her from this tragic plight and in repayment started trying to help her find Genni. We had some trouble with a seeing spell and therefore came here for Queen Samarsa’s advice. By the time we got the spell fixed, though, you lot had already arrived. That’s my part – what’s yours?” she asks Anderton.

G: “I also met pixie dude! Were you two the fairies that were chasing him?”

“No,” Commie laughs, “though if I hadn’t been busy with Enni I totally would have been. Those were his ex-girlfriends, Bumblebee, River, and Sycamore Fairy. And I’m curious, so tell your story already, Anderton.”
“Well, first I got kidnapped by a witch and turned into a frog,” Anderton begins. “I was then teleported to a pond in the witches’ territory, where I met Genni. We started traveling here so that my mom could help Genni find her friend – who must be Enni. We met Zajki the dragon along the way.”

G: “That’s about right!”

M: *ennnnniiiiii…*

G: *oh, ennnnniiiiii….*

E: sorry today has been very rough
E: we escorted Justin across the mountain pass when he was driving to Spokane to go back to college
E: and so there was no service
E: we just got home after 8 hours

M: Ah
M: Np!

G: That makes sense. Good luck to Justin!

E: I have nothing to say XD
E: also I’ve been in the car all day because justin’s leaving so I don’t really have signal

*ok well then I’ll just have the characters keep it going XD*
Rose Fairy is still blushing and giggling and staring at Prince Anderton (even though he’s a frog. Apparently he’s a cute frog.).
Commie and Anderton have gone off into this really long and complicated discussion about witches and transformation spells. You only understand like one word in ten they’re saying. (“Obviously physiphantistical hexes need brakpoint potential, but to assimatorivly inmagle them with the original hex…”)
Queen Samarsa is trying to figure out whether Genni, Rose Fairy, or Commie is the best potential bride for Anderton.
Zajki is chortling.
A very brave footman sticks his head in the door and asks, “Would you care for refreshments, Your Majesties and Your Highness and Fairies and, er, Maiden and… Sir Dragon?”

G: “Yes, I would love something. They all might be too busy to answer, though.”

“Ahhh, I see,” the footman says. “Quite so. What can I fetch you? Tea, perhaps, or lemonade, and there are some delightful little cakes prepared for visitors…”

E: oh those two messages were meant to send yesterday in the car 😛

M: I wondered XD

G: *reaaaaally bad service 😂* “Lemonade and cakes sounds wonderful, thank you.”

“Excellent,” says the footman. “They will be served in a moment.” He prudently withdraws as Queen Samarsa starts trying to intrude on Anderton’s conversation.
What do you do?

G: “If I may be so rude as to interrupt, May I ask: why are Rose and Commie your choices, Your Majesty? I have nothing against them, I’m merely curious.”

Anderton and Commie stop talking long enough to crack up. Rose Fairy looks insulted. Queen Samarsa sputters indignantly.
“You’re a ‘choice,’ as you so ELOQUENTLY put it, as well,” Zajki informs you. “Any unmarried lady between the ages of, say, fourteen to twenty-one is a potential bride for Anderton in the eyes of the queen. I would say,” he continues, as Queen Samarsa tries to protest and Anderton and Commie crack up again, “that Rose Fairy is the queen’s top pick, due to her beauty and *cough cough* simple nature. You would be next, as a human female who’s not too hard on the eyes. ‘Commie’ would be last because of her good sense. Clear?”
What do you do?

M: *also this time I’m REALLY not doing a new scenario until Enni responds*


M: *but you can react first if you want XD*
M: *enni you’re here why aren’t you responding?*

G: *oh, okay. I will!*
G: “Yes, that makes much more sense, thank you Zajki. Please continue your delightful conversations, everyone.”

M: *hello…?*


M: *maybe she’s busy 😛*
M: *she was on for a while…*

G: *XD*

E: sorry, school started again this week XD
E: I am very grateful that I’m “married”

M: *ah so that’s what happened XD*


Anderton and Commie, obeying Genni, go back to their conversation. (“So if quikquikquik shatterbricks can affect quakquak fundamentals…”)
The queen decides to pick a girl first and convince Anderton later. “So, Miss Genni, have you ever wanted to be a princess?”
The footman comes back with refreshments, which might or might not save Genni from having to answer.
What do you do?

E: I take something that looks like a lemonade

M: *we’ll wait for Genni to keep going, since she’s just been asked a question XD*


G: As I grab my lemonade *?* I reply, “well, I think pretty much everyone has dreamed about being royalty, so I can honestly say yes.”

“How lovely!” the queen beams. Zajki chuckles in your ear.
“Bad move” Commie mouths at you. Anderton *wow I almost forgot he was a frog XD* nods in agreement.
What do you do?

G: I grin sheepishly with a ‘just trying to be honest’ look

The queen turns to include Rose Fairy in the conversation. “What about you, my dear?”
Rose Fairy blushes and giggles and nods.

G: “I will say, Rose Fairy has much more experience with royalty that pretty much anyone else in this room – except the royals themselves, of course. I think she would make an exceptionally good princess.”

“NO!” Anderton yells. Then he pauses. “Actually, wait. Can I abdicate and make Rose Fairy… nevermind, that’s a bad idea.”
Commie laughs. “The kingdom would fall as soon as a cute enemy showed up.”
Queen Samarsa frostily ignores them. You can practically SEE her crossing Commie off her mental brides-for-Anderton list.

M: *ennniii…*

E: I can see the rose fairy’s face slowly fall

“Sorry,” Anderton adds, feeling a little bad.
Rose Fairy bursts into tears and flees the room.
“What’d I do?” Anderton asks.

E: I groan and rise to follow her

Rose Fairy runs back in, still sobbing. “WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE ME???”

E: “aw, plenty of people like you,” I assure her
E: “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you”

“Really?” Rose Fairy stops crying and beams. “Aww, thank you!” She hugs you. “Do you think… uh… you know, Pixie Dude still likes me?”
Commie facepalms

E: I grimace
E: “I don’t think Pixie Dude likes anybody,” I tell her honestly
E: “but why let that get you down? There’s so many people better than Pixie Dude!”

Rose Fairy bursts into tears again. 

M: *we’ll wait for Genni now
M: *where is she?

E: don’t know XD

G: “Maybe we can find a nice pixie for Rose Fairy? I’m afraid I don’t know any other than pixie dude.”

“There are plenty,” Commie starts to explain, taking a sip of ‘lemonade.’ Then she interrupts herself to spit it out. “What is IN that??”
(If you’ve been furtively sipping your lemonade, now is the time to turn into a butterfly.)
What do you do?

G: I suddenly turn into a butterfly.

“Uh-oh,” Commie and Anderton say simultaneously.
“What is going ON?” the queen shrieks.

M: *now we have to wait for Enni, so I can find out if she’s a butterfly or not XD*

“Oho, a plot twist,” Zajki rumbles, now flying in the air next to you (since he can’t sit on your shoulder anymore, now that you’re a butterfly).

M: *ok now I’m REALLY waiting for Enni XD*

G: *and I’ll just flutter frantically like the crazy butterfly I am*


E: I throw my lemonade to the floor
E: given that I only drank a bit, I sprout wings

“This is not ideal,” Commie says.
“Nope,” Anderton agrees. (Rose Fairy faints again.)
Suddenly that witch who Enni met way back at the beginning appears! “That will teach you to interrupt my naps!” she cackles.
“Wait — that’s the witch that cursed me!” Anderton exclaims.
“Small world,” Commie comments, “she cursed me once too.”
“Yes, well, you both interrupted my naps when you were children.” The witch sniffs haughtily. “Behold — my revenge!!”
What do you do?

E: I gasp
E: “uh, guys, you’re not gonna believe this but…THIS IS MY WITCH TOO.”

“Whaaaat?” Commie and Anderton both say. “No way!”
“Vile nap-interrupter,” the witch huffs. “I am not YOUR witch: you are MY annoying little enemy who I will shortly squash like a fly. A fruit fly? A housefly? A horsefly?” The witch starts muttering to herself about different types of flies.

M: *and now we’ll wait for Genni*

G: I continue to flutter around everyone, before “attacking” the witch (aka, flying so close to her face she can’t see anything.)

“Ack!” the witch sputters. Instead of trying to shoo Genni away (like a normal person would), she turns Genni into a statue. “There!”
Before anyone else can react (and if you think you could have, well, sorry – Commie’s faster than you), Commie exclaims “This has gone FAR ENOUGH!” and turns Genni back into a human.
“How dare you!” The witch turns Genni into a cabinet (why, I’m not sure).
Commie turns her back into a human. The witch turns her into a cat. And so on. In the space of sixty seconds, poor Genni becomes a human, a cloak, a human, a door, a human, an apple, a human, a horsefly, a human, a horse, a human, a china doll, and a human.
At this point the witch completely loses it and turns Commie into a statue, while cackling madly. “THERE!” She also turns Genni back into a butterfly for good measure.
What do you do?

G: I forget to fly from shock and fall to the ground (luckily I’m about a foot away from it).

E: I quickly pick Genni up so nobody steps on her

“Quick, Enni, wake up Rose Fairy so she can turn me back,” Statue-Commie whispers. “I can’t do magic like this.”
The outraged Prince Anderton is berating the witch (and seriously considering attacking her, frog or no frog). Meanwhile his mom has also fainted.
What do you do?

E: I shake rose fairy frantically

G: I just lie on Enni’s hand.

E: 😂

Rose Fairy doesn’t wake up, probably because the witch turned HER into a statue practically before Enni had a chance to yell. You hear a loud roar and Zajki grows to full size again, flames leaking from his fanged mouth. “Face me, witch!” he rumbles.
“Zajkighoeklmsoneiqeutrihsinfmeirutredduclomnupzer!” the witch stammers.
What do you do?

“What the HECK?” Commie and Anderton say simultaneously.
“Ooh, my head,” the queen moans, having been awakened by Zajki’s roar.

G: I’m still being held by Enni cause I’m a freaking butterfly and what else can I do?!?


E: I quickly shove the queen behind her throne so nobody turns HER into stone
E: though maybe that wouldn’t be such a loss…

M: *XD*

“Hey!” Commi exclaims, as the dragon and the witch begin to fight, “I might actually know what’s going on!”

G: *you’re doing very impressive things with one hand, Enni XDD*

E:  🤣

G: Now I can flutter around Commie as if trying to say ‘WHAT!!???!!!’

M: *fairies can understand you as a butterfly, by the way*

“This dragon is called Zajkighoeklmsoneiqeutrihsinfmeirutredduclomnupzer!” Commie says.
“THAT’S why the name sounded familiar!” Anderton exclaims. “Doesn’t he have a death feud with some witch — oh!”
“Exactly, it must be THIS witch!” Commie continues excitedly. “Uh-oh, you non-stone people should get under cover,” she adds as Zajki starts breathing fire at the witch (who is turning various objects into attacking vampire bats).
What do you do?

E: I hide with the queen
E: I also repeatedly pinch her so she doesn’t faint again

M: *genni?*

G: Fly on top of Commie’s head(since we can talk) (and she can hide with Enni and the queen)

M: *Commie’s a statue, remember*

G: *no that’s Rose Fairy*

M: *they both are*

(Meanwhile Anderton has hidden under a chair)

G: *she can just still talk?*

M: *yeah*

E: *it’s fairy magic rights XD*

G: *ah*

M: *ehhh, lots of statues can talk in this world. And enchanted people can often talk anyway*
M: *but to get back to the subject of Genni hiding…*

G: I’ll hide on Commie’s back.
G: Where the witch can’t see me.

It’s a good thing you managed to hide SOMEWHERE, because if you’d waited any longer I would’ve been forced to seriously injure you in the explosion. It’s unclear to you what CAUSED said explosion, but when the smoke clears the witch is a pile of ash (and Zajki looks very pleased with himself).
“Huh,” Anderton says. “I guess that works.”

G: I climb/fly up to Commie’s head.
G: *wait, will all the witch’s magic be reversed??*

M: *nope not yet*
M: *but good question!*
M: *enni?*
M: *enni. Enni. Enni?*

G: *ahem?*
G: *aaaand she’s gone*

M: *yep*

E: I continue pinching the queen

She manages to faint in spite of you pinching her.
“Did I harm anyone?” Zajki rumbles.
“You harmed the witch,” Commie points out.

E: “ARGH!” I scream at the queen
E: “what is wrong with you?”

“Shush,” she hisses, “I haven’t really fainted, I’m trying to make my son be the hero so that he’ll pay attention to all the marriageable young ladies in this room! Now stop pinching me.”

E: “…”
E: “…”
E: “…why me.”

“Hmph.” is the queen’s only response.
Anderton and Commie are busy talking about ways to get everyone back to their normal state. At least, you THINK that’s what they’re talking about. (“So to reform initial phgiosy, a subject of lokical ability…”)

G: I just hang around Commie and listen to her and Anderton talk. But then I realized I should ask her to tell Anderton not to accidentally eat me, because I’m a bug and he’s a frog.

M: *sooo… did you ACTUALLY ask or do you just think you should?*

G: *oh, right, I asked XD*

Commie relays the message and Anderton says “Well, duh. But thanks for the reminder. Good thinking.” Aaand they go back to their unintelligible conversation.

G: Dum dee doo…

M: *just waiting for Enni now XD*

E: I shake the queen
E: then I decide that actually, she can stay unconscious

“Right,” Zajki rumbles. “As the only being in this room with any sense, it is now my duty to tie up loose ends and send these two meddling maidens on their way. First, I will restore certain cursed individuals to their original state.” He chants “Nuktor mesta, nuktor mesta, nuktor mesta; rotkun atsem, rotkun atsem, rotkun atsem; photosynthesis.” Everyone goes back to normal: Commie and Rose Fairy are no longer statues,  Genni is no longer a butterfly, Enni no longer has wings (and you’re not beautiful anymore either if you even remember that). Wait, did I say ‘everybody’? Nevermind – Anderton is still a frog.
“Oh good, you’re all normal again!” Anderton says. He pauses. “Wait – then why am I still a frog?”

E: (hey!)
E: “maybe this is your natural state of being,” I suggest

“Incorrect, guess again,” Zajki chuckles.

E: “just tell me.”

Anderton suddenly turns pale. (Didn’t know frogs could do that, did you?) “Oh, no,” he says.

G: *maybe he just turns a sickly shade of green…*

M: *XD*

“Ohhhhhhh…” Commie has clearly realized whatever it is too.
Anderton facepalms. “WHY ME? WHY ME?”

G: “Um, does that mean you still have to marry someone?”
G: “Like, now?”

“Precisely,” Zajki rumbles, pleased with himself.
“As a dragon, I can perform the ceremony,” he adds.

G: “Oh boy.”
G: “For…?”

“The wedding,” Zajki huffs. “Obviously.”

E: “your wedding.”

The queen suddenly comes awake. “Wedding?”

G: “What?!?”

“Well, pick a girl, Anderton,” Zajki says.
“Don’t worry, Genni, I won’t pick you,” Anderton reassures you. “I mean, no offense or anything.”

E: “..I am obviously out of the running.”

G: “I have nothing against you personally, but yeah that might be best.”

Commie has turned a rather interesting color. “Okay, so not Enni, and not Genni, and you’ve already refused to marry Rose Fairy…”
“Huh,” Anderton says.
“Precisely,” Zajki rumbles, looking even smugger.

E: “don’t other girls exist?”

Commie rolls her eyes, getting her normal color back. “Ok, first off, Enni’s right-“

E: “oh yeah I am.”

“Oh yes,” Zajki says, “but there are other reasons.”
Anderton turns pink. (Didn’t know frogs could do that either, did you?)
“Waaaaaiiit a second…” Commie says.

E: I gasp

“HEY WHAT ARE YOU INSINUATING?” both of them yell at once.

E: “gee you don’t have to be so touchy!” I exclaim

“Sorry,” they say sheepishly.

E: “anderton — can I call you andy — you’re turning a shade of fuschia though.”

“Yes, you can call me Andy. And I am NOT!”
“Yes you are. You’re in love,” Zajki says pointedly. “And the two of you have been driving the whole forest crazy with your complete romantic blindness for YEARS, so I think I ought to be praised for finally getting the two of you married. So?”


M: *I have to wait for Genni now, sorry XD*


G: “A Wedding? I love weddings! Drinks all around!!!”

M: *somehow I knew you would say that XDD*

Anderton and Commie look at each other.
“Can we talk somewhere private?” Commie asks. Anderton nods.
“Why bother?” Zajki snorts. “Just speak in your usual technicality-ridden mumbo-jumbo, and no one will have any idea what you’re saying.”
“He’s got a point,” Anderton and Commie say simultaneously. And they start talking in their usual unintelligible fashion. (“If lonjigo qwurtkun is actually…”)

G: *in that little subconscious mind twin part of your brain? 😂*
G: I just stare blankly at the two of them, while the queen is giving me an interesting look for my previous comment.

Rose Fairy (who woke up when she was un-statued) has finally managed to grasp the situation. “He’s… not gonna marry me?” Her lower lip begins to tremble.
“No offense intended,” Anderton tells her, “but no. I’m going to marry Commie.”

G: “Congratulations!!!”
G: “It’s okay, Rose. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a wonderful pixie or person just right for you!”

“Aw, thanks!” Anderton and Commie say simultaneously, beaming.
Rose Fairy looks as if she’s about to go into hysterics.
Zajki is not fond of hysterics. “FOOTMAN!” he bellows.
The very brave footman from earlier enters. “Yes, Sir Dragon?”
Zajki points one claw at Rose Fairy. “That young fairy is in need of some comfort and a ride home. See to it.”
“Yes, Sir Dragon.” The footman helps Rose Fairy to her feet, offering an encouraging smile.
Rose Fairy (no longer anywhere close to hysterics) blushes and giggles. (Did I mention that the footman is young and rather good-looking?) Rose Fairy and the footman walk off arm in arm.
“Finally,” Zajki rumbles. “That flirtatious nitwit was getting on my nerves.”

G: “Well that was fast. Maybe she’s found someone already?”

*and then we went into a long discussion about a storm the night before. I’ll skip that, shall I?*

“Yeah, maybe,” Commie says thoughtfully.
“No more backstory,” Zajki snaps. “I consider Rose Fairy’s loose ends sufficiently tied up, so let’s move on to the wedding.”

G: “Okay! Commie, I’d be happy to help with whatever you need.”

M: *gonna wait for Enni before I continue but aww you’re so sweet*

G: *😊*

E: “yayyy we finally got that over with,” I groan

“Aw Genni, you’re so sweet!” Commie exclaims. “So when should we-“
“Now,” Zajki says on no uncertain terms. “You two are getting married NOW so that this can finally end.”
“Hey!” the two of them protest.
The queen blanches. “But there has to be a ceremony — I haven’t even invited any guests yet and we’ll need sooo many — and there’s the question of a suitable dress and bridesmaids and a cake and-“
“Alright, we’re getting married now,” Commie and Anderton decide.
“But-“ the queen protests, “but, but, she isn’t even wearing a veil! It’s TRADITIONAL!”

E: “can she faint on command?” I ask

“The queen or me?” Commie asks, yanking a white curtain off a nearby window.

G: “Probably the Queen. Do you want me to help you turn that into a more veil-like thing?”

“I think I’ve got it, but thanks,” Commie says, rearranging the curtain over her head. “Actually, could you grab me that flower wreath over there?”
The queen, beginning to realize that Anderton and Commie really DO intend to get married right now, starts to sputter in protest.

G: I run over, grab the wreath, and begin to arrange it with the veil on Commie’s head.

M: *enni? (just checking to make sure you’ve seen this)*
M: *maybe your message is just taking forever to send 🤷‍♀️*

E: I clap a hand over the queen’s mouth

“Mmmph!” the queen complains

M: *where’d everyone go?*

G: I finish setting up Commie’s veil.

“Thanks, Genni!” Commie says.
The queen is still trying to break free.
“How lovely,” Zajki says. “I will now begin the marriage ceremony.”

E: “yay!”

Zajki starts to begin the marriage ceremony then pauses. “This is ridiculous. Prince Anderton, would you marry Common Sense Fairy even if you weren’t a frog?”
“Of course,” Anderton answers immediately.
“Good.” Zajki roars “ENCRYPTION!” and suddenly Anderton is human again. He’s actually quite cute (you can see why Rose Fairy would like him) – I think it must be a perk of being a prince XD. His hair is fashionably messy, which could mean “hey look, I’m fashionably messy!” …or it could mean “THERE IS IMPORTANT STUDYING TO BE DONE PEOPLE (plus I used all my combs as bookmarks)”
“What?” Anderton asks, noticing everyone staring at him. He looks down at himself. “Oh. Well, uh, thanks, Zajki.”

E: “yay, you’re a human”

Commie also exclaims in delight.
Anderton grins. “It is nice to be human again.”

G: “Yay!!!”

“And NOW,” Zajki says imperiously, “the WEDDING.”

G: I’m rocking on my toes from excitement.

Anderton and Commie take each other’s hands as Zajki begins the ceremony. (The whole thing looks SIGNIFICANTLY less weird now that Anderton’s human XD)

G: *uh, yeah. 😜*
G: I’ll just keep standing nearby.
G: You know, this whole thing reminds me of a Dragon’s Kiss scene..

M: *what?*

G: *oh, a book in the Frog Princess series (also slightly ironic)*

M: *oh, those! I read them once… I should probably read them again XD they were fun!*
M: *and if Enni hasn’t responded by Saturday, I’m going to assume she chose to just stand around, and will therefore finish the wedding without her 😈*

G: *Yeah! Like all books the characters occasionally get annoying, but they’re pretty good!*
G: *🤣*

E: I will stand too XD

Zajki completes the wedding ceremony (which sounds familiar but weird at the same time) and ends with “congratulations, you may kiss the bride.”
A minute later Zajki gets impatient and adds “congratulations, now you may STOP kissing the bride.”
“Sorry,” Commie and Anderton say sheepishly. The queen is still sputtering various protests. Anderton notices and looks at her. “…sorry about not waiting for a huge ceremony, Mom.”
“I could let her throw one for my coronation,” Commie suggests, “since I’m a princess now.”

E: 😂

G: I move over to the queen. “She has a very good idea, your Majesty. Would you like to start planning now?”

Queen Samarsa blinks twice and says “Well… all right. Now, I think one month should be long enough for preparation, and the official coronation can be held in the Grand Ballroom, but there must be an outdoor ceremony for the common people to attend, and…”

G: “That sounds wonderful, but maybe we should help Commie, I mean Princess Commie, and Prince Anderton settle first?”

“Don’t be silly,” the queen says, “they’ll take care of all that. I’m sure they already have plans. Oh, and welcome to the family, Commie, by the way.”
“…thanks, Your Majesty?” Commie says.
“Oh, call me Mom, please.” Queen Samarsa smiles brightly. “Now, dear, would you like your coronation gown to be white, gold, or blue?”

G: I look expectantly at Commie.

“Blue,” Commie says firmly. “But before we dive into planning — Genni, Enni, would you like to stay for the coronation or go home now?”

G: “I would love to stay if you don’t mind.”

“Great!” Anderton grins.
“How about you, Enni?” Commie prompts.

M: *which means that now we have to wait for Enni*

E: I consider this for a second
E: “when’s the coronation?”

“One month,” the queen says irritably, still muttering about details, “weren’t you listening?”

E: I bite my lip
E: “oof, that’s kind of a long time…I think I’ll go back.”

“Can’t say I blame you,” Commie admits. She is being forcibly measured by some dressmakers that the queen just called in. “Genni can still stay without you, I’ll just have to make sure I collect enough blood to send her back when it’s over.”

G: “What?!? Blood?!?”

“Relax,” Anderton reassures you, “we just need a drop. See, the quantiphysical erosystems of-“
“Normal speech, Andy,” Commie reminds him. “Genni isn’t me.”
“Oh right.” Anderton explains again, in normal language this time. “In order to establish a connection to your world, we need blood from two separate people of that world. Scholars are unsure why exactly. So, in order to send you and Enni back, we need a drop or two of blood from each of you, and then an easy one-time tunnel from our world to yours can be created. That better?”

G: “Oh, yeah. Much better.”

“So we can send you back anytime,” Commie adds, “but if Enni goes first we need to save a drop of her blood in order to send YOU back after the coronation.”
“Excuse me – can’t I just TELL you my measurements??” Commie asks the dressmakers, getting frustrated. “I make my own clothes, so I should know everything you’ll need.”
The dressmakers are apparently scandalized that a future princess would make her own clothes.

G: I just stand off to the side and attempt to hide my laughter.
G: Should we just post our playlists, and then next weekend post our reactions to each others?

M: *no, I think we should wait, right?*

E: ^^

M: *to what?*

E: what you said

M: Ok
M: Back to the roleplay:

Zajki is getting impatient again. “Is Enni leaving or not? Hurry up!”
“Sheesh,” Commie mutters under her breath, “ever heard of the word patience?”

M: *guys come on, the sooner we finish this the sooner we can have normal conversations again XD*

G: *what am I supposed to say?!?*

E: exactly XD

M: *I don’t know, figure something out. 😜 Enni, you can say you want to leave or you think Zajki is an odious meddler in other people’s affairs, or either of you can try to rescue Commie from the dressmakers, or…*

Nobody listened to me — big surprise XD

G: Oh, here’s my playlist.

E: yay!
E: I need access 😛

G: Blehhhhh 🙄🙄🙄

E: 😂

G: Okay, should work now!
G: I can guarantee there will be one song that’s on both of ours 😜

E: I actually don’t think so XD
E: I was surprised epiphany wasn’t there 😉
E: I think I need to update mine since evermore came out…
E: here’s mine!
E: and to continue the roleplay…
E: “hmm…well maybe if genni’s staying, I’ll stay too…”
E: I remind myself that I’m literally never going to see a fairy coronation again
E: “okay, I’ll stay!”

Zajki looks ready to start setting things afire. “MAKE UP YOUR MIND!”
“Oh good grief, she just said she’ll stay,” Commie points out
“Then stay she shall,” Zajki growls. “I’ll stay here too, just to see to it.”
“Well, we’ll be delighted to have you, Enni!” Anderton says brightly. “And you too, Zajki.”

E: “what an impatient dragon,” I mutter under my breath

Zajki hears you. “IMPATIENT?? I AM NOT- well, perhaps a little,” he admits.

E: I nod sagaciously 

Commie and Anderton simultaneously repress snorts.
The queen is still in full planning flow. “Oh- Enni’s staying too? So then we’ll have two attendants for Commie — the dress mustn’t be white then, that would look simply terribly on Enni-“

E: I gasp
E: “rude.”

“I’m a queen, dear,” Queen Samarsa reminds you. “I am entitled to be as rude as I would like.”
“Sorry,” Anderton mouths at you

E: “well, I’m a queen too,” I remind her
E: I wonder whether being a queen was part of what I said when I claimed to be married…

(It was) “Ahhhh yes…” Zajki rumbles, looking amused. “A ‘queen.’”
“Oh well,” the queen says, ignoring Zajki. “I’m older and queen of a larger realm, therefore I outrank you. Now, for shoes — high heels, flats, or sandals?”
“Flats,” Commie says immediately. “I’m not wearing heels for an hours-long ceremony.”

E: I nod
E: “good choice…I would definitely know.” 

“Fine, flats it shall be,” the queen says. “Now, Genni, I haven’t asked your opinion yet — should there be lace trim on the dresses?”

G: “Well, what will the color and style be?”

M: *you’re better with clothes than I am, so you tell me (and then I make the queen say it XD) 😜*

G: *okay, this style/color dress*
G: *with this style sleeves (why does this model look like a mixture of Adele and Emma Watson?!??)*

G: *actually, the lower dress style with the upper fabric*

M: *i knew I could trust your fashion sense 😊*

G: *aww, I try 😁*

M: *and you’re totally right about that model XDDD*

G: *SHE HAS EMMA WATSON’S SMILE!!!! And yet she also looks like Adele. It’s shocking!!!*

M: *i know, right???*

The queen describes (in extensive detail that I’m not going to write out) the dress Genni just selected. “And there would be plenty of gold embellishments,” she adds, “which is why I’m wondering about the lace… it might seem like too much… ooooh, perhaps we could have diamonds sewn into the skirts! Or emeralds?”

G: “In my opinion the diamonds and emeralds would be too much. The gold and lace would be beautiful, though. What do you think, Commie?”

“Hmmm…” Commie says thoughtfully. “I agree with you — the gems would be too much. Of course,” she adds, glancing at one of the dressmakers’ designs, “I think MY dress will be ‘too much’ no matter how I feel about it.”
“Don’t be silly, dear, “ the queen says briskly. “Now, how shall your hair be done? Let me see…”

G: “You’re probably right.” In a confidential voice I add, “If necessary, I can help alter it to tone it down a bit.”

“Thanks sooo much,” Commie whispers back. “With your help, we ought to be able to make it an actually decent dress!”

G: I try to hide my laughter, but the queen manages to notice through her rant.

“What’s so funny?” she asks suspiciously.

G: “Oh, nothing, Your Majesty. What were you saying about flower arrangements?”

Queen Samarsa gives you a very suspicious look but goes back to discussing flower arrangements.
“Nice save,” Anderton whispers, grinning.

G: “I try.” I reply, also grinning.


At this point, I realized that Together was going to be much too long for just one part. So, come back tomorrow for Coronation!!! (and the day after that for the part where they actually go home XD)

Anderton and Commie are so cute, aren’t they? 😊

And aren’t you very intrigued by the interspersed conversation about “playlists”? Because that’s also a post series we’re working on 😁 (it might take a while, though. As in a loooooonngg while.)

Hope you enjoyed!


P.S. pro tip: never let Queen Samarsa plan anything (ask me how I know XD)

Adventures in the Enchanted Forest, Part II: Genni

(they’re really in the same forest the whole time, I just like finding new featured images 😋)

(and besides, who says enchanted forest topography CAN’T change that quickly and dramatically?)

Anyways, Menni here! I’m actually writing all of the Enchanted Forest posts today (actually, when this posts it’ll be yesterday), because I know better than to assume I’ll get ANYTHING done during the school week. Which is why post scheduling comes in so handy!

To recap: …actually, no way can I recap that. Go read the actual post instead!

On to Part II!!!


Ok: you are in an enchanted forest. Enni is somewhere else in this same universe, and your objective is to find her so the two of you can get home. While going through the forest, you stop for a drink at a quiet pond and are startled by a talking frog. This frog claims to be an enchanted prince. He begs you to kiss him and thus turn him back into a human. What do you do?
*If this makes no sense you might want to check Crazy*

I was very confused for a second…XD
In my efforts to stand so as to ponder more carefully I would trip and accidentally kiss the frog, but luckily without squishing him flat.

The frog immediately turns into not a prince, but a handsome pixie who for some reason is covered in bee stings. He runs off yelling “I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEE! TAKE THAT, BUMBLEBEE FAIRY!!”
“Oh, sheesh,” another talking frog groans. “Stupid pixie.”
What do you do?

Stare blankly after him, then strike up a conversation with the second frog.

“Hello,” says Frog Number Two. “I’m actually the “enchanted prince” in this pond — ‘CURSED prince’ is the correct term, by the way — and I should never have told that nitwit that transformation spells can always be broken by some sort of love action. The most standard is simply ‘a kiss’ from literally anyone, which is how you were able to untransform Pixie Dude. My spell is more complicated — to turn back into a human, I not only have to kiss someone, I have to MARRY her. So my plan is to remain a frog until I find someone I want to marry… and I just went off into a long technical explanation, didn’t I? My apologies.” It’s difficult to bow when you’re a frog, but he manages. “I’m Prince Anderton, of the enchanted forest.”
What do you do?

I feel like I should be more surprised, but I’m not, so I ask him to tell me a bit more about himself.

*you can talk directly to the characters, BTW — just enclose what you want to say in quotes “like this”*

Ah, thanks!

“Well,” Prince Anderton says, “I was kidnapped and cursed by a witch. I have absolutely no idea why — she just seemed to be in a bad mood for some reason. I’m sitting in my library quietly studying when the witch suddenly appears and snarls ‘I’m going to curse you! Do you want to be turned into a frog, a fruit fly, or a statue?’ I said ‘frog’ because fruit flies don’t live very long and a statue isn’t alive in the first place. So she turned me into a frog and teleported me here. It kinda sucks, but stuff like that does tend to happen to princes. My mom will be thrilled, though — it’s her life’s ambition to get me married, and now I HAVE to if I want to be human again.”
What do you do?

“Who’s your mom? And where’s your kingdom?”

“My mother is Queen Samarsa of the enchanted forest” Prince Anderton explains, “and as to where my kingdom is, we’re technically in it right now. This area was ceded to the witches several centuries ago, but it’s still under our jurisdiction. But where are my manners? You’re in the witches’ territory too, so SOMETHING must be wrong. How can I help?”
What do you do?

“Well, I’m terribly sorry you’ve been turned into a frog, but after that first experience with talking frogs, I’d much rather make sure you’re actually a prince before I try and help you. As to what’s wrong, I’ve managed to get rather lost. How about you lead me to your castle or wherever you live, I can meet your mother, confirm you’re a prince, and figure out what to do next!”

Prince Anderton laughs. “Quite understandable that you’d be suspicious of frog princes. I assure you I AM actually a prince, though. I can’t lead you to my palace, unfortunately, because I’m stuck in the witches’ territory until I eat eight thousand flies.” He grimaces (another thing it’s tough to do as a frog). “But I should be able to lead you to the boundary between ‘witch land’ and ‘normal forest.’ Is that enough?”
What do you do?

“I think so, thank you! Can I assist with the flies first? Or would you rather I just hurry on your transformation?”

“Oh, no, I’m already eating flies as fast as I can without getting obese. Only six thousand more to go! Anyways, the normal forest is this direction. Follow me!” He hops off.
What do you do?

Follow him

The two of you walk (well, you walk and he hops) along for about five minutes, then Prince Anderton whispers. “Quick, hide — a witch!”
What do you do?

Quickly jump into a nearby hollow tree

A witch ambles past, muttering to herself. After she is gone, Prince Anderton announces “All clear!” and hops off again.
What do you do?

Slowly creep out, checking my surroundings. Seeing the way is clear I jog off after him.

*aw you’re so sensible* After another five minutes, you hear footsteps. What do you do?

Duck behind some bushes while signaling to Anderton.

Anderton hops into the bushes with you and you both wait breathlessly. And wait. And wait. You can still hear footsteps, but no one seems to be coming. What do you do?

Keep waiting until the footsteps seem to move away.

“Probably an invisible man,” Anderton whispers. “It should be safe now.” He hops off.
What do you do?

Repeat what I did previously.
But I’m too lazy to retype that…XD

After another five minutes there’s ANOTHER interruption. This time it’s Pixie Dude running frantically away while three fairies chase after him yelling “HOW DARE YOU!!!”
What do you do?

Pause for a moment to watch, “Knowing him, he probably deserves that.”

“Oh, totally,” Anderton agrees. “Let’s go!” He hops off again.
What do you do?

Follow while admiring the beautiful forest.

Another five minutes and another interruption. (Is this built into witch territory or something???) This time it’s a witch who flies down on a broomstick before either of you can hide. “who are you and what are you doing here??” she yells.
What do you do?

“Anderton? What do we do?”

“Stay calm,” Anderton whispers. He clears his froggy throat. “Well… uh, ma’am… I’ve been cursed. That’s what I’m doing here. My friend is lost.”
“Hmph,” the witch grumbles. “I can’t fiddle with another witch’s curse. Are YOU cursed?” she asks you.
What do you do?

Thinking that if I said no she’d put one on me, I say “Yes.” in a very squeaky voice, “I’ve been cursed to talk like this until I turn a frog into a prince.”

“That’s a stupid curse,” the witch says with dignity. She stalks off.
“Quick thinking,” Prince Anderton tells you once the witch is out of earshot. “Don’t worry,” he adds, “just a few more miles to the normal forest!” He hops off.
What do you do?

Keep following

Another five minutes, another interruption. A dragon swoops down from above! With fiery breath leaking from his fanged mouth, the dragon rumbles, “Well, well… what have we here?”
What do you do?

Scream “Gak!” And attempt to hide behind Anderton before remembering he’s a frog and therefore a tenth of my size.

*XD* “We’re, uh, travelers,” Anderton says, attempting to shield you from danger before remembering he’s a frog and therefore a tenth of your size.
“Travelers?” The dragon sounds amused. “In the witches’ realm?”
“The witches’ TERRITORY,” Anderton corrects the dragon, unable to stop himself.
What do you do?

“We’ve managed to get a bit lost, but a very helpful fairy must have us directions!”

*there must be a typo in there somewhere but I dunno what it is* *maybe she’s just a bit rattled by a dragon suddenly showing up XD*

“Is that so?” The dragon remains amused. Now he speaks directly to you. “I see your escort is under a rather clever curse, but…” the dragon sniffs deeply “I detect no magic about you. What are YOU doing here?”
What do you do?

“Umm, Well, my friend here was put under a curse, so I decided to go with him and help him break it.”
Wait, I completely forgot I had to join up with Enni 😂

*XD hold on, the dragon can work that part in for you*


“What I was really wondering about,” the dragon informs you, “is why someone is looking for you. And the prince,” he adds, sniffing again. “Oh yes, I know he is a prince. And someone is definitely looking for him too… I sense something…” The dragon lets out a laugh that sets several bushes on fire. “This could be interesting. I will remain with you, to see whether you find your friend.” The dragon sneezes three times in rapid succession (setting a few more bushes on fire) and shrinks until he’s roughly the same size as Prince Anderton. The dragon flies to your shoulder and perches there.
What do you do?

“Oh no! I completely forgot about Enni! I have to find her! But I’m helping Anderton… Maybe we can find Enni, then I can come back with her to help Anderton! Mr. Dragon, would you mind flying up and trying to spot her?”

“Oh no,” the dragon says. “I’m here to observe, not to help. But,” he adds, settling himself more comfortably on your shoulder, “I would advise you continue on your current course and remain with the prince. You may find your friend sooner than you think.”
“And I AM a prince, after all,” Anderton points out, “even if I’m currently a frog. Once I eat four thousand more flies, I can take you to the palace and my mother can help you find your friend. She’s an expert in spells of seeing and finding.”
What do you do?

“Okay.” I keep following Anderton to the edge of the witches’ territory.

*were you getting tired of interruptions? XD*
“We’re here!” Anderton announces. “And I only need 200 more flies, so, if you want to wait about fifteen minutes or so, I can take you to the palace.”
What do you do?

“Okay, thanks! I’ll wait here with – what’s your name?”

“Zajkighoeklmsoneiqeutrihsinfmeirutredduclomnupzer,” the dragon says. “And your name is Genni, of course.”
*What do you do?

“Wow, can I call you Zajki? And yes, it is”

“Go ahead.” The dragon examines his claws, seemingly uninterested. Prince Anderton starts counting down flies: “100…99…98…97…”
What do you do?

Stand in awkward silence while watching Anderton catch flies.

Zajki chortles softly.
97 flies later, Anderton announces “Alright, done!” He hops over the border. “Follow me!” he calls over his froggy shoulder.
What do you do?

Follow again.

Anderton leads you to a fairy-tale castle. “We’re here!” he announces.
“Oh, this WILL be amusing,” Zajki rumbles.
What do you do?

Follow Anderton into the castle.

Unfortunately, you don’t make it into the castle: a prissy footman stops you. “Excuse me, what precisely is your business here?”
What do you do?

“Hello! This delightful frog claims he is Prince Anderton who has been turned into a frog, is there any way we can see the queen to confirm this?”

“Impossible,” the snotty footman says. “Prince Anderton has been kidnapped by a witch, and the queen is NOT receiving visitors.”
“But I AM Prince Anderton!” Anderton protests.
What do you do?

“That witch turned the prince into a frog; the frog you see here. Are you sure the queen won’t see us? Even if this is her son?”

The footman begins to answer “The queen is NOT-“
Suddenly you hear Enni yell your name! What do you do?
*genni come baaaaack*

*sorry! Typing a long email to you and others*

*yeah I just saw it!*

I whirl around, “Enni!” I run over to hug her *wait, does covid exist here?*

*no it doesn’t* Your arms go right through her — she’s like a hologram. Suddenly the hologram goes on fast forward and Enni’s talking to some other random person, saying “THEY’RE HERE!”
“Is someone calling you?” Anderton asks.
“A communication spell,” Zajki rumbles. “So it finally worked…”
What do you do?

“A what?”

“A communication spell,” Zajki repeats.
“It’s a method of long-distance communication — or short-distance, I guess, but that seems kinda pointless,” Anderton explains. “If it’s working right, you and whoever’s calling you ought to be able to see and hear each other.”
What do you do?

“So, can I tell her how to find me?”

“Well, you should be able to,” Anderton says. “Just tell her where you are.”
What do you do?

“Hey, Enni! I’m at the castle in – hang on, where am I, Anderton?”

“The Royal Palace of the Enchanted Forest, if you want to get technical,” Anderton says.
What do you do?

“Yeah, the Royal Palace Of The Enchanted Forest. Can you find that alright?”

*ok now I can’t do anything else until Enni comes back and responds XD*

*Hurry up, Enni!!!!*

*en-ni, en-ni, en-ni*
“We’re inside right now!” Enni exclaims. “Can you come in?”
What do you do?

“I would, but the footman won’t let us in. Can you help with that? We need to see the queen.”

“Stupid footman,” Anderton grumbles. “I’m going to check his record and see if I can get him fired.”
The footman turns up his nose. “My job is to keep rabble out of the palace. Plus,” he adds, suddenly becoming more human, “you know how the queen acts whenever a marriageable-age female comes in.”
“Good point,” Anderton concedes. “Perhaps I won’t fire you after all.”
*waiting for Enni…*


A hummingbird flies up with a message for the footman. He reads it, says “I’ve been ordered to let you in,” and opens the gates.
“Finally,” Prince Anderton grumbles, hopping forwards. What do you do?

“Okay, Enni! We’re coming! Can you meet us inside?”

“Okay!” Enni says. What do you do?

Walk inside with Anderton and Zajki.

You hear voices coming from a hall off the main entryway. Anderton is hopping in that direction. What do you do?

Keep following him.



*ahem* I mean, inside the hall you find Enni, the Queen Samarsa (she’s a lady with a crown, so you assume she’s the queen), and two fairies, one of whom seems to have fainted. 

“Did I miss something?”


I feel like Genni’s part is shorter than Enni’s was…

I had a tough time of it keeping Genni out of the palace until Enni was ready for her, let me tell you. And they never were precisely in sync. Hence the fast/slow motion communication spell.

Also, have I mentioned how much I love Enni’s idea of hummingbird-carried messages? Because I really like it.

Enni and Genni were both so confused about each other’s situations XD

Come back tomorrow for their joint part, and the day after that for the necessary addition to their joint part, and the day after THAT for the part where they finally go home!!!

Hope you enjoyed!


Adventures in the Enchanted Forest, Part I: Enni

wow that image is so pretty 😍

*ahem* Anyways, Menni here! Guess what? We finally finished that roleplay-thingamabob we were doing!

Oh, and I’m calling it “Adventures in the Enchanted Forest” now, since it really needed a better name than “roleplay-thingamabob.”

HOW DO I INTRO THIS POST????? This is like trying to pick a movie genre for The Princess Bride. Ummm… think of this as Crazy Conversations gone even crazier, plus witches and fairies and an easily offended dragon and a frog prince who’s a total nerd.

This is how I explained it to Enni and Genni on our Hangouts group (which is titled Crazy! because we are 😉): “Ok, guys, here’s my off-topic idea: we need to do more all-of-us stuff for YWAI, right? And it needs to be suitably insane, right? Of course right. *fiddler on the roof flashbacks*
Therefore, I have invented this game/roleplay thing/crazy conversations gone even crazier thing. The gist is, I will (on your private strand, so you don’t know what the other person’s doing) give each of you a scenario and then ask “what do you do?” Based on what you reply, I’ll give you a new scenario, and so on. Your objective is to find the other person. Clear? Yay!
Wait… you thought “YEAH SURE, CLEAR AS MUD,” didn’t you… well, Yay anyway!
It’ll be fun, I promise. 😉”

You’ll figure it out, I’m sure. On to Part I!!!

*Enni’s part gets to be first, because she technically responded first*

*the scenarios will be in bold, and Enni’s responses will be in normal*

*also, I should warn you that these posts will be really long*

*just like my intros!*

*ok, now I’ll actually start XD*


Ok: you are in an enchanted forest. Genni is somewhere else in this same universe, and your objective is to find her so the two of you can get home. While going through the forest, you accidentally wake up a crotchety old witch. She (annoyed at being awoken) announces that she is going to curse you. Fortunately, she’s very indecisive and can’t decide if she should turn you into a fruit fly, a sentient statue, or a cat. She asks you to pick. What do you do?*If this makes no sense you might want to check Crazy*

can I move if I’m a sentient statue or just talk?

The witch angrily tells you that OBVIOUSLY statues can’t move, so all you can do is talk. She’s also mad at the delay and removes the “cat” option.

uhhh fruit fly
*going to regret that*

“All right then,” the witch says. She mutters some nonsense words under her breath and “poof” — you are a fruit fly. At this point the witch grins wickedly, reminds you that fruit flies live for like a week, and cackles “go find a fairy if you want to survive!” What do you do?

oh dear
I fly to the nearest fairy

The nearest fairy is a Bumblebee Fairy, and she’s having trouble with her bees. She (unmoved by your tragic plight) tells you you have to challenge her rival queen bee to a duel, and THEN the fairy will help you. But a helpful bee whispers to you that a less temperamental Rose Fairy lives just ten miles to the east. What do you do?

considering that bees have stingers and fruit flies…do not, I fly to the rose fairy

“Oh, hello!” she says brightly. “Do I know you? What do you want?”
What do you do?

(can I talk as a fruit fly)
(or do fairies understand everything)

*to both*

“well, an evil witch turned me into a fruit fly and I heard that you had a very amiable disposition so I was wondering if perhaps you had the kindness to help me?”

“Oh gosh, that’s horrible!” the fairy exclaims. “So you want me to do what? Whatever it is, I’ll do it!”
What do you do?

“I knew that you weren’t underrated! could you possibly turn me back into a human?”

“Oh sure!” She smiles brightly. “What kind of human?”
What do you do?

I decide to take advantage of this chance
“well, could you turn me into the kind of human that’s able to see everyone in the forest?”

“Hmmm…” She thinks. “Okay, sure!” She waves her fingers around and sneezes twice. Suddenly you can see everything in the forest! And I mean EVERYTHING. Sensory overload. Bat, bee, that awful Bumblebee Fairy, a traveling salesman… you can’t make sense of anything. It’s a big forest. What do you do?

I blink as I try to locate my surroundings
suddenly, I remember that you should always be veryyyyyy specific when you deal with magical folks
I shame myself for not learning this when I watched Aladdin
“could I maybe be able to only see the people that I wish to see on command and have normal vision the rest of the time?” 

“Ooh goodness me, that’s hard!” Rose Fairy thinks again. “If you find me an orchid pearl, I can do it!”
What do you do?

“ohhhh uhhh…where would I go about finding an orchid pearl?”

Rose Fairy giggles. “In an orchid, silly! There’s a big grove of them just down thataway.” Her brow scrunches. “Only, I WON’T go there ‘cause it belongs to my ex-boyfriend who is like a total jerk.”
What do you do?

ex-boyfriends are rough
“what’s he like?” 

“Oh, he’s a pixie!” Rose Fairy chatters. “He’s, like, SO handsome with dark hair and burning eyes and a cute little nose and perfect muscles…” she goes on and on like this with no end in sight. What do you do?

“so…why is he a total jerk again?”

Rose Fairy sputters to a stop. “Ohhh… right, he IS a jerk! He DUMPED me for that SIMPERING Bumblebee Fairy, and I am SO MAD at BOTH of them — she’s a JERK too, and I bet she only PRETENDS to like him because he has the best orchid pearls.” Rose Fairy frowns.
What do you do?

ah I knew that that bumblebee fairy was no good
well, you know what they say…you can be friends if you have the same enemy
“yeah, I’m not a huge fan of hers either. all right, it’s a deal!”
I pause
“are…there any powers of his I should know about? any danger?”

Rose Fairy blinks. “Oh no, no danger! Why should there be danger? He’s SO nice — only he’s a JERK because he DUMPED me for some STUPID reason. Just go ask him for an orchid pearl, it’ll be great!”
What do you do?

well, it doesn’t seem like there’s any danger…
I march down to his whereabouts

You are greeted by a ridiculously handsome (Rose Fairy wasn’t kidding) pixie. “Hello!” he greets you. “So, do you want an orchid pearl?” He winks. “I’m kinda famous for them. And don’t worry —they’re super cheap!”
What do you do?

I analyze my opponent
he seems like the person who would easily succumb to flattery…
an idea springs to my mind but it’s almost nauseating
pushing aside the bile that rises to my mouth, I put on a simpering smile
“oh, you’re just as handsome as they all say!” I pretend to gush 

“I am, aren’t I?” He grins and winks again. “You’re mighty fine-looking yourself, I might say.” Another wink. You look down at yourself and realize that the Rose Fairy apparently turned you into an insanely beautiful human. What do you do?

I gulp
this isn’t ideal
do not break do not break do not break do not break
I sigh
“oh, I’d love one of those orchid pearls so much – how much?” 

“Well,” he says, “for such a beautiful lady as yourself, I’ll sell it cheap. How about one kiss?” He grins and winks yet again. What do you do?


*i’m sorry Enni I had to do it*

I close my eyes
is it worth it
quick! I need to think fast
“oh, I’m sorry,” I dip my head, “but I’m under a curse! you see, I can’t kiss anybody until I get an orchid pearl!”
I turn pleading eyes to him

He blinks a couple times. “Sorry, I got a little distracted…” He manages to focus on your words and not your appearance. “So, you need an orchid pearl before you can kiss me? Wait right there, I’ll get one!” And he is off like a shot. In literally two seconds he is back with this round white thing that you assume is an orchid pearl. He hands it to you. “Here you go, beautiful!” Another grin and wink. “How about that kiss?”
What do you do? *wow this guy IS a jerk*

I was so close
“but you see…I need to go to a fairy before I can use the full effects of the pearl”
somehow I sense that bringing up his ex won’t be the right way to go
“I heard that there’s one nearby so I’ll just get off to her…I’ll be back in a jiffy! wait for me!”
wow, fine pixie he is for cheating on that bumblebee…even if she’s a jerk too

“Ok, I’ll come with you!” He runs after you. *personally I would punch him in the face at this point XD* “so, why do you need an orchid pearl to break this curse? Usually they’re for, like, spells of seeing and whatnot.” He pauses. “Oh, but you don’t want to talk about that, do you?” He grins flirtatiously. “Not when there are other things to talk about.”
What do you do?

this guy really doesn’t know how to take a hint does he


“oh look!” I say brightly, “we’re here!”
it sure is a good thing that the rose fairy is close
taking a few steps away from the pixie so he can’t do anything bad, I bellow, “ROSE FAIRY!”

Rose Fairy comes flying up. “What? What?” She sees the pixie and blushes so hard you worry her face will explode. There is much incoherent squeaking. The pixie guy grins and winks.
What do you do?

I shove the orchid pearl in her face

She blinks and blinks and blinks and finally focuses. “Ohhh,” she squeaks, “right! She takes the orchid pearl and starts waving her hands around. Suddenly she stops. “I’ve, uh, uh, forgotten the words — I need my, uh, dictionary.” She flees, still blushing, as Pixie Dude starts grinning and winking again. NOW what do you do?
*i’ll take pity on you eventually, don’t worry*

I take a few cautionary steps away from him and gauge his abilities
he’s small…but also ripped…and magical…

He steps close to you and says “Soo… how about that kiss?”
At this point a new fairy flies up. “Are you KIDDING ME?” she exclaims. “Bro! Seriously! What did I TELL you about no flirting — oh, and by the way Bumblebee Fairy and River Fairy AND Sycamore Fairy are looking for you.”

I glance my new savior up and down

“I can explain—“ Pixie Dude starts.
“Ha.” The new fairy turns to you. “Anyway, hi! I’m Common Sense Fairy.”
“You are NOT,” Pixie Dude grumbles. “You’re Lily Fairy.”
“Not anymore, brother dear.” She flashes an official-looking ID card. “I officially got a new job.”
What do you do?

I hope that the rose fairy returns very soon
“you’re just who I needed!”

“Aw, thanks!” Common Sense Fairy laughs. “Seriously, though, that kind of line works better on my brother here. But, in compensation for his horrible chronic flirtiness, I’d be happy to help you out. What do you need?”
What do you do?

“oh, I’m just waiting for the rose fairy to come back because she needs to do some spell on me…I think your brother went to her head though, so I don’t know when she’s coming back”

“Oh dear.” Common Sense Fairy seems to be simultaneously fighting the urge to giggle and the urge to throw up *which is exactly how I feel about Pixie Dude*. “I’ll go fetch Rose Fairy, but FIRST my brother is going to leave.”
He grins and winks. “Why would I do that?”
“Because I can hear Bumblebee Fairy coming this way and she’s kinda out for your blood,” Common Sense Fairy tells him. Pixie Dude turns pale.
“You’re kidding, right?”
At this point Bumblebee Fairy appears through the trees and charges at Pixie Dude with her army of bees, yelling “DIRTY CHEATING SWINE!!!”
Pixie Dude runs far away with Bumblebee Fairy in pursuit. Common Sense Fairy cracks up.
What do you do?

that was very satisfying
I turn towards common sense fairy
“is there a nickname I can call you?”

“Oh sure, most people call me Commie. What’s your name?”
What do you do?

“…like a communist–nevermind”
“uh, I’m Enni” 

“Nice to meet you.” Common Sense Fairy dips a little curtsy. “Though I don’t understand what you meant about ‘comm-u-nist’ at all. What spell was Rose Fairy supposed to do for you again?”
What do you do?
*almost forgot that part XD*

“she was supposed to turn me into a human that could see everybody in the forest on command” 

Commie blinks. “But that’s EASY. I could do it right now. So you want the ability to see anyone in this forest when you want to but not otherwise? Do you want them to be able to see you too?”
What do you do?

“wow, really? I’d like to be able to focus my sight on one person if I choose to but have normal vision the rest of the time and I wouldn’t like anybody else to see me…unless I want them to”

Commie nods. “Okay. We’re getting more complicated, but I can do that much. Ready?”
What do you do?

“…there aren’t any catches, right?”

Commie snorts. “Please. I’m COMMON SENSE FAIRY.”
What do you do?

I gulp

Commie waves her fingers around like Rose Fairy did, then says “Bing, Bang, BOOM,” very decisively. She beams. “There! We’re done.”
What do you do?

I decide to test it out
focus on rose fairy
boom! I see her, curling her hair and humming a love song

“Who are you looking for?” Commie asks.
What do you do?

“this human girl called Genni…she’s my friend”

“Well, have you tried looking for her with my spell?” Commie asks eagerly. “It ought to work… unless someone’s put a blocking spell over her…”
What do you do?

I close my eyes and focus
find Genni
I squint
the blurry image of a brown-haired girl pops into view

Suddenly the words ERROR, ERROR obscure your vision.
What do you do?

“nooo,” I breathe
“uh…it says ERROR ERROR…”

“DANG it!” Commie exclaims. “Someone HAS put a blocking spell over her.” She frowns. “I can’t undo blocks — they’re really tricky.” Commie brightens. “But Queen Samarsa — her husband rules the enchanted forest — knows all about them. I can teleport you to the palace easily, but there’s a catch.”
What do you do?

oh no not MORE Magical People
“what’s the catch?”

“Weellll,” Commie says slowly, “she has this son, Prince Anderton. HE’S actually quite nice in a nerdy kind of way, but Queen Samarsa is OBSESSED with getting him married. Soo… if a marriageable-age young lady walks into the palace, be prepared for heavy hints and bribery and whatnot.”
What do you do?

oh No
not more romance
I grit my teeth
“okay, fine”

“Brave girl.” Commie grins. “Don’t freak out —like I said, Anderton’s nice and has no interest in getting married, so you’ll have at least one ally. Here we go!” She licks her index finger and says “alakazambazkohiugmadwo…” her voice fades off as the world turns black and spins around you. After a few dizzy seconds, it refocuses. You are now standing in front of a fairy-tale castle.
What do you do?

I take a deep breath and remember to keep my wits about me
I am not getting married today
I march in

A footman greets you. “Welcome to the palace, Madam. What is your purpose here?” He leans close and whispers, “If it’s not ‘get married,’ you might want to leave.”
What do you do?

I ignore him and march in anyways
I have material I can work with

You hear a woman’s voice. “Have we a visitor?” She sounds excited.
What do you do?

oh no
I spy a mirror


then I examine the floral and metalwork surrounding the walls
I place a wreath on my head and twist some metal around my finger
then, I march into the hall

The queen is there, and she is indeed the woman you heard. “How lovely, we DO have a visitor!” she exclaims. You can tell that she’s thinking “and she’s a beautiful young woman! Now where is my son?”
What do you do?

“I am the queen of the…daffodil realm!” 

The queen blinks. “The… daffodil realm?” She beams. “My goodness, how lovely! That’s so far away, I’m immensely flattered that you would journey so far to visit me!” She very subtly winks. “Or was it… someone else… you were hoping to visit?”
What do you do?

I hold up my left hand
“I was actually recently wed! I seek a reversal of a blocking spell” 

The queen’s face falls dramatically. “You’re married?”
*what do you do?

“yes, but I have a friend who is simply dying for some companionship”
I wonder how hard it would be to get the rose fairy to come over…

The queen’s face brightens again. “Truly?” She leans in. “Do tell me more!”
What do you do?

“could I send a message? she’s a charming young lady…very lively and dazzling!”

“Really?” The queen is beaming. “Of course you can send a message! Where is this lucky… I mean, lovely… young lady?”
What do you do?

I watch as a hummingbird darts in with a piece of paper
I jot the message down
the hummingbird buzzes off
“she should be arriving…shortly”

*what message did you write?*

*please come immediately – there is a handsome guy for you*

You and the queen wait for a minute or two, then Rose Fairy darts in. “Hello? I got your message! I’m like, so flattered to be here — it’s a dream of mine to meet you, Your Majesty! And…” she blushes “…you know…”
The queen is beaming so brightly that she could light up the dark side of the moon. “Prince Anderton?”
Rose Fairy blushes and giggles and nods.
What do you do?

everything is going according to plan
“this is the young lady in question,” I explain to the queen
“if it’s not too much trouble, may I receive the lifting of the block within a reasonable time? say…tomorrow?”

The queen blinks. “Block? Oh yes! You wanted the removal of a block! Why of course, dear — I’ll have that done by tomorrow.” Her attention turns back to Rose Fairy. “I’ll call my son now, one moment.” She sends off another hummingbird (theoretically with a message for her son).
What do you do?
*also I should go to bed soon*

*okay cool*
“thank you very much!”

The queen nods, smiles, and starts talking to Rose Fairy about what a wonderful husband Prince Anderton would make for “some lucky young lady… or fairy, perhaps?”
Rose Fairy blushes and giggles and nods.
What do you do?
*let’s do like two more things and then bedtime*

I tap my foot and hope that I will get that block removed without any side effects…for once…
if I get relayed to one more magical person I might just burst

Suddenly the hummingbird the queen sent darts back into the room. It makes a kinda chirpy noise. The queen screams and faints. Rose Fairy faints without screaming. A footman bursts into the room and repeats what the hummingbird said: “The prince is missing!”
What do you do?

ohhhhh NOOOOO
just when my plan was falling into place!
I quickly send a hummingbird to fetch Commie

*well Genni hasn’t even started yet so I have to keep it going XD*
Commie promptly arrives. “The prince is seriously missing?!”
What do you do?

“apparently,” I answer grimly
“and I still haven’t gotten my spell reversal yet!”

“Gosh, poor Anderton AND poor you!” Commie grimaces. The hummingbird makes some more chirpy noises. “What, really?” Commie exclaims. She has a short one-sided conversation with the hummingbird — “no WAY” chirp chirp “I know, right?” chirp chirp “well, thanks for the information!”
She turns to you and explains, “Okay, this hummingbird says Anderton has apparently been kidnapped by a witch. He left this half finished message that says ‘help i’m turning into a-‘“
What do you do?
*i’m’a go to bed now. We will continue in the morning!*

okay! good night!
“if you fix my spell, I can locate the prince!” I exclaim

“Not a bad idea,” Commie says thoughtfully. “Why don’t you try locating him now, to see if there’s a blocking spell on him?”
What do you do?
*also can I control what you see when you use the spell please? 🥺 since I already know where Anderton is…*

I squint my eyes and think, PRINCE

You catch a blurry glimpse of a green… frog?.. before ERROR, ERROR obscures your vision again. Weirdly, you think you also caught a glimpse of Genni

I grumble in dismay
“can we get this fixed?

“Get what fixed?” Commie asks. “What did you see?”
What do you do?

“a frog and ERROR ERROR,” I answer, “so if we could get that block reversed, that’d be really nice…”

“Yeah, a frog is kind of the standard prince transformation.” Commie starts shaking Queen Samarsa. “Wake up, Your Majesty — we need you to remove a block for us.” The queen doesn’t wake up.
What do you do?

I start shaking the queen from the other side
“wake up!” I shriek, “your son is getting married!”

The queen comes awake immediately. “What? Where? Really?”
What do you do?

“if you remove this block on me, he will be married extremely soon!”

“Remove blocks and he’ll get married? Of course!” The queen snaps her fingers twice and whistles an E flat. “There! All blocks anywhere in this kingdom are removed!”
What do you do?

oh nooo
I feel like that could definitely backfire
hmm, I’ll need to specify
“actually, just the block on ME,” I correct, “the other blocks can remain”

“Oh — and then he’ll get married?” Without waiting for an answer Queen Samarsa snaps her fingers again, but this time she whistles a C sharp. “There!”
What do you do?

I gulp
hopefully that works!
I focus: PRINCE

Now you get a clear image! The frog you saw before is hopping through some woods. They look exactly like allll the rest of the enchanted forest as far as you can tell. Maybe those mushrooms are different? Or, uh… WAIT IS THAT GENNI NEXT TO HIM?
What do you do?

*the next morning*
*forget what do you do, where did you GO?? XD*

I gasp
“could I also communicate with the person I see?” I ask

“Maybe…” Commie says slowly. “I’ll try.” She snaps her fingers and says “Octopus spaghetti, penguin fettucini! Did it work?”
What do you do?

“GENNI!” I yell

An awkward pause. “Maybe there’s a delay on the spell,” Commie offers. “That often happens in communication. Try looking for her again!”
What do you do?

I close my eyes and scream, “GENNI!!” 

You see Genni! Still with the frog, and there’s like a mini-dragon or something on her shoulder? They’re – gasp – right outside the palace! And they’re all moving in super slow motion. What do you do?

I blink in total confusion
“what on earth…”
“they’re coming!” I cry, “they’re coming here! now!”

“WHAT?” Commie exclaims. “No way!”
What do you do?
Now Genni in the vision is trying to hug you (which is very sweet, no?)
She is talking in a confused fashion to the frog and the dragon (who you can’t hear because you aren’t focusing on them)
She says “Hey, Enni! I’m at the castle in – hang on, where am I, Anderton?”
“Yeah, the Royal Palace Of The Enchanted Forest,” she adds. “Can you find that alright?”
*come baaack Genni needs you*

“we’re inside right now!” I exclaim, “can you come in?”

 *and now YOU have to wait for GENNI…*
“I would, but the footman won’t let us in. Can you help with that? We need to see the queen,” Genni says
What do you do?

*1 hour later*
*I repeat: what do you do? XD*

“can you tell the footman to let my friend in?” I ask, “she has brown hair and she’s with a frog…who happens to be your son”

“MY SON IS BACK??? Let him in, let him in!” the queen exclaims. She promptly sends a hummingbird down to the gates to instruct the footman to let them in. What do you do?

I sigh in relief

*waiting for Genni*
*Rose Fairy is still unconscious, BTW*
Genni says, “Okay, Enni! We’re coming! Can you meet us inside?”

“okay!” I answer
I decide to wake up the rose fairy
“wake up! the prince is coming!”

Rose Fairy kinda flops over. “Hu…wha…zz…”
What do you do?

I shake her


And that’s where Enni’s part ends! Poor Genni was VERY confused when she walked in to THAT… XD

As should be obvious, we had an enormously good time writing this! Enni had some incredibly genius ideas (even if she did occasionally smash my carefully-thought-out worldbuilding to bits… sigh). I’m still in awe of her “don’t get married” strategy 😂 Great job, Enni!!!

Also, it was totally worth inventing Pixie Dude just to get Enni’s reaction to being turned into a beautiful human. I don’t know why it’s so funny to me, but every time I get to that part I crack up. 🤣

And Enni immediately understood Queen Samarsa’s character, as proven by Enni’s method of waking up the queen. “Wake up! Your son is getting married!” XD

Come back tomorrow for Genni’s solo part, and the day after that for their joint part, and the day after THAT for the necessary additional part of their joint part, and the day after THAT for the part where they actually get home!

Hope you enjoyed!